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Sequel the book "Kyle" - Nora Beam, a thirty year old doctor with a loving Husband and a three month old daughter seems to have everything together. But her world gets turned upside down when she meets her new intern Jude. View table of contents...


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Kyle starred at me from across the room with his arms crossed. I starred at the wall and said nothing, trying to not acknowledge his words. What am I? What did he do that'd Make me do is to him? "Nora! What is wrong?" He pleaded, walking over and falling to his knees- trying to meet my glance. "Please say something." He whispered. I could see his green eyes sink with worry.

I glanced at him, then moved my gaze back. "Did someone hurt you?" He yelled, which made me gasp. I looked up at him and his eyes blazed with worry and anger. I hear Liana begin to cry from her crib. I looked at the crib dully. "Nora god damn it" he moaned and dug his head into my shoulder.

"Please Nora." He said jerking my head towards him. I swallowed, wanting to sob but have already cried all of my tears. "I...I.." I whispered. He looked at me with concerned eyes. I couldn't tell him what happened. "I think I'm pregnant.."

It was out before I could snatch it back. He looked at me , eyes wide- with his skin going pail. "But-but we just had..." He whispered and sat on the floor, eyes open wide with shock. "I'm not sure. I'm just late is all." I whispered and gave him a convincing smile. "Tomorrow, take a pregnancy test. S-so we can know for sure." He nodded, and looked up in terror. "Nora, i can't even handle one kid."

I knew that much was true, but in all honesty I knew I wasn't pregnant. I stood up and picked up my baby girl, who just became four months old. I kissed her tears and lead her to my breast to feed. Kyle starred at the ground and said nothing. "Nora I think I'm going to go out. Just-just to take my mind off things okay?" He asked, looking up with a grim expression. I nodded, in sad understanding. Whatever you want Kyle, whatever will make you happy. "That's fine." I whispered and rocked Liana.

Kyle kissed my cheek, and rubbed Lianas head. Before I knew it I heard he front door shut, and a breath leave my chest. I told him something that nearly gave him a heart attack. I'm a horrible wife. I glanced at my purse from across the room. I walked towards it, cradling liana. I pulled out the paper with a number scratched onto it. I dialed it, sinking into the rocking chair in my room. "Hello?" A soft male voice answered. "Jude, this just can't happen again." I whispered. The phone was quiet for a second. "Why?" He answered finally, calmly. "Because I love my husband. I love my daughter.." I whispered.

"Is he there? Does he know?" He sighed. "No." I whimpered. The phone clicked off, and I began to cry again. I rested the phone back on its rest. I whimpered and cried, as my baby starreTd up at me. "I'm no better than your father." I cried, petting her hair. Oh god, I'm just so horrible. Guilt laced every sob and sound from my throat as I rocked Liana.

Once all my tears have gone again, and Liana was asleep, I set Her back into her crib. I sniffed and walked out of the room, careful not to wake her up. My blonde hair swept on my wet cheeks as I sulked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and popped the top of a wipe cream canister, then squirting it into my mouth. Whip ream was delicious and the perfect thing to eat away the troubles with.

Soon a doorbell scared me away from my treat. I dull fully walked to it, knowing full well who it was. Opening the door, Jude smiled at me. I shook my head and opened the door wider.

He walked in and rubbed his hands for warmth. "Why are you here?" I said, swallowing me more whip cream with moderate sadness and disinterest. "I just wanted to remind you about how great it was." He shrugged slumping off his coat. I almost gasped up whip cream. "Get out!" I choked. He came over to me and balled my hair into his hand, forcing me to kiss him. All the guilt went up in flames just like we did. We made out all the way to the bedroom.

He shrugged off my sweat pants and panties half way off. He grunted as he slid his cold fingers over my clit- massaging me gently. I moaned and arched my back. I looked at him in wonder. He smiled and unbuttoned his pants, springing out his rod, which he didn't hesitate to push into me. I grunted at the ache of it. I moaned as he thumped his hips to mine. I moaned loudly in response feeling like I was climbing fasts onwards climax. Jude stopped abruptly with his eyes open. "What?" I groaned.
Then I heard it.
The front door opening.


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