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Sequel the book "Kyle" - Nora Beam, a thirty year old doctor with a loving Husband and a three month old daughter seems to have everything together. But her world gets turned upside down when she meets her new intern Jude. View table of contents...


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Authors Note: Hello to everyone who is reading. I'm hoping you are liking it so far- if not, feel free to leave me suggestions. I have the story planned out in full but I'd love to make changes depending on suggestions. If you would like a more thorough understanding of the chapters I've written, go to my website which is posted on my wall. Anyway, enjoy the chapter- Lennon

Kyle smiled brightly at me when I got home. "Hey baby! How was work?" He asked. I smiled guilty and shrugged. He came over taking Liana and kissed her. "There's my baby girl." He nuzzled her. He kissed my cheek and walked off with her, speaking in a sweet voice. I sighed heavily and rubbed my temples.

Am I really going through with this? Is this really a good idea? No. Of course not.
But maybe that's why I'm dying to go.

I threw off my high heels and slumped onto one of the kitchen table chairs. I had a nice house, I mean I made a good amount of money. Kyle and I have been married for years, and together for longer. How could I even consider this? It isn't something small like forgetting his birthday- this is something that could end us.

It what type of condition would that place my baby? This could ruin her life too.
Jude isn't worth it.

I decided then, he wasn't worth the risk. I shook my head at he memory of today. He can just learn to be a professional or I could complain about sexual harassment. There. No problem. But thinking of him made me aroused, and antsy. I wanted to see him, I wanted to feel him.

"Nora, I'm thinking about going out with Darrin tonight before he leaves for Chicago. Is that okay?" He called. "Of course dear." I called back. Danielle and Darrin's divorce hit Darrin hard. He loved her, with all of his heart. Of course she did too, for a short period of time in college when he payed no attention to her. They got married fast, and just got divorced a month ago. She took the house and their four year old son Gabe. Darrin fought for custody and won, and is now moving to Chicago to start a new life. Danielle and him, oddly enough, are still great friends.
She just lost feelings for him.

I didn't like the thought of my thin, Russian friend going through these hardships.
Danielle and I haven't talked much since we graduated, but Kyle and Darrin were friends, so I've kept in contact with them. Our last year of college, it's was odd not to see Kyle, Darrin and Tim apart. Kyle and Tim both bonded, which was great given our previous circumstances- and Darrin was Tim's best friend. We announced our engagement three years into college, about two years after we started having 'relations.' That's when Tim decided I was completely off the market, and tried to befriend Kyle (which turned into a genuine friendship).

I kissed Kyle goodbye and laid on the couch in my pj pants, and a white tank top- breast feeding Liana. It was past the time Jude asked me to show by about a half hour. Kyle was getting drunk at Darrins house, and playing poker with the guys. He should be home around midnight if not sooner. I laid comfortably with my baby and watched a shitty cop movie. I could imagine a more relaxing night, my calm baby in my arms with nothing to worry about.

She was just about four months now, and she certainly showed her growing intelligence. She pulled on my hair and would smile every now and again. She looked up at me in her weird look-of-wonder expression, as she began to fade into sleep. She was beautiful. She had little blonde waves, my color and Kyle's curls. Her eyes were a fade of crystal blue to a jade green, which told me she'd have Kyle's beautiful eyes. She resembled Kyle much more than me. You wouldn't doubt for a minute Liana was Kyle's daughter.

I rocked her and she drifted off, and messed with my phone, looking into apps for finances. As I scrolled, I began to receive a call from Tim. "Hey there." I answered cheerfully. "Hey toots. How's life?" He asked in a tired , vague voice. "Oh god time, where do I begin? Work, baby, Kyle. Oh gee. And then a new intern named Jude..." I trailed off thinking of our passionate kiss. "How are you?" I said regaining thought. "Oh I'm okay, calling to check up on you." I can almost hear his eyelashes flutter. "What are you really doing?" I laughed back. He sighed heavily then spoke. " I called to ask a question." He began. "I met this girl, her name is Kelly. She is beautiful. Oh my god. But here is the thing, her sister is Tiffany. You remember from college? Anyway I hooked up with Tiffany before- but I really see me and Kel going somewhere. What do I do?"

"Oh Tim-"

I was interrupted from a knock at the door. "Hang on." I told Tim , picking myself and the baby up with me. I walked into the kitchen then to the front door.

And there was Jude , smiling away.


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