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Sequel the book "Kyle" - Nora Beam, a thirty year old doctor with a loving Husband and a three month old daughter seems to have everything together. But her world gets turned upside down when she meets her new intern Jude. View table of contents...


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I was shaking when I returned home with Liana. I opened he door, and there was Kyle, typing away on his computer. I quivered as he looked up, I was so full of sexual tension it hurt. His eyes widened and he stood up immediately. "My god! Nora what's wrong, are you okay? Are you mad at me?" He asked and walked up to me. I was so fucking aroused I didn't give a shit. But I didn't want him to know that.

"Either you start watching our fucking child or I'll quit." I spat and took my sleeping daughter to her crib. I laid her down as Kyle came in. "Nora.." He whispered. I looked at him, and realized something immediately. I need sex. Right. now.

God I've never been so turned on. I briskly walked up to Kyle and kissed him, very passionately . In moments he was all over me, leaning me down- pulling my hair as our tongues slid against each other. I pushed him onto the bed and he looked at me with his sharp, sex crazed eyes. I yanked off his pajama pants and his erection bursted out. I almost drooled at the sight of it- I slid off my work scrubs and yanked off my thong. Kyle looked at me with hunger and love (which made me feel worse given the circumstances) as I climbed on top of him only wearing my black Lacey bra.

I positioned his cock and pushed it into myself. "Oh god that feels good." I moaned and started moving up and down. He didn't make any noise, but intently watched me and licked his lips- his beautiful full lips. I kissed them and kept my pace, savoring every inch he had to offer. I closed my eyes and felt the sensation burst inside. My mind wandered to Jude, and I opened my eyes. You are a married woman. You are fucking your husband right now. Look at him. I tried but I wasn't going anywhere. I tried spreading up my pace. No. I kissed Kyle. I got off him abruptly, feeling even more frustrated than before.

Kyle sensed my sexual tension and eyed me. He then stood up and put himself on top of me, positioning his cock and pressing it in. He moved fast right out of the gate. I looked at my husband and felt aroused and wanting. I griped my sheets as his dick slammed in and out of me. He moaned and groaned with triumph as my walls bursted around him, coming hard , then coming again. The sensation of the orgasm was too much. I moaned, arched my back and dug my nails into The bed.

He kept fucking though, fast and hard. "You want my cum in your mouth don't you?" His grin was cocky and proud. I nodded as he pulled out , then stabbed it into my mouth, making me sit up. I sucked him hard and long and he came, his hot gooey cum oozing into my mouth as he moaned. He fell beside me, and I laid down next to him.

"Okay, that was interesting." Kyle sighed, his breath raged. I look at him, in anguish. God , I'm a horrible wife. Im thinking about a twenty three year old boy. "What's wrong baby?" Kyle frowned and stroked my face. "Feeling a little sick." I lied. He frowned and stroked my hair, looking me over. "Let me make you some tea." He said, and kissed my head gently. He got up and left the room. I almost hit myself again.

The next morning was difficult. I dropped of Liana so Kyle could work, then headed to my office. I felt much more pressured than before. I felt so fucking worried.

I walked in with my new high heels and a red dress, covered with a doctor coat. My lips were coated in a red lipstick, and my long blonde hair was swirled into a bun. I screamed married woman. I smiled at the Florence and walked to my office, opening the door. Jude sat across from my desk and looked up, with a grin. "Good morning Doctor Beam. And how are you?"

"Good, exhausted. All the same." I waved off. "How's the kid?" He asked, now starring at the clip board. "Oh, she is okay. Hard to find a babysitter for three month old." I sighed. He looked up to me quizzically. "How old are you?"

"I just turned 30 two days ago." I squinted. His mouth pressed into a line and then looked back down. "Five appointments today." He said, and listed the times. I nodded and began my morning filing. "Coffee?" He inquired, with a sexy smile. I nodded and looked back down, acting uninterested.

I heard the door close behind Jude, and released my breath. You are married. You are married. I kept repeating it in my head. Jude came back with the coffee, and placed it on my desk. "Those are beautiful earrings." Jude smiled tenderly. I nodded and smiled my girly grin. "Aren't they, Ky- my husband bought them for me." He nodded and sipped his coffee. "He sure knows what to buy a lady. They are lovely."

My fifth patient went slowly, a regular I had named Brenda Lynn, a old woman with a bad knee. As soon as she left the room, I started filling out her chart. Jude came up and brushed me, listing her medicines. I shook a little. Jude looked over me and smiled. "You look very good. Happy late birthday."

I smiled kindly back. "Thank you Jude."

"Do you want to get a drink tonight?" He blurted out, without looking up. "Jude. I have to take my baby home. And make dinner for my husband." I gasped. "Yeah, I know.i I mean...tonight. The bar out on maple street." He smiled. Oh my god, he wants me to sneak out. "Jude! This is a work place! Be professional." I hissed. Jude smiled wider, and stepped towards me. "Oh don't pretend."

He came up and put his hand on my face. I immediately stepped back and swatted his hand. "Jude!" I hissed. He stopped smiling and pressed his mouth into a line. He grabbed me and kissed me- forcibly. Oh my god, I caught on fire. I began to kiss him back , as he slipped his tongue slowly into my mouth. I pushed him away, eyes wide and blushing.

"See you tonight." He breathed.


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