By: Lennon

Chapter 4,

"Good morning Nora, how was your birthday?" The receptionist named Florence smiled. "Very nice." I smiled dully walking down the hallway. I went up to unlock my office door, but saw the light was on. I tried the handle and it opened. I walked in quizzically and frowned, seeing a young man at my desk. 

He saw me and scrambled up immediately with a timid smile. "Oh you must be Dr.beam." I eyed the boy warily then sat at my desk. "I'm your new intern. Have you received any notifications?" The boy stuttered. I shook my head and turned, examining him again. He had dirty blonde hair and crystal blue eyes that could pierce your soul. He seemed rather...muscular. I immediately warmed to his presence, in all the wrong ways. "And your name?" I sighed.

"My name? Oh. Jude." He smiled. I smiled blandly back and turned back to the stack of paper work on my desk. I noticed they were in process of being filed and smiled. "You've been doing my paperwork?" I laughed. He nodded and sat across the desk on a padded chair. "You have three appointments. One at 9, another at 10:30 and one more at 12:45." Jude listed off a clipboard. My heart melted when he talked and my legs quivered. I tried masking it by looking over the paper work. "How old are you?" I glanced up. He chuckled back with a warm look. "Twenty three." 

"Hmm isn't that nice. Are you planning on being a physician?" I muttered, beginning a piece of work. "No ma'am I'm aiming to be a surgeon." He smiled proudly."then why are you interning with me?" I squinted. "I have to build my way up." He shrugged. I looked back at my paper work with a sigh. "I'm getting some coffee. Would you like one?" He said approaching me. I smiled a nodded. "One cream no sugar." He smiled back and placed his hand on my shoulder, I felt a pulse of heat rush through me,  then he removed it and left.

I released the breath I realized I was holding and practically hit myself. You're a married women acting like a school girl! I shook my head and tried concentrating on my work. My office phone began to ring, and I picked it up messing with the spirals that attached the phone to the base. "Dr. Beam speaking, how may I help you?" I muttered. "I'm dropping Liana off at the babysitter. I can't do this anymore." Kyle hissed. My mouth opened in horror. "It's been TWENTY MINUTES!" I gasped exasperated. "I'm not good at this. I have work I need to get done." Kyle sighed, then hung up abruptly. I slammed the phone down and rubbed my temples.

Jesus Christ. He can't talk care of our child. This is horrible. I looked up to see crystal blue eyes starring apologetically at me. "If you don't mind me asking, what was that about?" He said calmly. "I do mind." I hissed and shook my head. He handed me my coffee and patted my hand, sending tingles through my spine. "It's okay, I get it." He smiled sadly. "I'm sorry, just trouble with the husband. Nothing to be concerned about." I smiled back grimly. He nodded his head and sat opposite of me. "He isn't treating you bad is he?" He frowned. I shook my head and didn't respond.

"I'd never treat you bad. He must be some sort of clueless." He smiled , and looked down at the clipboard. I almost gasped, my breathing hitched. He looked back up at me with a smooth, sexy smile. My legs quivered and I crossed them. "You have a appointment soon." Jude said, looking back down. He looked young and fit, like he was once a football player. His hair was short and curled up at the end like Kyle's , and his teeth were a perfect shade of white. 

I can't believe I'm swooning over a boy seven years younger than me. I shook my head again and muttered a thank you. I'm married. I have a baby. I love the man I'm with.

But something about Jude made me aroused as hell. I tried ignoring the feelings all day, but as my patients came in Jude would assist - touching my shoulder, my hand, even went out of his way (or so it seemed) to brush against me when he wrote down the test numbers next to me. And each touch and brush sent a heated pulse through me. I quivered and shook by my third patient, out of arousal and frustration.

I said my goodbyes to some coworkers and tried getting out without seeing Jude. I got to my car and stuck the key in, ready to pick up Liana from Tammy- the day care worker. "You sure you'll be okay?" I heard over my shoulder. I turned and there he was, standing behind me, smiling a small sexy smile.

"Yeah yeah. Just have to pick up my kid." I smiled, hoping the idea would end the conversation. "Don't let him walk on you. You have a good night Doctor." He smiled and put his hand on my shoulder again. I melted at the touch and almost fell into him. He smiled, and released giving me a intense stare, then leaving.

Leaving me wanting, needing, and desiring every fucking inch of him.

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