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Sequel the book "Kyle" - Nora Beam, a thirty year old doctor with a loving Husband and a three month old daughter seems to have everything together. But her world gets turned upside down when she meets her new intern Jude. View table of contents...


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authors note : to answer a question I received , I am posting the book I've been writing after I finish Beam. Thanks for reading guys :) -Lennon

Tim and I couldn't stop hugging and laughing for a while. I missed him so much. I introduced him to Liana after Kyle got dressed, and then Kyle and Tim shook hands. They talked like old friends which was comforting to see. They started talking football, so I decided I should finish cleaning before my mother arrived. I bunch of people decided to come over for dinner, which ment cooking. I sighed at the thought and started washing the dishes.

"Hey Nora, baby, don't clean. I told you I got it covered." Kyle called. "Then why am I doing it?" I snorted, amusement leaking in my voice. "I got it hold on." Kyle called, then entered the room. "Hey Nora, let's go get something to eat. We can bring it back here and all catch up." Tim smiled, coming in behind him. I looked warily at Kyle then back at him. "We will have to take Liana."

Kyle turned and glared at me. "I think I have that handled." I shook my head. "No, Kyle I don't think so." Tim looked at both of is with a quizzical frown. "It won't be that long. Put on a coat, it's fucking freezing." Tim shuddered which made Kyle laugh. I slid on my coat and looked at Kyle. He shook his head. "Don't be so worried Honora." He came up to me and kissed my head. "Everything will be fine."

"what was that about?" Tim frowned as I drived down the icy road. The snow was too heavy here. "Tim I can't trust him alone with our daughter for five minutes. Last time he nearly dropped her and broke a plate, getting all the glass stuck in his foot. It's just horrible. I never get a break. I love liana but sometimes she is just too much to handle." I sighed. Tim nodded his head, frowning. "When Jenny gave birth to Zack I wasn't good either, give him time." Tim sighed. Tim's marriage and divorce to that girl was quick and heart wrenching to watch, he hasn't seen his two year old son since last summers visitation- which was five months ago.

"It's been nearly four months." I sighed again, turning into the mc Donald's drive thru. We ordered and got out food, and I drived again briskly down the road. "Woah, slow down. You don't want to hit black ice," Tim frowned. I shook my head. "I'm sorry, I'm just so worried." I can't imagine how bad this will be.

i opened the door to see the dishes done and Kyle playing with Liana at the table. I sighed with relief and he smiled back at me. "Got you a Big Mac." I said tossing it at him. He smiled and held up Liana to me, who reached out. "Hey baby girl!" I smiled taking her, She looked up at me in wonder. We sat and ate as Liana breast fed, which Tim went out of his way not to look at. This made me laugh, and Kyle shook his head. Tim caught us up on his latest patients, and then his fantasy football which made Kyle go ballistic. "How the hell?" Kyle yelled as he told us his players, which didn't peak my interest.

A knock at the door made Kyle get up and go the door. "Hello!" Kyle smiled opening the door wider, and in came my mother smiling away. "Hello Kyle! Honora! How nice to see you here Timothy." She said in her thick Swedish accent. "How was the plane ride?" I smiled and went to hug her, holding Liana in one arm. "Not too bad. Give me my grand daughter!" She smiled and took Liana from me and nuzzled her. "Oh my, she is so thin." She frowned in horror. "No ma, she isn't, she is healthy weight for a infant of three months." I snorted. She glared at me then nuzzled my baby again.

my birthday dinner was interesting, Kyle's parents, my mom, Tim , my co workers Jill and Nathan who grew to be good friends, and Jill's daughter Stacy, who just turned eleven last week. Each of them brought me a present. One bought me a blender (thanks Jill.) and Nathan got me a rollex. Mom handed me a small box full of baby supplies which I was severally greatful for. Tim gave me a pair of high heels for work.

kyle handed me a small ring box with a bow on it. I looked up at him with a quizzical smile and opened it with a gasp. A pair of earrings with emerald and diamond studs. "Oh my god." I got up and hugged him, and he gave me a powerful kiss. "Thank you."

today my family gathered around and tomorrow I go back to work. Great.


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