By: Lennon

Chapter 2,

Liana squirmed as I tried to breast feed. I sighed heavily and rubbed my temple with my free hand. "Happy birthday baby." Kyle smiled as he sat up in bed. I glared at him briefly, than tried coaxing liana to drink again. He understood my frustration immediately and sighed apologetically. I gave up and rocked my squirming baby in my arms.  "My mom should be here in a hour or so." I muttered solemnly. "Please clean up." 

Kyle nodded once with a questioning expression. He then shook his head and smiled. "Baby it's YOUR day. Give me the baby and take a nice bath, I'll take care of the cleaning and the baby. Don't worry." He then reached out and took our child with a amused expression. "Are you up for the challenge?" I smiled warily. He nodded with a tired grin. "Okay." I shrugged. "Don't kill her."

I stood up once he left the room, talking to the baby about not giving him a hard time. I stretched gently and walked into my bathroom, and ran the hot bath water. I dropped my pajama pants and lifted my shirt, no underwear of course. Plugging the drain, I waited tiredly for the bath to fill. It looks like I've aged. 

Oh god I've Been so stressed. The baby...Kyle. Who knew how hard this would be?

I turned off the bath and sunk into it happily. The water was nice, and my skin heated instantly to it. It's hard to believe I'm thirty. Jesus, it seems like just yesterday I was graduating Highschool. It seems like I just graduated from college. It seems like I just became a doctor. It seems like I just got married. It seems like I just gave birth. Oh where has the time gone?

And Kyle. He hasn't changed at all. He is still the hot fiery twenty year old from college. Tim was coming today. Jeez, I missed him. He has been so busy lately. I haven't seen him since his graduation. It was the day I told him I was engaged...

He hugged me and congratulated me, then cried so hard on my shoulder later that night when he was drunk. I almost cried myself. He has been so involved in his work I haven't seen him in five years. We still talk all the time on the phone though, he is dying to see my baby girl. Dying to see me. My feelings have never left him though,  he is my best friend right beside Kyle, the man I married.

My mind was brought back from thought when I heard shatters followed by my baby crying and Kyle swearing up and down very loudly. I was out of the bathroom very fast and into the kitchen where Kyle held the baby on his shoulder trying to balance. He had glass in his foot he held up. He looked at me with apologies screaming out of his eyes and I just shook my head. "Oh baby, are you okay?" I frowned, taking the baby out of his hands. "I smashed a plate. I'm sorry." He frowned as I helped him hop to a seat. "Let me put her in the crib to help attend to this." I frowned. I quickly laid the curious liana in her crib and zoomed out of the room.

"Oooooooooww!" Kyle hollered as I gently laid hydrogen peroxide on his cuts. I shook my head and applied more, then wrapping his foot up. "Thank you Doctor Beam." He smiled briefly. I stood up and grabbed the broom, and quickly swept up the remains of a plate Kyle washed. I looked over at Kyle, and I instantly became aroused. He looked at me with hungry eyes as a unspoken sexual fire bursted between us. I was naked, in the middle of my kitchen- and he was shirtless, his beauty glowing with the light from the giant crystal windows. 

I dumped the remains of the plate as Kyle came up behind me and grabbed my ass. "Oh look what we have here." He smiled with a twinkle in his hungry eyes. I turned and he picked me up, and sat me in our granite counter. I realized he slipped off his pants when his erection poked my thigh. Kyle was tall. Even taller than he was in college. 6 foot 3. He slid himself in me and thrusted deep and quick, making me dissolve at his touch.    

His moans were quick and not understandable. "Oh Nora, I love your hair." He smiled digging his face into it as he plowed me on the counter. I let myself build up as he darted. "Why can't I resist you? God I need you." He moaned loudly and kept digging. I could feel his dick swell as he pumped. 

A sudden knock on the door startled Kyle, and he came while trying to pull out- making him slur a few cuss words and moans. I pointed the bedroom and he hurried along, I grabbed my robe of the coat rack and gently opened the door.

"Hey toots." Tim smiled at me.

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