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Sequel the book "Kyle" - Nora Beam, a thirty year old doctor with a loving Husband and a three month old daughter seems to have everything together. But her world gets turned upside down when she meets her new intern Jude. View table of contents...


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"Oh no Kyle.." I moaned, covering my eyes that fought tears. I could hear a scamper then looked up to see my naked husband in shock standing in front of me. "Is this what you've been doing? When you leave this is what you went to?" I cried- tears spilling like a faucet. He grabbed me and I pushed away, sobbing. The young blonde starred at me in horror, covering herself with my blanket.

"I'm so sorry." Kyle whispered. "When I stayed home watching your fucking daughter, this is who you went to?" I hissed, pointing towards the babies crib. I noticed she wasn't there and gasped. "Where is my daughter!?" I screamed, tears streaming like rivers. "She with my mom." Kyle gasped at me in horror.

"You can't even watch your daughter!?" I screamed and sobbed, pushing my way out the door and ran to my kitchen. "Nora!" Kyle yelled running after me. I turned around and hit him as hard as I could with my closed fist. He gasped and starred at me in shock holding his nose. "I could get over the fact you having been sneaking around with a skank, because news flash Kyle, I have been FUCKING my intern!" I screamed, a finger jabbing him as his jaw dropped. "Yeah that's right! I have been fucking the shit outta Jude! Kyle I feel so much better knowing you fucked up in such a way- because I cheated on you and enjoyed every second!"

He looked at me in complete horror and loathe. "I am FURIOUS you can't fucking watch your own MOTHER FUCKING DAUGHTER. You are the shittiest dad, you are just as useful as a fucking a dad who has never been there! You'd rather fuck a dumb broad then watch your own daughter. I always put Liana first." I said, tears blurring my vision as I jabbed my finger into my chest. "I always did! I fucking love you! I told Jude to fuck himself because I have a perfect husband at home! Well guess what, you aren't even good enough for that fucking dumb ass from college Tiffany!"

He looked at me with pure, intensified anger. "You have been cheating on me." He laughed. "That's just great, I guess this isn't going to become a shock because I'm leaving you for that blonde right in there! I didn't know how I was suppose to tell you but now seems like the perfect time."

I gasped. "Leaving me? You're hilarious. You are fucking that broad in MY HOUSE. Get the fuck out of my house Kyle. Don't fucking come back either. Tell your friends to come get your stuff. If you step a single foot on my property I'll call the cops." I smiled through my tears. Kyle's arms fell to his side and he looked at me , this time with more patience. "Nora I didn't mea-"
"Get out." I said cutting him off. "I'm picking up my daughter. You better be out of my fucking house by then."

He just looked at me, his eyes cold and without emotion. "She is my daughter too." He said finally. I slapped him across the face. "Really?" I snorted. "Any idiot can be a father. It takes a real man to be a Dad."

I stormed out into the night, swearing until my throat hurt.


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