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Sequel the book "Kyle" - Nora Beam, a thirty year old doctor with a loving Husband and a three month old daughter seems to have everything together. But her world gets turned upside down when she meets her new intern Jude. View table of contents...


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I didn't know if I trusted Kyle, but he seemed to have everything covered with Liana. "Oh I got it, stop freaking out over nothing. Go have fun, I'll see you on Sunday." Kyle smiled, waving me off. I glanced at my baby girl still unconvinced.

"Baby, just go." Kyle smiled tenderly and kissed my lips. His kiss was as soft as it use to be, loving and tender. I smiled sideways at him, and stroked his face with the back of my hand. He placed his and on mine and closed his eyes, then taking my hand and kissing it. "Have fun baby."

I glanced at Liana and bet down. She smiled at the motion. "Be good for Daddy." I smiled. She uttered some baby talk and smiled brightly with her two teeth that were just barely in her mouth. I slung my small bag full of lingerie across my shoulder. I'm glad he didn't offer to help me pack. I kissed him heartily and smiled. "You have a good weekend. And no drinking, you hear me?" He nodded with a small frown and kissed me again.

I threw my bag in the back seat of my car, and shoved the key in- twisting it gently to hear it's rum. I smiled and backed out of the twisting driveway onto the street. The drive to Jude's apartment isn't very long, more or less a ten minute drive. He lived closer to my work than me.

Guilt hung in my throat. I was really leaving my baby with my irresponsible husband, who has to work on his computer all weekend. I sighed heavily as I zoomed down a main road. I finally pulled up to the apartment he described to me and opened the car door. I got my bag and went to his room number 2c and knocked loudly on the door.

I heard a light scamper of feet and the door began to open. It was a beautiful woman, with long blonde hair down past her back- it waved elegantly and rested gently on her sides. Her eyes were a deep amber with a creamy yellow fade resting around the pupils. She was wearing nothing but a silk bra and a thong, which made me uncomfortable immediately. I had a feeling his girlfriend hasn't left yet.

Jealousy spread through me as she smiled. "Hi. How can I help you?" She said lightly, looking extremely high. "Oh Melissa that's Nora. Let her in." Jude called. Melissa? Anger made my heart flicker. I was let in by the little stoner and Jude smiled at me, naked completely. I think he saw the anger in my eyes, and smiled brighter. "If you don't mind I'll just be a little longer with her." He nodded her back to a room and smiled. She followed and shut the door.

I fell onto the couch angrily. He was cheating on me- with another mistress. I was so baffled by this, but I didn't see why. He was obviously cheating on his girlfriend with me, so I don't know why this would be surprising. I could head the bed thrashing from the other room, and the girls moans. Which were loud and gentle all at the same time.

Anger unleashed as the bangs got louder, and I began to hear his moans, which sounded much more pleasured then when he fucks me. I couldn't take it anymore. I scampered to the door and forced it open.

My mouth dropped open, they didn't even seem to notice me. He pounded furiously into her, and she dug her nails into the bed- her head thrown back. I didn't feel angry anymore, not even jealous. I was extremely turned on. I watched hungrily as he gave her a good thick pounding. I saw her open her eyes for a split second, then she looked onto me full on, which made Jude turn and smile.

"Oh baby, do you like watching?" He smiled. I nodded, a little ashamed. He smiled and she waved her hand to summon me to her. I gasped. A threesome? Oh god it sounded hot, and I was so turned on. I walked up to the bed and her grabbed me shoving me down onto the bed. The girl looked at me like I was meat, as did he. I laid down and starred at the two of them, who glanced over me. Next thing I know she is pulling down my pants, and shoving aside my lace panties. I gasped as she started to eat me out. I wasn't in to girls, no question about that. But Melissa certainly was, and it felt amazing. I grabbed the sheets like she did, and moaned. I climbed slowly feeling her tongue ravage me. Jude then pushed her aside, showing me his thick, pulsing cock.

He shoved it into me, and pounds just as hard as he did before which took me by surprise. I moaned in response, as Melissa began to take of my shirt, revealing my lace push up bra. She took it off me, and began a slow torture on my nipples. She squeezed and tugged and sucked. I moaned at the sudden jump of pleasure, that became to much fast. I began to come, but neither of them slowed down. She just sucked on my left tit harder, and he kept going, moaning and thrashing.

My walls fell over me at the sudden intensity of the pleasure. Even at the end of my orgasm they kept going, making me come a second time, spilling all over his rod. I suddenly felt a urge to torture this girl. I slung up and knocked her off me, and got on top her. She looked at me with a hungry expression. I gently began to suck on her boobs, which was weird, and I didn't like it. But Jude began to fuck her, and she began to moan. I slung my tongue around her nipple and she moaned enthusiastically.~*~

We all sat around in the living room, reeling from the freaky sex we all just had. I looked at the floor, feeling ashamed on many levels. Jude smiled as he talked on his phone. I quickly realized he was talking to his girl friend.

"Yes baby...yes... I love you too....oh yes baby I'll make you want to come home.....oh yeah baby. I love-...I love you...bye."

And for the first time, I realized not only was I fucking up my relationship. I was fucking up hers. I stood up, and slung my bag over my shoulder. Jude looked at me curiously. "What are you doing?"
"Going home." I hissed. He tried grabbing my arm but I quickly shrugged him off. "I should have never done this. At all. I married to a perfect man, and all you do is cheat on your fucking girlfriend. I feel awful I was that girl you used. I know you used many others too-" I said pointing at Melissa. " you are a worthless piece of shit Jude. Do not contact me again, I'm transferring you out of my office first hing Monday. If you try to contact me, I will tell my husband of our arrangement and he will kick your sorry ass."

Jude looked at me astonished, then angrily. "You think you are a saint? Fuck you, bitch. You cheated on your husband all the same." He hissed. "Well let me correct this wrong." I said, then stormed out. ~*~

I got to my door and opened it slowly so I wouldn't wake Kyle. I slowly stepped inside. I heard giggling.
and moaning.
I slowly walked up the stairs, feeling anger and tears.
I heard the exaggerated sounds of moaning and groaning.
I opened the door with a swift motion.
To Kyle.

Fucking and biting a girl I didn't recognize.


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