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Sequel the book "Kyle" - Nora Beam, a thirty year old doctor with a loving Husband and a three month old daughter seems to have everything together. But her world gets turned upside down when she meets her new intern Jude. View table of contents...


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I shook as I approached my door, holding my fussy six month old. She held herself up and tugged on my hair. I opened the door and frowned. Kyle sat at the table, drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. He looked up at me and then back down. "So." Kyle said, venom pouring into his voice. "More huh?"
I set Liana down,who crawled to her dad's chair. He smiled at her and put her on his knee. She starred at the newspaper in a baby like wonder. "It's not what you think." I tried to explain. He looked up at me with a sarcastic grin. "Oh reaaallllyyy?" He laughed. He shook his head and looked at Liana. "How long was it going to take to tell me?" Kyle hissed, looking back at me. "What?" I gasped.
"That you loved your intern!?" He choked. "Were you planning on cheating on me? Have you already cheated on me?" Kyle said in rage, but still being gentle with Liana. "What the hell are you even talking about?!" I screamed, making Liana look at me startled. "FOR GOD SAKES KYLE, how long have we been married!? We have a child! You really think Id do something like that?" Guilt poured into my mouth, as I began to choke on my tears. Kyle starred at me, pail faced. He set Liana on the floor, who crawled after him. He stood up and pulled me into his arms.
"No, please don't cry." Kyle whispered and pushed me into his chest. He had no idea what type of guilt I carried. "I know you didn't cheat on me. I love you baby. I love you baby." He said softly into my hair. Liana approached us and propped herself onto Kyle's leg. I sobbed the guilt into his chest.
"Oh Kyle.." I sobbed.
The guilt was over powering. I have been cheating on him for almost three months. God I was a horrible wife. I was just a horrible person. I could make it all better right now.
But I just couldn't. "Nora I'm going out win Mike and Eric. I love you." He frowned and kissed my hair. "You are never home anymore." I cried. "Please stay home tonight." He glanced at me nervously. "Okay."
Kyle and I stayed up all night, fucking over and over again. The feel of him inside me was so different compared to Jude. He was so much bigger. He filled so much more of me, making me moan with such a feeling. I rode him, savoring every inch, groaning, with my neck back. Kyle starred at me. I looked back at him and stopped. He looked...incomplete. "Baby, what's wrong?" I frowned.
"Oh Nora. Nothing." He smiled at me and swayed his hips gently. We fell asleep after five more orgasms.~*~
"My girlfriend, she is going out of town this weekend. Please stay the night with me?" Jude asked when I entered the room.
Guilt poured through me.
But i just couldn't help myself.
"I'll tell Kyle I'm staying with Danielle."
Jude smiled a boyish grin and nodded. "This weekend it is."


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