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Sequel the book "Kyle" - Nora Beam, a thirty year old doctor with a loving Husband and a three month old daughter seems to have everything together. But her world gets turned upside down when she meets her new intern Jude. View table of contents...


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Kyle starred at me, eyes glistening with pain. "Who is Jude?" He said more loudly, hurt leaking into his voice. "Jude?" I asked in a nervous panic. "Yes , the name you just said!" Kyle said now sitting up, and looking at me in horror. "I didn't say Jude!" I gasped , pretending to be offended. He eyed me curiously. "If you didn't say Jude, what did you say?" He frowned, with a look of anger- leaning back onto the bed stand.
I panicked. I know what I said. But I can play this off, can't i? Of course I can. "I asked for more. How can you even think."I muttered shaking my head. Kyle lifted his eyebrow at me. "If you say so baby." He shrugged. "Now I'm soft and hungry, up for some Burger King?" Kyle said, now standing and pulling sweat pants on.
I nodded, and yawned looking over to the crib. Gosh that baby sleeps a lot.

I was so close to being caught I could almost taste it. I released my hitched breathe and relaxed. Another close call, god damn it. Kyle got dressed and left the room. Part of me knows he isn't one hundred percent convinced. The other tried to reassure myself. I got up and reached for my baby. Oh she was getting so big. I kissed her sleepy face and snuggled her. She yawned and looked at me, with a pissy expression.

My phone began to ring, so I laid her back into her crib and answered. "Hello." I said. "Hey baby, bar tonight?" Jude's husky voice whispered. "Oh, no. No. Not tonight. Kyle and I are hanging out." I muttered. I heard Jude sigh. " Cassie. Is out of town so..." Jude sighed. I only met his girlfriend once when she came to the office. She starred at me like she knew. I certainly didn't like my first impressions of her. "I'm sorry, not tonight." I sighed back.

He Hung up with no further answer, and I sighed loudly. I'd love to go on a date with him, I'd kill for a date. But Kyle will always come first, I might be a horrible wife but I can at least give him that much. I laid on my bed and watched tv. Minutes passed, eventually hours. I was horribly worried as I called him. No answer. Should I panic? There is a great possibility he went to the bar, even though he just 'wanted to pick up dinner'. Though the thought scared me, him driving drunk. Him not answering his phone..

I felt panicked and called him again. This time, his phone was answered. "Kyle's asleep. Mike here." Kyle's friends thick British accent leaked into his normal voice. "Is he alright?" I said immediately. "Yeah, he is drunk." I heard Him sigh. "Thanks." I growled. "Tell him not to bother coming home tomorrow." I snapped and Hung up. I was furious, he got drunk without telling me, and then went to his friends house.

I sighed, and laid down switching off my lights.~*~

Jude starred at me as I filed some morning paper work. I'd look up, and he'd look back down playfully. I smiled, looking down than immediately back up to catch him. I did, and he laughed with me. "Why so sad?" Jude frowned, as glared down at my paper work. "Kyle is developing a nasty drinking problem." I sighed. Jude shrugged and began to write. "Yeah, well you are having a affair, so lighten up."

I glared at him, and he shrugged back with a innocent smile on his face. "You sir, are not making my mood much better." I hissed up at him. He smiled and set his clipboard on my desk. "Five patients today Doc." He winked, then Stood up and left the room. I shook my head with a groan. I heard a knock. "Yes come in." I yelled. Florence came in with a withered expression. "A man is here to see you, he says he is your husband? He is a looker that one." She purred teasingly. "Send him in." I muttered.

Kyle walked in, disheveled. He looked at me and sighed. "God damn it Nora! I'm so sorry." He said and closed the door. "Why are you at my work?" I said calmly. He glared at me then sat down. "Because Mike told me-"
"Yeah and that included leaving me alone." I hissed at him. "I'm surprised you can put down the bottle."

Jude walked in with two coffees then stopped immediately, looking at Kyle, who starred back. "Don't be rude." I barked, "get another coffee for my guest." Jude nodded and scrambled back out of the room. "Who is that?" Kyle asked, looking at the door. "My intern. Now I want you to leave, you are welcome to go back home, we will talk there." I snarled, leaning back in my chair.

Jude walked back in with a coffee tray and handed one to me and Kyle. "I don't believe we've met." Kyle smiled charmingly. "I'm Kyle, Nora's husband." He held out a hand to Jude, who took it with a polite smile. "Jude."

Kyle glanced at me with a solemn expression.

"Nice to meet you-" He hesitated. "Jude."


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