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Sequel the book "Kyle" - Nora Beam, a thirty year old doctor with a loving Husband and a three month old daughter seems to have everything together. But her world gets turned upside down when she meets her new intern Jude. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 30, 2013    Reads: 632    Comments: 1    Likes: 4   

"Nora I can't get her to be quiet!" Kyle cried through the door. I sighed Heavy in frustration. He can't be left alone with the baby long enough for me to even shower! I turned off the water to hear my screaming child. I wrapped a towel around myself and opened the door. Kyle held my three month old Liana, who screamed her head off. I took her immediately and scowled at Kyle. "She needs a diaper change." I hissed, patting her diaper. He shrugged. "How would I know that?"

I shook my head, furious. "I love you, but you have to learn to take care of your daughter. I can't sleep let alone shower." I sighed, changing her on the couch. She became visibly relaxed, and stopped crying, starring at me in wonder. I never knew I could love someone as much as I loved my baby girl..."I told you as soon as you were regnant , I didn't understand kids. I love her, but I am not good at this."

"Kyle, I can't take her to work. I took extra leave so I could help. But I need to get back to work, and you need to care for your daughter. How did you not smell that diaper? Why didn't you even check?" I frowned, dangling the closed dirty diaper. He shrugged apologetically , and shooed my away- picking up a clean diaper. "This I can do." He frowned, and put the diaper on her. She looked up at him and reached her tiny hand out for him. He looked at her adoringly and placed his thumb in her hand.

Oh my two favorite people in the world. "Your birthday is tomorrow." Kyle muttered picking up our freshly changed child. I nodded and sat on the couch. He sat across the room in a rocking chair and rocked with Liana in his arms. "I bought you a present." He smiled at me then back down liana , who was already drifting off without complaint.

"You did?" I smiled. He showed me a boyish grin and nodded. He stood up with the sleeping baby then walked out of the room. I stretched out and flipped on the tv. There isn't much on at nine at night, but oh well. Kyle came back in the room and made me gasp. He was fully naked, starring at me. His erection was huge and standing.

"Here's your early present." He purred and walked towards me. My mouth fell open as I suppressed a giggle. He got on top of me and kissed me passionately. He he lifted my head for a soft kiss but the attempt went up in flames like it usually did, and we clung to each other. Our tongues invaded each other's mouth as he tried wiggling my towel off me. Pretty soon I was fully naked, panting and grabbing his dick. He groaned as my hand slid up and Down his length. I sat up quickly and wrapped my lips around his cock. He moaned in approval as I sucked him and jerked him off.

"Just like that baby." He purred, throwing his head back moaning. I could feel myself get wetter with every moan. But I kept going , moving my hand faster and sucking gently. "Nora stop. I don't want to come." He growled and took it away. He pushed me down and dug his cock into me, making me tense with the fullness. "Does that feel nice?" He asked, his eyes blazing with arousal. I nodded as he started moving his hips faster. My hips eventually tried meeting his with intense need of a climax. I was building, that sweet sweet climb towards release. I moans with agony as he slowed down. "Oh Kyle." I protested. He smiled and picked up the pace again.

"Oh god Nora! you are so fucking tight." He moaned and went faster. "You're practically pushing me out! Fuck." He cried, slinging his head back. I arched my back feeling so close to the edge. "Come baby. Ple-please before I do. Oh god.." He practically cried. "Please..I'm about to..oh Nora." He said in distress. As he said that I began to come, hard around him. His face twisted into pleasure as he started moaning frantically and loudly, moving his hips faster and faster.

"Fuck fuck fuck, Nora god damn it, oh my god.." He moaned and pulled out, jerking himself off. His cum spilled all over my stomach as he moaned. His breaths were ragged, and he collapsed on top of me.

"You'll get your second present tomorrow." He smiled and kissed my nose.


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