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A Pleasant Surprise

Novel By: lauricula

It isn't erotica from the start, but it will slowly work it's way to it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 9, 2012    Reads: 228    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Chapter 4

I stared at Amy; wide-eyed and horrified. How much of my conversation had she overhead? I could feel the color draining from my face and fear filled my body. Say something.

She was still staring at me, with that eyebrow raised once again.

"How much of that conversation did you overhear?" I asked nervously.

"All of it." She said, her face emotionless. What was she thinking?

"Why were you spying on me anyway?" I asked, making this realization.

"Don't try and change the subject. Why were you calling for outside help on whether to ask me if I wanted to be friends with benefits?" she asked; her tone stern.

"Because I didn't want to ask you, get turned down and feel stupid and awkward." I said. She always made me feel like a little kid.

Her face slowly spread into a smile. "So what did your outside help tell you to do?"

"To ask you if you wanted to be friends with benefits." I muttered. Was she purposely trying to embarrass me? By the judge of her smile, I'd say she was.

"And why do you think we should?" she was testing me now, I could tell.

She had moved a couple inches closer, and my back was now pressed against the wall. I could smell her perfume and feel her breath hot on my face. I didn't dare look down.

"Because you don't want a relationship, and we're both attracted to each other." I said; my knees weakening by the second.

She nodded, debating what I had just said. "Fair enough. But what if it ruins our friendship?"

"It doesn't have to if we don't let it." I was practically begging now; I felt pathetic.

"I think it's an excellent idea." She breathed.

I raised my eyebrows in shock. "Wait, really?" The strength in my knees returning for only a few seconds. I was pretty sure she could see the outline of my erection but I didn't care.

"Under one condition." She whispered, her mouth now next to my ear. I could feel her chest rising and falling against mine.

I tried to find words to respond somehow, but I just whimpered.

"Don't fall in love with me."


Amy's lips were so close to mine, and the electricity between us was stronger than ever. I looked at her hesitantly before pressing my lips gently against hers. Her lips were soft, and warm. I worked my tongue into her mouth, and I could hear her moan in the back of her throat. Her body relaxed against mine, as I wrapped my arms around her back. She bit my lip and I groaned in response. One of her hands moved to the back of my neck, and the other was at the base of my back.

I moved one of my hands to her breast and grasped it firmly in my hand; it fit perfectly. She moaned again, and I smiled as I continued to kiss her; our tongues exploring each other's mouths. She broke the kiss and moved to my neck, trailing wet, warm kisses all the way down; like a line of fire. I leaned my head back against the wall, letting her take control. Her hands were exploring my body; my chest, my back, my arms. I loved the way her small, soft hands felt against my skin.

Realizing this was my chance, I grabbed her by the shoulders, and pinned her against the wall. She gasped and smiled wickedly in response. Our mouths reconnected and our hands went back to exploring. Her nails scratching at any skin she could reach, and my hands exploring the bumps and curves of her body. My erection pressed against her leg, and the knots in my stomach were getting tighter. God I wanted her so bad.

"Bedroom." I breathed in between kisses.

She nodded in response, and we walked our entangled bodies to my room, slamming the door behind us.



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