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So That's What He Is Into

Novel By: Lauraxx

Liam and Natalya are hardly what you would call a serious couple. They are just one step on from friends with benefits. They arre attracted to each other and their relationship is light hearted and fun, but when Liam wants to try something new, will things get more serious? View table of contents...


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Natalya shivered, bent over the desk, as Liam ran the smooth cool leather of the belt across her bare tanned cheeks. Her panties were lying beside the desk and her skirt was flipped up. Liam slipped his hand around her waist, unbuttoning the skirt and sliding it down her legs to her ankles. Natalya stepped out of it obediently before Liam bent her back over the desk. His hard cock pressed against her butt only making her wetter.

"Now I'm going to have to punish you for that uniform." Liam said slowly. "You know you deserve it don't you?"

Natalya didn't answer, tensing for the first stroke of the belt.

Liam slapped her right cheek hard with his hand, sending a now familar burning sensation across her skin. "Don't you?"

"Yes sir." Natalya gasped quickly.

"Why do you deserve it Natalya?" Liam asked, dragging out the process, making her mad with anticipation. He slapped her left cheek this time, harder than the right but still with his hand.

"Because I'm a naughty little slut." Natalya said.

Natalya's words turned Liam on further and he struggled to remain in control. He could easily give in but he knew the more they waited, the better it would be.

All of a sudden Liam brought his belt down hard on Natalya's hot cheeks. Thwack.

She gasped and had to cling on to the edges of the desk to stop herself from jumping up.

Liam's smirk returned and he brought the belt down again. Thwack.

The next four strokes followed in quick sucsession.

Thwack. Thwack.

Thwack. Thwack.

Natalya's butt throbbed and she longed to rub it but Liam had her wrists pinned to her back with one hand.

The next four swats were slower and more painful.





Then he stopped.

"Are you still going to behave like a naughty little slut?" Liam asked, rubbing her burning cheeks. His hands slid between her legs to rub her pussy.

"Maybe. Maybe not." Natalya replied rebelliously in a desperate attempt to remain in control.

"What a shame." Liam stopped rubbing. "And I was just about to give you your reward. Now I'm going to have to punish you some more."

"Oh no please, I didn't mean it, I'm sorry..." Natayla began but it was too late. The swats were already raining down, the cracks echoing around the science lab.


Each blow was harder than the previous one and Natalya could no longer take her punishment in silence. Gasping and moaning, she wriggled under Liam's grasp. "Ow, ouch, owww!"

Finally Liam stopped. He pulled her up and moved his hands around her waist, kissing her neck.

"Are you sure you don't want to let me suck your dick, sir?" Natalya asked with a teasing smile, regaining some composure and rubbing his cock over his trousers.

"I think I should let you." Liam said relenting a little. "Just to thank me for being such a great teacher... "

Natalya gave him a sexy smile and crouched down to unbutton his trousers. Slowly she pulled them down and took his big hard cock out of his pants.

Liam got harder at her touch and he ran his fingers through her hair as she took his cock in her mouth.

Natalya ran her lips all over his cock, licking the head slowly before taking the whole length of his cock in her mouth and sucking on it. She started slowly, then got faster and faster. Liam lent back against the desk, enjoying every moment and letting out groans of pleasure every so often. Natalya slowed down before he came, looking up at him to see what he wanted her to do.

"I think I need to get you out of some of those clothes." Liam said with a smirk, pulling his own trousers up. Natalya stood up with a sexy smile and Liam moved his skilled hands back to her stomach, slowly unbuttoning the remaining buttons on her tight blouse. He slid the soft material over her sholders and let the blouse fall to the floor. Then he began stroking and squeazing her breasts over her bra, his fingers rubbing against her nipples. He played with the straps on her bra but didn't remove it.

His hands ran down her stomach again to rub her pussy. "You're so wet already baby." He whispered into her hair.

Natalya moaned as his fingers circled her dripping pussy. Liam slipped first one, then two fingers inside before begining to rub her clit with his thumb. His other hand continued to rub her breasts.

"Please baby, just fuck me." Natalya begged, her pussy throbbing with anticipation.

"Come on Natayla, you know naughty little school girls get caned. Why should you be any different?" Liam asked with a smirk.

"Please sir, I've learnt my lesson." Natalya insisted.

"I don't think I believe you." Liam said, lifting her down from the desk again and picking up a long wooden cane. Standing in just her bra and high heeled boots, she felt exposed and vunerable.

"You're going to count each stroke and thank me after each one." Liam said firmly. "Is that understood?"

"Please Liam, I want you so bad." Natalya said, her words sexy and persausive but her eyes begging. She leant against him again, her hands moving back towards his cock.

Liam grabbed her wrists in one hand and gave her a sharp slap with the other. "Is That Understood?"

"Yes Sir." She said meekly, dipping her head.

"Good." Liam said spining her around and pushing her back towards her desk. "Now bend over that desk and don't get up until I say we're done."

He let go of her wrists and she walked back to the desk, juices from her wet pussy running down her legs. She bent over slowly, giving Liam a good view of her spanked butt and soaked pussy. Then she clung onto the desk top and waited for the first painful stroke...


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