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The Life of Jeremy Hoosier

Novel By: laurasstories

What's perfect one day turns complicated the next View table of contents...


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My name is Jeremy Hoosier. I'm 29 and extremely rich. I own a very successful sex toy company and I live in Los Angeles, California.

I used to fuck my secretary, Teresa. Recently she decided enough was enough because I have a fiancee. Her name is Monica. A porn star.
Teresa has a boyfriend.

We (Teresa and I) fell in love but she didn't want to ruin either of our relationships so that's why she called it
quits. Monica and Teresa's boyfriend were away at the time. After our last night
of love making, Monica came home from Europe, where she was visiting family and doing
another movie.

Monica and I have a deal where we can fuck anybody as long as protection is involved.
Monica and I have fucked before we got back together. I got her pregnant and she left.
I was engaged when I saw her again.

My fiancee was pregnant and in Europe looking for the place of her dreams. I met with Monica and she told me she lost our child.
No sex at the time, but you could feel the sparks flying whenever we looked at each other. Then
we started making love.

It was purely magical. My fiancee met someone in Europe, came back home, and we broke up because she was moving
to whatever country to be with this man. No biggie. We're still friends.

I talk to her on rare occassions when she comes back to visit family. No sex between us. She had our
baby girl. She's gorgeous and her name is Katrina.

Monica and I are meant to be together. Of course, she'll kill me when she finds out that
I was fucking my secretary as comfort while she was away. Maybe not. Monica doesn't seem
to be interested in anything other than fucking my brains out and making wedding plans.

It's her day, and whatever she wants, she gets. After all, She's my Queen.

I haven't been able to leave the house cause she keeps seducing me. NO complaints. I love
fucking my woman. I love the feel of Monica's body.

The warmth of her pussy as she slides up and down my cock. I run my hands all over her body, grabbing and massaging her breasts.
She moans. I grab her hips and slam her up and down onto my cock, going deeper, harder,
and faster.

She moans louder. She rubs her clit as she fucks me. I moan. I pull her down ontop of me, grabbing her ass I fuck her fast and hard.

Then faster and harder. She smothers a scream. I continue my pace. She can't stop herself from screaming
this time, so she does.

She moves her hips and I hold on to her ass. I push her legs straight. I go deeper, I groan and she moans. I grab her hips and push and pull her up
and down.

I then push her legs up so she's sitting up straight, I sit up. I move her off of me and lay her on the bed. I slide my 9" cock into her.
Her legs are wrapped around my waist and I start doing slow pushups then I start going fast and hard.

She's screaming and shaking with pleasure. I stop and lay on her with her legs around me.
I start rocking and I start licking and sucking her breasts-one at a time. I reach down and place my hands under her ass, lifting her hips up forcing myself
even deeper.

I groan. Harder, faster, and deeper I go. I feel her shaking. She cant take it anymore.

She climaxes and I feel it. After the orgasms stop, I get off of her, and I roll her onto her knees, spreading her legs, I penetrate her once again.
Grabbing her hips I fuck her like an animal. Grabbing her inner thighs I pull her into me and my cock.

She's going crazy with pleasure. Bucking wildly. trying to cum once again. She's by now soaking wet.
I feel her dripping on my cock. I continue fucking her.

Then I pull her legs out and she lays on her stomach. With her legs spread as far as she can go, comfortably. I lay
on her and fuck her that way. Pounding her pussy with my cock.

She screams into the pillow and I start moaning louder. I pound and hump her as fast and hard as I can go. She calls my
name, I call hers. Finally, I cum inside her and she cums with me.

I get off of her and I lay behind her, rubbing her clit. Making her want more as we both
catch our breath. I'm getting hard once again. She starts rubing against me.

I lift her leg and I slide inside her wet hot pussy once again. I pump her, still rubbing her clit. I make her
cum ten more times. Craving more.

Always craving more. I stay inside her. I rub her clit and kiss her neck, back of her neck,
shoulder blades, back.

We lay there, with her in my arms nothing else matters but us.

"I love you Monica.", I say.

She replies, "I love you too Jeremy."

She moves up off the bed and goes to the bathroom, starts the shower, looks at me, and she
smiles. I smile back. She gets the water to the temperature she wants it and steps in. I am so hard it hurts.

If I don't get into the shower with her she's going to fuck herself to death. I get up and go to the bathroom. I step in the shower
I grab the sponge and start washing her gorgeous slim body. She moans and smiles.

She absolutely loves it when I do this. After she rinses off and she begins washing me, I rinse off.
I get on my knees. I start licking her pussy from behind.

She wiggles against my tongue. She opens her legs wider putting one leg up on the bathtub edge for easier access.
I start fucking her with my tongue. She stops me, turning around she lets me continue
my pussy rampage.

I fuck her with my tongue again. I stop and stand up. I pick her up and slide her right onto my cock.

"Mmmm that feels really good!", she moans.

I pin her to the wall and fuck her like she's never been fucked before or at least shower
wise. She holds on to me with her legs wrapped tightly around my body. She climaxes again.
I stop the water.

Kissing her as I step out. We're both wet and
extremely horny. I fuck her as we walk back toward the bed, but instead of going to the
bed, I slowly get on my knees to the padded plush floor.

Laying her down. I kiss her softly. With her safely and comfortably under me I start moving slow at first then I
pick up my pace. I move hard and deep, and faster.

Her beautiful body moving against me. Watching her expressions and her breasts bounce up and down. I lean down and kiss her.
I continue my rampage on her body.

She smiles as she knows I'm going to explode soon. She tells me to cum. I say not til you do first.

"It's always about you baby, not me you know this.", I say.

She smiles again. I pound, pump, and hump her sweet body. I feel her start shaking again. She screams. I moan.

"OH MY GOD MONICA!", I scream as she tightens her muscles around my cock so I have no choice but to cum when she does this.

Six more strokes and I start cumming hard inside her wet hot pussy.

I stand up, picking her up with me so I'm still inside her. I walk to the bed and gently
lay her down. I finally pull my half cocked completely soaked cock out of her. I lay
beside her.

Rolling on my side, I roll her against my body. We then fall asleep, with her safely in my arms.
Knowing that sometime in the middle of the night she will fuck me several more times before she
is completely and utterly spent.

She wakes me up by stroking my cock with her hand. As her hand moves up and down my shaft
I harden to the point that its painful. She knows this wakes me up so I grab her and pull
her onto me she isn't facing me, I have her sixty nine style. I hear her giggle.

I pull her back so I can start licking her sweet pussy. As I lick she begins to suck my cock. I moan
in her pussy. I begin to tongue fuck her hard, fast, and deep.

She's fucking my tongue. She begins quivering around my tongue. Shes moaning loud and calling my name as she cums.

She slides her body down mine, raising her hips a little, grabs my cock, and lowers
onto it. We both moan with the pleasure of that contact. She starts riding my cock, reverse
cowgirl. I grab her hips and help her in her task of pleasure.

She's riding wildly. I'm enjoying the view of her back and ass as she rides me. She's bent down with her hands
on my thighs. I have her ass now, helping her move up and down.

She looks back and I meet her eyes with such intensity she climaxes, but she continues and ends up
cumming over and over again. She's breathless. I grab her sides and pull her back onto my body,
I move my hand down to her clit. She's very wet, but it doesn't stop me.

I'm thrusting hard and fast up and down all the while rubbing her clit. She begins coming which turns out to
be squirting.

"Oh my god.", I say. She moves off me as if she were embarrassed.

I say,"baby its ok that was the hottest thing ever." She looks at me and I smile at her.

I move up on top of her, sliding between her legs. I lay on her gently, kissing her
passionately. She opens slightly letting me in even more and I slide inside her. I hear her
gasp with pleasure.

I smile to myself, knowing this will be a great and passionate night for us. She wraps her legs around my waist, lifting her hips, I go in deeper.
I groan with pleasure. I begin to move slowly and passionately.

She moves against me. I move a little faster, grabbing the bed for support as I make love to my gorgeous, wonderful fiancee.
I kiss her as I ravish her body lovingly and passionately. She begins bucking and squeezing her muscles.

"Oh my god, baby, I'm gonna cum", I say.

She cums first and I cum shortly after her. I lay there on her.
Kissing and nuzzling her whispering my undying love for her and I mean it.

I roll off her, pulling her to me, and once again fall asleep with her head on
my chest and her arm across my stomach. Waiting for the next time she seduces me with
such passion and intensity.

As we sleep, she rolls over and I roll onto my side where she is. Her sweet naked body
pressed against mine. I lazily start running my hand up and down her side, she
wiggles. I move slightly rolling her onto her back as I move my hand down to her pussy.

She starts sighing and moaning softly. I start rubbing her clit and her legs spread slightly
moving my hand down I start fingering the inside of her sex. She moans a little louder.
I'm turning her on and with the sound of her voice she's turning me on to the point of
no return.

I get up still fingering her I move in between her legs. I stop fingering her
and lay gently and slowly down on her, sliding deep and slow inside her. She immediately
wakes up and wraps her long sexy legs around me. I start moving slow and steady, grabbing
the bed for support.

I kiss her so passionately she purrs. Oh her body is so soft, wet, and hot.
I move a little faster and she matches my pace, every thrust shes right there
with me. Tightly I grab the sheet on the bed I move faster and harder.

Her legs tighten around me. Rocking my hips I take her into estacy, again and again. She starts begging
for a break, but I know she doesn't mean it. I roll us so shes on top.

Now shes in control well to a point anyway. Grabbing her hips I help her in her feat in making me fill her.
She moves very slow and hard. I watch her body move up and down focusing on her breasts
boucing up and down.

Still having ahold of her hips I get her to move a little faster,
but not enough to disrupt these moments. In a sudden change of pace she starts pounding
me as hard and fast as she can go, tightens her muscles as she moves. I groan in pure
pleasure. She cums again and I cum with her.

Panting she lays down beside me before rolling over onto her side and falling asleep once again on my chest. I kiss her forehead
and tell her I love her before falling asleep.

I wake up, get up, walk out of our bedroom, closing the door quietly behind me, walk downstairs, and down the hall to the kitchen.
I sit down at the counter with a beer. I open it and take a gulp. Monica tastes better than any beer.

I think about going back upstairs and fucking her, but I gotta go to the office. I get up and make my way
back up the stairs. I walk into the bedroom and look at Monica sleeping so soundly on the
big bed. I walk to the closet, get dressed, write her a note telling her that I went to
the office for a bit, I loved her, and i'll send for her when I'm ready to go eat.

I kiss her on the cheek and walk down the stairs toward the door. I open it, locking it behind me,
I go to my car, I get in, start it, and back out the drive. I drive to my office, get in
the elevator and go to my office first. I say the passcode to make it sound proof. Only
Teresa and I know it, because that's where we spent most of the time fucking. It was only
right that she was told the passcode.

I look around my office, noticing piled messages and paperwork. I ignore them and walk to the door
leading to Teresa's office. I knock and she answers. Odd, she never comes in early unless she knows I'm
going to be there. She lets me inside. We say our hellos and how are yous. I tell her about Monica coming
home and she tells me that she and her boyfriend broke up, because he found someone younger.

"I'm sorry.", I tell her.

"It's okay." is her response.

You can feel the sexual frustration between us. Sparks are flying and we both know it. She comes at me first, she kisses me
like she was gonna die if she didn't, I kiss her back. So much for calling it off.

Tearing off each others clothes. I pick her up and take her into my office to the couch
bed. I lay her down and climb on top of her, sliding slowly and deeply inside her.

"Oh my god, i've missed this." she says.

"I've missed it too." I reply.

I fuck her like its going out of style. So hard, so rough. Completely and utterly animalistic to which we both love.

"Oh god Teresa!", I moan into her ear.

I grab both edges of the couch bed and continue my rampage on her body and she cums soon after, panting. I grab her legs and I
continue pounding her cumming so hard in her.

I stay ontop of her, moving slowly, willing her to submit once again and she does.
She moves under me as I slide my hands under her ass, lifting her up. She
moans and I pound her like I did before which is making the bed creak under us.

Pulling my hands out from under her ass I grab the edges of the couch bed, humping her until I finally climax.
Tired I roll off of her, pulling her into my arms we fall asleep.

Two hours later I wake up with her still in my arms. I smile to myself, rubbing her
breasts, rolling her nipples in between my thumb and forefinger until she wakes up, moaning
she gets on her knees and I move behind her. She scoots up to the back of the couch for
support. I move up, grabbing her ass I slide inside her hard and fast.

Moaning from us both, I grab her hips and start pounding the shit out of her pussy. She arches her back
and moves against me. I lay my hands on the small of her back near her ass. Pounding her
I force her down onto the back of the couch, she orgasms and I continue pumping her.
Spreading her legs more I go deeper, I lean back thrusting into her while my hands are on
the bed I cum deep within her.

We finally get dressed and I follow her into her office.

"It's great to see you again." she says.

I smile and say, "It's great seeing you, too."

I leave and go home. I open the door and Monica is standing at the bottom of the stairs

"How are you?", I ask.

"I'm not feeling too well.", she says.

It's been a couple of months since she's been home, we've made love everyday, a few times a day, she's missed her period.

"Are you pregnant, baby?", I ask as I start walking up the stairs.

"I don't know, but I have a doctor's appointment today."

"Good, I hope you are.", I saw with a smile.

She watches me go upstairs to the bedroom, I strip, lay down, and
fall asleep. Several hours later I wake up to find her sitting on the bed crying.

"Why are you crying, baby?"

"I just got back from the doctor."

"Yes, I remember and so what's the verdict?"

"I'm 6 weeks pregnant.", she says right before crying harder.

"I'm extremely happy."

She continues to cry and I wonder why, but then I realize this has something to do with something else.

"Are you worried about your career?"

She nods, sobbing still.

"Don't worry about it, love. There are a ton of people who love pregnant women."

She smiles faintly at this, but then she gets a twinkle in her eye and at that moment I know I'm in trouble.
She pushes me to the bed. She gets up and strips. Watching her is turning me
on which happens to be her plan.

As she slowly strips, I start getting hard. All that she's wearing now is
a black see through thong. Her black hair is cascading down her shoulders and back. I
start drooling.

She gets on the bed, straddles me, with panties still on, and starts
rubbing against me. I can feel her warmth. Shes making it very hard for me, but I let her
continue rubbing against me. She gets up slightly, moving her panties to the side she
slowly goes down and I enter her.

She shaved again except the landing strip. She stays still for a second or two, letting the
feeling of me inside her envelope her in every way, shape and form. As soon as she starts
moving I grab her hips so she has support in her pleasurable task. She starts moving
faster and as I start thrusting slowly, we both moan.

Her hands on my chest then stomach she works her sexual magic on me.
I take one hand off of her hips and move it slowly down to her clit. She starts purring. I groan.

I begin to rub her clit counter clock wise. She moves faster and harder, I stay at a slow pace enjoying the moment.
I watch her breasts bounce and her eyes close. I close my eyes but I continue rubbing her clit.

"I love you.", she says.

"I love you too, baby girl.", I say.

She starts moaning then screaming, "OH GOD YES! Oh god Jeremy you feel so good!"

She rolls off of me and sits on the bed.

I look at her and ask, "are you happy?"

She says, "Yes, are you?"

"Yes, I am.", I say.

She leans in and kisses me with those sweet, toxic lips of hers. We stare at each other in silence for a moment or two.

I break the silence by asking, "Do you wanna go out to eat or want the cook to make supper for us? And
if you choose to go out, we can go anywhere you want."

She says, "we're going out just let me take a shower and change, but you can't be in here it's a surprise."

"Ok, ill use one of the other showers in another bedroom, just let me get some clothes first."

She smiles and I smile back, kissing her as I get up. I go to the closet and grab a suit. I turn
around and shes staring at me from the bed, smiling.

I smile and ask, "are you sure you wanna go out?"

She says, "YES! I'm pregnant, happily engaged. I'm not dying here."

I say, "Ok."

I turn around and walk out of the room and walk down the hall to another bedroom. I walk
in the bedroom and I head straight to the bathroom.

I turn on the water, stepping in the cold shower I think about how much I cant wait to
spend the rest of my life with Monica as my wife. I wash my body and hair, I rinse off.
Turning the water off and I step out. Grabbing a towel, I walk back into the bedroom.

I dry off and then I sit on the bed wondering if Monica is still in the shower, washing
that gorgeous body of hers. I start to get hard, then to stop it I think about making
this a very special night for her. Whatever she wants, she will get. I get dressed, brush
my hair and teeth, and walk out of the bedroom.

I go to our bedroom door, I knock.

"Go downstairs and wait.", she says from the other side of the door.

I listen and as I head down the stairs I'm thinking about a place
to go, so I grab the phone and call. They have a reservation for 9:30pm, I book it.
I think about what else needs to be done. I call the jewelry store and ask them to get out all the sapphire
rings they have.

"Monica are you almost finished? We have a reservation!", I holler.

"Fifteen more minutes baby!"


I pace, thinking and debating,"where else to call? Oh, I know!"

"Are you still open?", I ask the person who answers the phone.

"Yes, we are.", comes the reply.

"Thank you.", I say before placing the phone back on it's cradle.

Looking up the stairs and as soon as I do that she comes down the stairs. Watching her I start to
drool. She's wearing a sexy strapless black gown with her hair down. I go over and kiss

"You look very beautiful, my love."

She blushes and says, "Thank you, Jeremy. You look very handsome in your suit."

I grab her sides and pull her close to kiss her deeply and passionately. I stop the kiss
first, she grabs my arm and we walk to the front door. I set the alarm and lock the door.
I walk her to the limo, our limo driver opens the door for us and she carefully slides in,
trying not to show the secrets under her gown.

When he's closing his door she grabs me for a long kiss. She gets up and straddles me. I
break the kiss

"What are you doing?"

"Seducing you again, what's it look like?"

"Do you really want to mess up your gown?"

"Yes, I do."

I laugh and she moves up and unzips my pants, pulling my cock out, she pulls her
gown up and lowers herself onto me, sliding me inside her.

"Oooh, no panties.", I say and she giggles.

"Do you ever wear panties when we go out?"

"No, never.", she says laughing which makes her tighten.

"Mmm, baby."

I stay still as she fucks me once again. She moves with such intensity its
hard to keep up with her sometimes, so I let her do it on her own until she really wants
my help, which is very rare. I hold onto her hips so she wont fall off me as the limo

She's screaming, "Oh god Jeremy! Yes, oh yes baby!"

FINALLY! I know what to do from there, I grab her ass and thrust up and down into her pushing her hips down so I can go even deeper.
She orgasms so hard I would swear it rocked the limo.

She gets off me, getting on her knees on the limo floor, she starts licking her cum off
my cock.

"Oh Monica what have you done to me?"

"You're so damn addicting, I can't help but want you inside me all the time.", she says before sucking my cock.

She starts sucking hard and fast, using her hand. She hums which vibrates my cock and I cant help but moan loudly.
She deep throats me.

"Do you want me to cum in your mouth?"

She nods her head.

She moves her hand one way and her mouth the other way. She starts
to tighten and loosen her hand as she would her muscles, but never stops sucking.

"I'm so close baby, don't stop!"

She continues.

"Oh god yes! I'm cumming!"

She swallows and wipes her mouth. She gets up and reaches for a drink in the fridge.
Opens and takes a drink.

I fix myself so I can zip my pants up as we near our first destination, the jewelry store.
We get there, the limo driver opens the door. I get out, holding my hand out for her
to grab she takes it, getting out. I watch her confused look.

"They stayed open for you.", I explain to her.

She laughs and blushes. Holding hands we walk to the door. I open
it for her and she walks in with me right behind her. The owner is there with my
request on all the counters.

Monica looks at them and then looks at me I tell her to pick out the ring of her dreams.
She turns to look at me before turning back to walk to the counter. She stares at all
the sapphire rings just waiting for her to choose.

She puts the one she wants on the counter. I walk over to the counter to look at her choice.

"It's beautiful, but not as beautiful as you are."

She smiles and says, "I want this one. It's perfect."

"It's yours then.", I say as I reach in to grab my wallet, pulling out my credit card and handing it to the clerk.

We walk back to the limo, he opens the door, she slides in, and I follow her.
It's 9pm and we're off to the restaurant. She squeals with happiness and kisses me.
We get to the restaurant, we go in, and they have our table all ready.

I pull out the chair for Monica, she sits down and I scoot it in for her then I sit down.
I order the finest wine available they finally leave us alone.

I grab her hands and ask, "Would you marry me tonight?"

Without a beat comes her response, "Yes, I do!"

I smile and kiss the back of her hands.

I say, "Good, we're going to Vegas tonight after dinner and we're going to
the mall where you can go on a shopping spree before we leave. We're driving so no worries
I got a bigger limo with our driver, of course."

I watch her expression which goes from happiness to pure joy.

The waiter comes back and we order pretty much everything on the menu. As we drink wine
and eat we talk about dreams, fantacies everything and anything that comes to mind. We
talk about the baby and what his/her name will be. We talk when the bill comes, I pay
it, I get up, pull out her chair, grabbing her hand I help her up, and we walk out the
door smiling and laughing. As we get in the limo I notice her expression is sad.

"What's wrong?", I ask, concerned.

"Nothing darling. I'm okay it's just this night has been great and I don't know what I'd do without your
support in everything that I do."

"It's my job to take care of you, our future kids, everything. Including supporting you."

She smiles and starts to cry, handing her a tissue I tell her;

"Everything's okay, going to be. We're together and that's all that matters."

We're close to the mall now, and I hand her my credit card and tell her to go on inside the mall when we get there
and I'll find her as soon as I'm done.


Our driver opens the door for her, he helps her out and she looks in at me

"I will be protected right?"

"Of course, everything is arranged all you have to do is tell the security guard that you're my fiancee."

I call the nearest adult shop and tell them to get one of everything out including
batteries, scan and bag them and i'll be there in a minute. I get out of the limo and walk in.
There's 9 bags full of stuff. They help me carry it all to the trunk of the limo,
I hand them each $100 and we say our thanks as I get back in.

We go back to the mall, I get out, and go in wondering where my sweet Monica is. It didn't
take long before someone told me where she was. I found her with people all around her, I heard her tell them
that she's getting married tonight and want to have the best for her man. I backed out
of the store and sat on the bench waiting for her to come out. Twenty minutes later she comes
out with several bags, she saw me and smiled. I look behind her to see 10 people carrying
her bags.

"Take those out to the limo that's parked close by and put them in the trunk."

"Okay", they say in unison and off they went.

She sits down next to me and she looks exhausted.

"Are you tired?"


"Are you done?"

"No, I have a couple more stores to go to."

"Okay, where to next love?"

"The Bridal stories and you are not allowed to go in with me."

Laughing, I say, "Okay, then I'm going outside."

With that, she smiles and walks in the direction of the bridal stores.

Once outside I light a cigarette, inhale for 2 seconds, and slowly let it out while I wait for her.
I stomp my cigarette out and watch Monica come out the doors with a troop of people behind
her with her bags. I laugh as she comes to the limo. Our driver opens the trunk and they
put the bags in there.

"Thank you."

"Not a problem, sir."

And we head off to the other limo I have waiting, we move the bags from one limo trunk to the other within the hour.
Then, we head to the mansion, get out, go to the door, I hit the code, unlock the door, go in,
and go up the stairs to the bedroom to pack for 5 days. As we're packing, I watch her get undressed to get into more comfortable
clothes for the trip. She's standing in the middle of the room in all her naked glory.
I slowly undress and after i'm done I walk to her.

"This is indeed what you want, correct?"


"Just making sure."

"Now we can fix our little problem."

"What problem?"

"I don't know about you, but you standing there naked has me wanting to fuck you all night long."

Giggling, she says, "Bring it on."

With that, I pick her up, lower her onto my cock, and I slide into her fast and deep. I hold her ass so she won't fall as we are standing.
I thrust in and out of her hot wet pussy and she moans that erotic, exotic moan that she
does. I walk around the room while fucking her then I pin her to the nearest wall, she
holds onto my shoulders as I pound her. I feel her getting even wetter knowing that this
is going to make her cum hard and fast.

Holding her against the wall, I pound her hard and fast. She cums just like I thought she would. I move from the wall, laying her down
on the ground gently, I grab her legs, moving in and out as fast and hard as I can I lean
down with her legs draped over my arms I start doing push ups. Pounding her hard, harder,
fast, faster, deep, deeper within 5 minutes i'm cumming inside her once again.

We get up, get comfortable clothes on, get our suitcases, go down the stairs, lock the
door, get in the limo, and off we go to Vegas.

On the way to Vegas, we start making out with heavy petting. I take her shirt off and she
takes mine off. She gets up and straddles me, I massage her breasts I lick and suck on
them as well, getting her really hot. She gets up and lays down on the floor of the limo,
taking off her pants and panties.

I watch her with excitment, she gets up on her knees, undoes my pants and slides them off, grabbing my hands she pulls me down on the floor
with her. I happily oblige of course. I kiss her passionately and deeply, I start moving
down. I kiss her neck, in between her breasts, I flick my tongue across each of her
nipples, still moving down I kiss her stomach, I move down even more to her soft mound.
I flick my tongue on her clit and she opens her legs wider, I move down and penetrate her
pussy with my tongue.

Moving my tongue in and out of her slowly then I start moving faster
she's moaning and I continue to heighten her pleasure by rubbing her clit counter clock
wise. I run my free hand up and down her body, massaging her breasts and stomach. She's
having the time of her life you can tell by the moans and groans of pleasure escaping
her beautiful mouth. She rocks her hips against my tongue and fingers, she moves faster
and harder.

I push my tongue deep inside her, she screams loudly then cums all over my
tongue. I pull my tongue back in my mouth and swallows her cum.
She sits up, grabbing my arms she pulls me straight down into her, laying down on her, her
legs laying on mine, I start moving slowly enjoying the feeling of being deep inside her
and the bumps and stuff on the road. I continue to move slow and she matches my pace.
Lifting her hips into mine as I thrust up and down. We both moan and groan, she starts
rotating her hips clockwise then counter clockwise.

I kiss her hard as I move a little faster. With my arms under her shoulders and my hands propping her head up.
I fuck her slow, hard, and deep kissing her as I do so. We fuck like this for 2 hours and she cums several times,but
I do not finally I lift myself up onto my arms, she wraps her legs around me, and I pound
her sweet wet pussy til I cant control it any longer, and then as I cum inside her I kiss

I move so i'm sitting on the seat, grabbing her hand, lifting her up onto the seat,
reaching down to grab our clothes, handing her hers we both get dressed just in time to
see the Las Vegas sign. I notice her staring at me, so I look at her.

I ask her, "Whats going through your mind babygirl?"

She answers, "I'm about to become Mrs. Jeremy Hoosier! I'm very excited, Jeremy, are you?"

I say, "Yes, I am, very excited. I can't wait til you're legally my wife!"

She starts to cry tears of joy. I pull her to me and she falls asleep in my arms with tears in her eyes.
We head to the nearest wedding chapel. We already have everything we need in the glove
compartment of the limo. I wake her up as we pull up.

I open the door, get out, help her out, get the license from the glove compartment, and
then we walk, hand in hand, to the door. I open the door for her and we walk in.
I check into the honeymoon suite and she walks to the dressing room to get ready for
her early morning wedding day. I look at the clock it's 3 in the morning and we're gonna
get married at 3:30am

I go to the mens dressing room, I put a suit and tie on, then go inside the chapel and
wait for my bride to be. She soon comes down the aisle in a strapless white wedding gown
makes me wonder what she's wearing under that gown. I smile at her and she's smiling too.
She takes my hand and we listen to the minister, who is nondenominational.

We say our vows repeated to each other, "I offer myself to you as companion, lover, and
friend. I promise to love you and to honor our love even if I fear others' disapproval.
I respect your strengths and accept your weaknesses. I vow to be faithful to you
and to love you with all my heart, to always strive for our happiness, harmony,
and future together for as long as I shall live."

"In the state of Nevada, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride."

I take her, dip her and we kiss very passionately. We both, hand in hand, stroll down
the aisle, outside to our hotel room, we go in with all those bags in the huge room where
we will be living for the next 5 days.

We dump all the bags onto the huge bed, opening them with great surprises. All the toys,
outfits, movies, batteries, etc from the Adult Store are on the bed and she looks at me
with surprise and happiness in her eyes.

I smile at her and ask her, "Are you happy now?"

I say, "Good!"

After throwing the trash into trash bags we spend the next 2 hours laughing, putting
the correct batteries into the toys, watching her parade in her new sexy outfits, and
enjoying each others company. After putting everything away I turn off the light and then
we lay down, with her head on my chest we say our goodnights and I love yous we fall
asleep for the first time as man and wife for tomorrow we can make love all day long,
if that's what she wants to do.

I wake up to an empty bed, wondering where she went I got up, changed into comfy clothes
since we both fell asleep in what we got married in, and went to look for my Bride.
I found her outside by the limo talking to Mr. Driver. I walk up to her and I kiss her on
the lips. God, she looks beautiful in the sun.

She breaks it and asks me, "How did you sleep darlin?"

I answer, "Great, you?"

She responds, "Great!"

We both smile then I ask her, "Whats the plan for the day?"

She says, "lets go for a ride, go to a grocery store pick up
some lunch meat, cheese, chips, and pop then find a park with lots of kids in it, so I
can picture our child playing."

I say, "that sounds like a great idea, but a grocery store?!"

She replies, "The reason for the grocery store is because I want to go in
and be an adult."

I laugh and say, "Okay, babygirl, anything you want."

Grabbing her hand we go back to the room to get into shorts, tshirts, and tennis shoes.
I get into a pair of tan shorts and a white tank and white tennis shoes. I sit on the bed
and watch her change into jean shorts, white bikini top, white thong a white tank top, and
white tennis shoes. I grab my thick wallet and the room keys.

We walk out the door and back outside, get in the limo and off we go to a grocery store.
We get to a grocery store, our driver parks, she opens the door, we kiss, I give her my card, she gets out, starts walking to the door, and
goes in to get what she wants. I get out of the limo, light a cigarette, lean against
it, and waits for my wife to come out of the store. I take long drags of my smoke while I wait for her.

It seems like its taking forever and I miss her already. I flick my cigarette out and she comes out with a cart full of stuff.

Wondering, I ask, "I thought you were only going to get the items for today!?"

She smiles and says, "Well, I figured I'd get 5 days worth of groceries."

I respond, "Great idea baby!"

Our driver puts the groceries in the trunk and we get back in the limo.
Off we go to the park which I found out where it was. We get there, get out, grab our
stuff and head to a spot. We sit, eat, drink, talk, and enjoy the beautiful weather and

A couple of hours later she's ready to go back to the hotel, so we pack up, and get back into the limo.
As we drive back to the hotel we talk about moving somewhere else to start a new life together as
husband and wife.

"When we get back to the hotel, I'm pulling out an atlas and you can pick one without looking."

"This should be fun, no looking huh?"

"No, but anywhere with you is where I want to be for the rest of my life."

We start making out as we near the hotel. We start the heavy petting, but not removing
any clothing til we get back to the hotel room. We get there, I get out, come around, open
the door for her, help her out, and we walk to our hotel room. As soon as I unlock and open
the door we start taking each others clothes off, kissing, rubbing, and grinding.

I pick her up and I lay her on the bed, I go down on her licking her clit then the inside of her
sweet, hot, wet pussy. She wiggles and moans. I suck her juices into my mouth, wanting more
I continue. I push my tongue deep inside her, holding her hips as I thrust my tongue in and
out of her, she moans for more so I honor her request.

I thrust my tongue faster, harder, and deeper inside her, making her squirm, wiggle, and moan.

She says, "I want you NOW Jeremy!"

I shake my head no, pushing my tongue in as far as I can go to let her know that I am not
done with my task, she gets the hint.

I stop tongue fucking her, sticking two fingers inside her, I start to finger fuck her hard
fast, and deep. She raises her hips to meet my thrusts. She stiffles a scream, wanting more
and more as I finger fuck her sweet pussy. I stop altogether, she protests.

I tell her, "i'll be back."

I get up, go to the toy bag, grab a 8 inch vibrator, she groans. I go back
to her, I slide the vibe inside her fast and deep, she screams in pleasure. I start fucking
her and then as I thrust it in and out of her I lick her clit. She can't take anymore, but
I continue.

She says, "i'm going to cum!"

In between licks, I respond, "Good."

Then, she cums all over her vibrator, she takes it from me, and starts to lick it clean.

She smiles and says, "Your turn."

I say, "No, it isnt babygirl!"

She says, "oh no, it's your turn and don't argue with me!"

I answer, "Yes ma'am!"

She then pushes me down onto the bed, kisses and licks from my chest to the tip of my cock. I moan. She starts licking the tip
of my cock very slowly, teasing me. She starts to suck on just the head of my cock,
starts to move all the way down my shaft.

She sucks then licks, sucks then licks, she's enjoying teasing me. She begins to suck faster and harder, humming as she does it.
She takes her hand, and starts stroking my cock opposite of sucking, moving her hand up and
down, fast and hard, sucking fast and hard. She starts to then tighten and loosen her hand
over and over again.

She deep throats me then switches to just the head and she continues doing that before
she just sucks hard and fast. I fill her mouth, she swallows, licks her lips, and then

I look at her and tell her, "you're amazing babygirl!"

She says cockily, "I know."

As she lays down she tells me, "i'm going to do something, but you can't do anything but just

I respond with, "oh yeah? what exactly are you gonna do that I can't do anything?"

She says, "Something and if you try anything I will stop, tie you up so you can't do anything
then continue."

I say, "okay, i'll sit here and let you do your thing."

She says, "good boy."

She spreads her legs, with her right hand she starts rubbing her clit fast, grabbing the
vibe with her left hand she penetrates herself, moving the vibe in and out fast and hard
while rubbing her clit at the same time. I sit there, drooling and wanting to help, but
if I try to help she'll tie me up, which doesn't sound like a bad idea, but i'll honor her
request. She fucks herself as fast and hard as she can go. I'm amazed at this point.
I start getting hard.

She then squirts all over the place. I'm ecstatic. She lays still for a minute or two.
Then rolls over onto her knees.

Looking back she commands, "Fuck me!"

With that, I get up, move closer, grabbing her sides, I enter her slow and hard. She lets out a moan.
I move slow, hard, and deep within her sweet, extremely wet pussy. I hold onto her sides
as I thrust deeper into her, making her cry out in pure pleasure.

I grind into her, we're breathing hard, I continue pumping her. She's moaning very loud, shes moving against me,
rocking her hips up and down as I thrust in and out of her. She's getting closer, she's
going faster and faster while i'm staying the same pace. Sitting on her knees which forces
me in deeper she grabs my hands which are still on her sides, and pulls me down as she
lays on her stomach.

Her legs spread with her feet up. Laying down on her, I put my hands
on her hips, pushing her down I move faster and harder. I get up on my knees still having
ahold of her hips I pump into her, grinding into her. She screams and cums and starts
tightening her muscles over and over again, i'm finding it hard to control myself and fill
her with my cum.

Laying down on the bed, we're both trying to catch our breaths, she falls asleep on her
right side. I lay there, awake, thinking about our future, a very happy future.

A couple hours later she wakes up to me talking on the phone to my company. She gets off
the bed and wonders what im telling them.

I remind her, "babygirl, we're going to move out of state, remember? So, I needed to tell them that the company will be moved to another
location and that whoever wants to join us in the move will be able to. I know we still
have to figure out what state we're going to move to, but you know me."

She says, "Okay, darling, I was curious."

She kisses my cheek with a smile on her face, and I can't help but smile in return.

I watch her get dressed, with an arched eyebrow.

I ask, "where are you going babygirl?"

She answers with a smile, "to get an atlas of course, I was supposed to pick it out when we got
back to the hotel, she blushes, but we got involved in something fun and exciting."

She kisses me once more before she goes to get an atlas. I hang up the phone and blows out a
deep sigh.

Five minutes later Monica comes back to the hotel room with an atlas, Opens it up, closes
her eyes, and picks out the state she wants to move to. She opens her eyes and looks at
the state she's picked. Indiana!

She tells me, excitedly, "we're moving to Indiana, Jeremy!"

I look at her and ask, "where at in Indiana?"

She tells me as she looks down at her finger, "Indianapolis."

I say, "okay, not a problem."
Then I ask, "Did you know that the state of Indiana is Hoosier, as in Indiana Hoosiers?"

She said, "No, I didnt, but now I do. Is that where you got your name darling?"

"Possibly, my family originated from there.", I respond.

I pick up my lovely bride and she squeals. We kiss in pure joy.

I ask her, "Are you happy?"

She says, "yes, darling, I am. We're going to be so happy somewhere new. Just us and our
future children."

I smile and agree.

I gently put her back on the floor

Asking her, "what do you want to do?"

She looks up at me and says, "lets go to a nice restaurant where we can sit for hours and talk more about this
move to Indiana, our dreams, wants, needs, children, etc."

I smile and say, "Okay, lets do that then. Drive around until we find a restaurant?"

She exclaims, "YES!!"

I laugh.

Monica says, "lets start the drive to Indiana tonight, we can finish
our honeymoon there or come back to finish it. That mansion is ours and we're
going to get it."

We get into sweats, tank tops, and running shoes.

"Lets go for a run before we leave, so we can sleep on the way to Indiana. We both like to run though we haven't for awhile.", I say.

She says, "Okay, lets go."

So, we head for the door and off we go. We run around the block
a couple times before we head back to the room. I let her take a shower first while I sit
on the bed, waiting for my turn. About 20 minutes later, or it seems like it, she gets out
and I go in.

As I stand under the warm water all my tense muscles relax and I feel better.
I step out, dry off and head back into the room with a towel wrapped around my waist.
I look at Monica and smile, she smiles back. Shes dressed in black pants, a black and white
tank top, and sandals with her hair pulled up in a ponytail.

"Looking as gorgeous as ever.", I tell her.

I finish drying off then I get into black pants, black tank, and black shoes. We start
packing our things up, but we sit on the bed.

I tell her, "I'm the happiest man alive. You mean everything to me and im so glad you came back to me. I missed you
when we were apart even though I was engaged to someone else when you came back. We're
meant to be. This marriage is going to work. You're going to be the greatest mommy and wife
ever! I'm glad you picked me instead of someone else when I KNOW you could've had anyone
you wanted. You're so beautiful, intelligent, and you have the greatest sense of humor than
a thousand women have. You light up my world without you i'd be miserable! You also have
the greatest personality than anyone i've ever met. I don't know if i'll always be the best
husband you could ever want, but keep this in mind, even if I act like a shit sometimes
just know that I love you and always will NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS OR IS SAID! Nobody's
perfect. I'm the wealthiest man in my time, but money couldn't buy me happiness. You, alone,
have made me the happiest man in the world. I don't regret anything that's happened between
us, you have to live and learn. We were young when we first met. I am sorry you lost our
baby all those years ago, and you knew where to find me when you needed a friend to talk to.
I'm glad you came to me. I just wanted to tell you how I feel and felt."

She's looking at me with tears in her eyes, she's pondering on what to say, I can almost
hear the wheels turning in her head.

She finally says, after what seemed like eternity,
"Jeremy, I loved you too much to stay away. Even if you had married that woman I would've
been your friend. You are a GREAT friend! I'm sorry I lost our baby too, but everything
happens for a reason, and i'm pregnant with your baby now, so lets not think bad thoughts.
I agree, everything does happen for a reason and I don't regret anything that has happened
between us either. You are the wealthiest man in your time. You are gorgeous, intelligent,
hilarious, and you are always there for ME, your friends, and your family. I won't ever come
in between your family. I am your family now too, and I am the luckiest and happiest
woman ever! You are amazing. I love you, Jeremy Michael Hoosier, always and forever- YOU
NEVER FORGET THAT, you got it?"

I nod and she smiles. We kiss for awhile then we get up to finish packing. After we're done
I call the bellhop and he comes and gets our million bags thats a bit much ok half a
million bags. I walk out the door with my wife, without closing the door.

I go back in to make sure we got everything, walking out I turn off the lights and closed the door.
I hand the guy behind the counter the key cards, sign out, and out the door we go.

Our driver is there with the door open so Monica can get in. I help him load the half
million bags into the trunk, its a HUGE trunk, then I get in the limo myself shutting the
door after me. Our driver gets in and off we go on a journey to our new home in another
state and city, but first we drive around Las Vegas to find a restaurant. We find one, get
out, go in, order, eat, and we talk about different things.

I pay for the bill, leave, get back in the limo, and off we go onto our journey to Indiana.
As we ride, we talk about baby names.

She says, "if it's a boy William Michael and if it's a girl Amelia Ena."

I say, "those are great names, babygirl. I like them a lot."

I ask her, "What are you going to do after our baby is born?"

She answers, "i'm going to give my job up to be a stay at home mom until he or she is in school then i'll go back to work."

Shocked, I reply, "but you love your job. I dont want you to do anything you dont want to do..."

She interrupts me to say this, "I know, but this is what I want."

Taken aback I say, "Okay, babygirl, that's great nonetheless."

Watching her yawn I encourage her to sleep, of course she protests at first, then falls
asleep laying acrossed the seat with her head on my lap. I run my fingers through her hair.
Its so soft and beautiful. I drift off to sleep.

We wake up 5 hours later when we notice we're not moving.

I call out to our driver, "Hey! Whats going on?!"

He answers, "I'm tired and needed a break, so do you mind if we find a hotel for the night, Mr. Hoosier?"

I laugh and say, "No, not at all my friend go find a hotel and we'll get a couple rooms and stay for a couple of days."

He smiles and says, "ok, but I dont want to be a burden."

I say, "You'll never be a burden, my friend!"

So with that, he pulls off to find a hotel. Thirty minutes later he finds a hotel, we pull
in, Monica and I get out to go inside, inside we find the desk, get 2 rooms, go back
outside, grab a couple bags, and go to our rooms as we say goodnight.

Inside the room Monica and I go straight to bed, after turning the light off first. She
gets on her side, I roll over, and hold her close as we go back to sleep. I start dreaming
about my past, present, and future. I'm starting to miss my California home, only cause
its familiar, but nothing matters since Monica is with me.

Nothing or noone is as important to me as she and our future kids are. Then I dream just of Monica and how
beautiful she is. She's funny, intelligent and I know she'll always be there for me as I
will be for her. I can see her growing with our child, her stomach getting bigger and
he getting crankier as she awaits the arrival of our child.

I wake up when the sun covers me. I look for Monica, she isn't here. I get worried but then
I relax cause she must've left to shop and get breakfast. I go take a shower, get out,
and im in a towel when she comes back to the room with a woman following her in the room.

She says, "Jeremy, i'd like you to meet Amy, Amy, i'd like you to meet my husband, Jeremy."

I look at Monica then at Amy, looking her up and down then I say, "Nice to meet you, Amy."

Amy says, "Nice to meet you, Jeremy. Monica has told me a lot about you. Again, I look at
Monica and ask her, oh, you did, what did you tell her?"

Monica answers, "How great of a person you are, and how great of a lover you are."

We all 3 laugh at that comment.

To the ladies I ask, "Would you like a drink?"

Both answered at the same time, "Yes, would love one."

I look at Monica and ask her, "you want your juice instead babygirl?"

She says, "Yes."

So, I get juice and two pepsis. We drink and laugh.

I ask Amy, "so, where did you meet my wife?"

Amy answers, "on the street, I saw her shopping
we started talking, then she invited me back here to meet you and have some fun."

I reply, "thats great, but what kind of fun are you looking for?"

Amy and Monica look at each other...

Monica answers first, "the fun we're talking about is her coming with us to Indiana and
be our girlfriend, Jeremy."

Spitting out my drink, I respond, "girlfriend?!?! I have a wife I don't need a girlfriend. But I can see I won't win this, so she can move to Indiana with
us, and stay in another room. Our bedroom is our bedroom, Monica. Got it?"

Monica and Amy agree, they nod their heads excitedly.

I say a toast, "To us, may we all live happily together for the rest of our lives!"

The girls say, "To us, may we all live happily together for the rest of our lives!"

Glasses clink

Two hours later Amy leaves to start packing her things.

I look at Monica, curiously I ask,"how is she going to get there? She will not be riding with us babygirl as we are still on
our honeymoon and you know how we start getting hot and heavy in there."

Monica replies, "She's rich and has a limo too. She will not be riding with us darling, this I promise

I say, "I don't trust her, she has some kind of motive as to why she wants to do this.
She might break us up and I definately dont want that to happen!"

Monica says, "Jeremy, she will never break us up. I love you too much to ever let you go. I don't want you to be
jealous of her, and I just want to share you with her for a little while. I'm craving to
see you with another woman when you're with me. It'll be fun for awhile. She won't be with
us forever."

"Okay, just as long as you promise me she won't get in the way of OUR time.", I said.

"She wont.", she said.

I get out of my chair, go over to her, hold my hand out so she can get up, she comes
straight into my arms, I bend down to kiss her, she kisses back, I pick her up and hold
her in my arms.

I walk to the bed, sitting her on the ground, I remove her shirt, bra, shoes, jeans, and
panties, then I remove my towel which i've been in this whole time. She sits on the bed,
I get on my knees. I start kissing her slowly, moving my hands up and down her back, I then
start to rub her breasts, slowly then coaxing her nipples hard, I roll them in between my
thumb and forefinger, gently. I kiss her neck, lick her earlobes, going down I flick my
tongue across her hard nipples, start sucking on them one after the other.

She starts moaning in purring, I continue my way down. She lays on the bed, I lift her legs up and
onto my shoulders so she has a prop. I run my finger up and down her womanhood, she wiggles
and moans. I start rubbing her clit counterclock wise, very slowly, tantalizing her.

She moans louder, I take my other hand and enter her with my middle finger. She gasps and
moans. She's so wet and warm, the inside of her body feels soft and smooth, just waiting
to be taken again and again. I thrust my finger in and out of her slow, then fast, then
hard, back to slow, and I do it all over again.

She moves against my finger. I start to lick her clit as I finger fuck her sweet pussy.

She screams, "Oh my god Jeremy that feels so good! I love it when you do that and that. Oh
yes, but please fuck me, I want you so bad and NOW!!"

I oblige her, happily so. I'm rock hard and ready. I grab her pushing her up and horizontal
laying down on her, I enter her hard. She lifts her legs up and I go deeper.

I start thrusting slow and hard she's so wet and hot. My hands planted firmly on the bed, I rock
her up and down, in and out, in and out.

She moans, "oh Jeremy, you fill me. I love it when you're inside me. I'm so completed with you deep in me. So full, so good, so HARD!"

I start pounding her harder and fast then faster, deeper. I love how smooth she is. Her
pink pussy surrounding me. I love how her breasts bounce as we move.

Her eyes open, watching me. She holds onto my arms, digging her nails into my skin. Her
body glistens with sweat. I lean down and kiss her before she lets out a cry of pleasure.

She's working her hips as I pound into her. Moving hard and fast. I nibble her nipples.
She screams.

She's mine, all mine. I love making her mine over and over again. Her legs
around my waist now, tight. Her eyes closed she's close to cumming.

Pounding one, two, three more times and we both cum together.

Satisfied for the moment, catching our breath, I roll off her, laying on the bed, I hold
her to me. She sighs, happily and spent.

After catching my breath, I say, "I love you, Monica!"

She answers, "I love you too, Jeremy!"

We lay there for awhile cuddling, tickling, laughing. My face against her neck, I smell
her smell, so sweet, so toxic. I kiss her neck and get up. She grabs my hand, I look at her..

She smiles and says, "stay, please."

I shake my head and walk around the bed, I lean down and kiss her softly.

I say, "it's time to get dressed and go eat. We'll call Amy later to come
hang out with us, but I really love being with just you."

She smiles, nods, and says, "Okay, darling, lets go out and have some fun. Yes, Amy can wait, we come first!"

She gets up and dresses into black panties, black bra, and a long black gown.
Her hair pinned up, she looks so gorgeous! I dress in a black suit. We stroll out the door
and get into the limo, off we go to find a romantic restaurant.

We soon find one, pull up with people staring at the limo, I get out, holding out my hand she gets out, puts her
arm in mine, and we proudly walk into the restaurant with people watching us go in.
Sitting in a corner, we sit there talking, eating, drinking, laughing, and enjoying the
sights of this restaurant. We sit in silence for awhile, eating and thinking.


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