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Road Trip To Pleasure

Novel By: laurasstories

Authors note: This is just chapter one of how ever many I will write when I have time.

~They go on a road trip...and he has no idea where they're going until they get there!~ View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 27, 2010    Reads: 200    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Music's playing, her eyes on the road as she drives to nowhere in particular. They just had to get away from it all. One hand slides directly from the steering wheel to her dripping yet tender snatch, she slides her middle finger up and down her flesh, making her drip even more and moan softly. She rips her hand away and firmly places it back on the wheel, she looks in the rearview mirror and sees him sleeping.

They've been meaning to get away for the longest time, but one thing after another held them back. Not this time, after months of waiting, they hit the road. Anxious, they packed the night before, securing their bags in the trunk of her car. Her hand leaves the wheel and goes back to her snatch, moaning.

She rotates her hips slowly as if dancing to the song that's playing. Again, she rips her hand away and places it back on the wheel.
If she keeps teasing herself, she's going to have to pull over, wake him up, and fuck him in the backseat. Which, doesn't sound like a bad idea, really.

She pulls over, puts it in park, and shuts it off. She turns in her seat so she can see him. He wakes up, looking around confused as to why she stopped. She smiles at him.

"Why'd we stop?"

"I want to fuck."

"How come that doesn't surprise me?"

"Because, I'm always horny and you know it."

She releases the seatbelt, crawls into back, and straddles him. Thankful that she decided on the dress without panties. She grinds herself down on to him hard, feeling the start of a hardon. She continues grinding until she can feel him growing harder.

She maneuvers so she can get up and back to undo his jeans, pulling them and his boxers over his ass. She promptly straddles him again, reaching between them, she grabs his cock, and slowly, inch by agonizing inch, slides down. Completely impaled, she leans forward and kisses him passionately which he returns. She thrusts her tongue in and out of his mouth, sucking on his tongue and matching her thrusts on his cock.

Breaking off the kiss she moves harder, harder, faster, faster she moves up and down his cock. Moaning, groaning, grunting, and growling into his mouth. He moans when she rotates into him. Both hands on his shoulders, she pummels his cock as it's pummeling her insides.

"Oh god, yes! Give it to me baby!"

"I love your cock! I feel so full!"

She grinds into him harder. His hands have migrated to her breasts, over her dress, he mashes them into shapes that they really can't make. She moans in delight and grinds even harder and starts using her pc muscles to make herself even tighter. Which he loves!

She removes her right hand from his shoulder to run it through his thick, dark hair. After a few 'run throughs' she grabs it and pulls it back and he purrs! Her pussy is on fucking fire and she absolutely loves it!

"I want you behind me."

With some clever maneuvering on her part, they change positions. Her breasts smashed against the backseat, she pulls her dress up above her ass cause she knows he loves her meaty ass. He moves into position, smashing her even more into the backseat, she tips her hips, pushes back, and he slides in easily. With his hands on her hips, he wrecks her. She is at his mercy and she is not complaining.

Her pussy quivers, quickly she moves her hand to her clit and rubs furiously, bringing her climax to the top and over. Spreading her legs further apart, he goes even deeper! God, he fills her! She moans loudly, digging her nails into the seat she clenches her muscles again, triggering his need to pound her even harder, so hard it hurts, and he cums.

One final thrust, which lifts her up off the seat, he moves away and slightly turns to sit down beside her.


"What's 'wow'?"



She turns around and sits beside him, trying to catch her breath before climbing into the front seat. Which doesn't take long, she gives him a quick kiss, a 'thank you', and climbs back to the driver's seat. Once back into the driver's seat, she looks in the mirror to see him pull his boxers and jeans back up. She catches his eye in the mirror and both smile. She's spent, for now.

Pulling her seatbelt on, she starts the ignition, putting it in drive, and they're off!


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