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Cabin Romance, Lust, and Love

Novel By: laurasstories

A lustful, loving couple goes to the woods for a retreat. View table of contents...


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With a start, she sits up from the bed, she's alone. "Hmmm, I wonder..?", she thinks. Grabbing her robe, that has completely come off of her as she slept, she wraps it around her, tying it as she gets off the bed and wanders into the living room.

Walking right past him, she goes and sits outside. She reclines in the chair outside, pulling out a pack of smokes and her lighter, she lights a cigarette, inhaling and exhaling slowly. She enjoys the fresh air and her cigarette. He comes out when she shifts in her chair, he watches as her robe slides up her thighs, she smiles up at him before tugging her robe down, or tries to but he's in front of her, on his knees. practically dragging her off the chair.

She lands with a thud right on top of him, on the ground. She squeals as he's trying to rip her strings off her robe. She sits up, ripping his hands away from them, untying them she lets them fall and her robe open, which he takes advantage of REAL fast, and she is far from complaining! Her cigarette forgotten and it burns itself out on the ground near them.

He's naked, as usually always, especially here. She moves to slide down his body, his already growing hard. She licks his left nipple, biting it, moving to his right, she does the same thing, moving down she licks, kisses, and nibbles to his stomach, biting him hard. She continues her way down his body straight to his long, thick cock that she gets so much pleasure from, she licks him from base to head, back down again before moving up and shoving him down her throat.

What doesn't fit in her mouth, she has ahold of with her right hand and she squeezes and loosens, like she's doing kegels, but with her hand instead of her pussy-which she's doing anyway. She moves to straddle his leg, careful not to let him slip out of her mouth. Once situated, she begins to suck him hard, harder, harder, harder, fast, faster, faster, faster, her mouth wet and so warm. She hears the noises coming from him, taking that as approval, she pushes on, harder, harder, faster, faster.

She moans, hums, still squeezing and loosening his cock with her hand, she's had enough, moving her head up, she lets him slide out of her mouth. She crawls back up his body doing the same thing as she was doing on her way down, licking, kissing, nibbling, and sometimes biting. Straddling his hips, she moves to hover over his cock which is now at it's fullest and soaked with her saliva. She sinks down, her pussy stretching with every inch, inch by inch he slides in her very slowly before she drops down and he goes all the way inside her.

She sits still, him balls deep inside her, doing kegels. She's so tight, wet, and hot. He loves it!

"You like my pussy, baby?"


"Tight enough for you?", she asks as she clenches tighter.


Still, all she's doing is kegels. No movement other than that, but then she rotates her hips slowly then stops and continues with her kegels.

"You're in my element. You're mine!"

She clenches and unclenches and slowly rocks giving just enough movement to stir sensations, but she stops again.

"What do you want?"

"You to fucking move!"

She stays still, but she leans down, bites his neck hard, and sits back up. Clench, unclench. tighten, loosen. She moves just her hips, slowly, oh so slowly before moving a bit faster, a bit harder. He's trying to touch her, but she won't let him, soon she pins his arms between her knees and the ground.

Gradually, she goes faster and harder, still moving just her hips, her breasts moving. She watches him, his eyes fixed on her, never wavering from hers. She smiles at him before stopping suddenly to just sit there and do kegels again, rotating every once and awhile. The smile turns into a smirk and the smirk turns into a wicked grin.

She reaches down, lifts her knees up letting his arms free, she grabs his hands, intertwining her fingers through his, and slowly lays down, moving his arms above his head, pinning him yet again. She lets go, moving to brace herself on the ground, she starts moving fast, faster, hard, harder.

"Mmm, baby, you feel so good!"

She works her hips faster, harder, but, suddenly she stops and starts to move off of him, he tries to hold her down but she's quick to get out of his grasp. He looks at her with a "what the fuck?", she stands up, looks down at him, and smiles. She gets back on the ground, works her way back up his body before straddling him again. She lowers herself, inch by inch, onto his cock.

Her body is slowly coating in sweat from rubbing against his, her pussy wet, warm, tight, and so full of cock! She grinds her hips, stops, grinds again, stops, she's sitting up, she places her hands on his chest and digs her nails into his flesh, deep. Then, she scratches him all the way down his stomach towards hers then back up before removing her nails and just using him as a prop. She moves slow, so slow, doing kegels.

Trying her best to torture him. She stops doing kegels, she starts lifting and lowering herself up and down the length of him; like on a pogo stick. He is sooooo long, thick, she loves it almost as much as she loves him. Almost, not quite.

She grunts, growls, groans, and moans with each movement she makes, but once again she stops and just sits there. By the sound of his breathing, he's getting frustrated, but he is also just going with the flow of it all. She can get away with a lot more than others can or will, and boy, does she ever take advantage! She rotates her hips, stops, rotates, stops, rotates stops, squeezes and loosens, squeezes and loosens, stops, rotates, squeeze, rotates, loosens, stops, and stays still.

She's having way too much fun, but what's the rush? She leans down, giving him butterfly kisses before kissing his left cheek, right cheek, then his lips. Sitting back up again, she reaches for her robe, pulling up, across him, to his head, she moves to make a blindfold. Now, that he's in the dark in daylight, she uses the ground for leverage and rides the holy hell out of him, hard, fast, harder, faster, harder, faster!



She's rockin' that cock like never before, he has this silly ass grin on his face like "about damn time!" She sits up, placing her hands on his stomach, she rides his cock even harder, she stops going fast, just goes hard, oh so fucking hard! Her pussy is on fire, but she doesn't care, she doesn't want to stop, she's trying to swallow his cock with her pussy and almost...succeeds...then she does! Grinds, swivels, rides, hops, bounces, anything she's capable of doing, she does.

"Oh my god!"

"Oh my god is right!"

She lets out this growl that comes from deep within herself, she orgasms, slows down, rides it out, then continues her rampage on both her pussy and his cock. She is far from done, wherever she's going, she's taking him with her...over and over again. Her body is begging for mercy, but she doesn't care, she pushes on even harder, breathing so hard, almost to the point where she might pass out, but still she doesn't care. But, eventually her body just can't handle it anymore, so she moves, taking him with her, on her back.

"Fuck me like you mean it and don't you dare stop! Not even if I start begging you too. My muscles just need a break."

Her wish is granted, he pummels her, hard and fast. She reaches up, taking the blindfold off, then she runs her hands to his back where she digs her nails into his flesh, that just drives him harder. He's plowing her hard, so fucking hard. She's screaming out her esctasy!

"Mmm, oh yeah baby!"

"Keep going, don't stop!"

"Mmm, feels so good!"

All from her, he's too busy to make any sort of comment or noise and she doesn't particularily care, she's being well fucked. Just how she likes it, too! She's just laying there with her nails in his back, telling him exactly how much she likes, wants it.

"Oooh! Go harder, faster!"

He does.


"Ahhh! Fuck!"

She's breathless, he's breathless, but still they push on. Never slowing down, never stopping. He's close, so close. He's holding back, but why?

"Cum, baby, cum!"

Another wish granted, stroke, stroke, stroke, in and out, in and out, in and out, he does. Making sure he's as deep inside her as possible as he fills her pussy, HIS pussy! She belongs to him as much as he belongs to her and they both know it. They are truly one, and now will always be.

She once again removes her nails from his back, sliding them up towards his neck, head, she tangles her fingers in his hair and tugs hard. Tug, tug, tug. Finally, she untangles her fingers from his hair, moving to sit up, she kisses him sweetly before licking, biting his lip, then licking again. She purrs softly, she's happy.

She moves her hands around to his chest, pushing/rolling him off of her, he lands with a thud on the ground next to her. Staying on her side, she slowly strokes his chest, purring again. Soon, she's cuddled up against him, sweaty, hot, naked, but she's soooo relaxed and comfortable even though her pussy is throbbing, mini orgasms, still going and she really does not care that they're outside, either.

But, she sits up, moving to stand up, stands up, looks down at him, smiles, grabbing her robe, puts it on, sitting back on the chair that he 'stole' her from, sits down, gets another cig, lights, inhales, exhales slowwwwwwwwwwwly, handing it to him as he gets up, and sits next to her. Back and forth, back and forth, she lets him kill it. After that's gone, she gets up, saunters back into the cabin where she promptly goes to get some food. Both are hungry and that's solved by whatever they grab, after they have eaten she goes to the couch, where she curls up, relaxing, and he sits on the other end of the couch, near her feet.

"Mmm, nice."


"What a great way to spend the day..Outside fucking."

"God, you're so cute."





"I'm not cute."

"Yes, you are."


"That too."


"Yes, that too."





"But, I'm not cute."

"Yes, you are."





"Whose your sexy muse?"


"Do you love me?"

"Yes, so much."


"Yes. What's with the silly questions?"

"Something to do."


"Yeah. But, you love me anyway."

"Yes, that I do."

"Nice, I love you, too. I know you do."

"Glad you know."

"I do."




"You're loving, sweet, smart, gorgeous, fun, protective, sincere, amazing, passionate even though you're rough and dark. I'm glad I met you."

"I'm glad you think so. I'm glad I met you, too."

"Leave my feet alone."
"Okay, nevermind, don't."

God, foot fetish...out of all the men, she picks one with a foot fetish, but she wouldn't have it any other way. So, she lets him worship her feet...
Just like he worships every other part on her body.


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