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Cabin Romance, Lust, and Love

Novel By: laurasstories

A lustful, loving couple goes to the woods for a retreat. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 29, 2010    Reads: 128    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

"I'm in the bedroom!", she hollers when she hears him come in.

She's laying on their bed, in just a robe. Their bedroom has only one source of light- candles. Candles that are burning on every surface. It takes him less than three minutes to make his way into the bedroom, he's already naked.

He's been outside in the woods while she's just been hanging out in the cabin. She watches him as he walks towards the bed. The closer he gets, the more her hormones rage, making her pussy spasm. By the time he actually reaches the bed, she has left a puddle, small but still a puddle.

She doesn't move until he gets on the bed, she unties her robe letting the strings fall. He moves in between her legs, she spreads them. She's ready and he knows it. She moans and groans as he penetrates her.

She loves his big cock buried inside her wet pussy. She's so tight, he loves it. Loves how she does kegels to make herself even tighter.
There is no need for foreplay, they do not need it.

He pounds her hard, harder, harder, harder. She reaches up, grabs his hair, and pulls before letting go to dig her nails into his shoulder blades. She is not laying still she is fucking him back. Harder, faster, harder, harder, faster, faster, harder. She spreads her legs even more, removing her nails from his shoulder blades she slides her hands down his back with nails to his ass, digging her nails into his flesh, pushing him even more inside her.

That movement does not make him stop, in fact, it drives him even more. He wrecks her over and over again, destroying her pussy. She loves it and so does he. They were made for this, a perfect match even though she's more on the romantic side. She removes her nails from his flesh, she sits up and bites his neck. A deep growl comes from both as she bites through his flesh, drawing blood.

She slowly licks his blood away as he continues, even harder than before, fucking her. She, in turn, has not stopped fucking him. After the blood has stopped, she lays back down and lets him just fuck her until she feels the very familiar feeling of an orgasm climbing beyond control. She lets him take her there, he does, and she cums hard. He follows suit then collapses on top of her. Both are panting.

What seems like only a few minutes, was actually hours, the candles long died out, they are in total darkness. Regaining strength and normal breath she gently pushes him off of her. She rolls over onto her side, facing him.

"Did you have fun?"

"Oh yeah!"

"In the woods, goober, did you have fun in the woods?"



"I love you, Princess."

"I love you too."

Her pussy is throbbing in pain from the fucking it just received, but she still wants moreeeeeee! She rolls away from him to get the pair of handcuffs she has, she rolls onto her hands and knees, crawling to him, she straddles him. She drops the cuffs down onto the bed, moving so she's hovering right over his cock which slides right inside her cum filled pussy.

Once he's balls deep inside her, she starts moving. Rocking and fucking him, hard, fast. She grinds her hips, moves harder, harder, harder, faster, faster, faster. She leans down, kissing his neck, moving down to his chest...going for his left nipple which she bites...hard then she does the same thing to his right nipple. But, she soothes the pain away by licking and sucking on one then the other.

The cuffs long forgotten as she starts pounding him. She cums again and again and again, she starts doing kegels.

Tightening, loosening, tightening, loosening. She moans loud.

"Cum for me.", she whispers.

She's pounding him again, harder, harder, harder, faster, faster, faster, faster.

"Mmm, oh god! Fuck me!"

She's not slowing down nor stopping, she's going to keep cumming until he does. Which he does, right at the time she starts running dry. She cums one last time as he fills her. She slows to a stop, dismounts, grabbing the cuffs, throwing them across the room, and lays down beside him, catching her breath.


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