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Novel By: Laura2001

Damon couldn't remember his wife but his body did. Driven by lust and passion he just can't seem to stop the need to be with her. His head a mess of right and wrong, of lust and restraint. Trying desperately to remember the life he had, the woman he loved and the future he lost. Everything would be easier if his cock stopped trying to interfere with their conversations. How could he remember loving her when his primal needs took over the instant he saw her?

Callie wanted her husband back. The man whom loved every inch of her and granted her every desire. Callie needed to let go of the man she still heart heartbreakingly loved and move on. Callie needed to stop letting him rule her heart and her body but what if one time he remembered? What if she pushed the right button and all his memories came back? How do you even let go of a man whose body still loved you, still knew every inch of you even if he consciously didn't? Could you turn your back on a passion so fierce and so blatantly still there?

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My week was spent working all the hours I could in the hope I'd forget all about Damon and our encounter. For the most part it worked till Toby reminded me it was Julia's birthday weekend celebrations. My stomach dropped when I realised Damon and Lottie would be there. Damon and Toby had been friends for years, all through college. I hadn't met Damon till they were out of college and working. Damon had become successful almost overnight and Toby chose to surf his way around the world. I'd been sitting in a little cafe reading a book, some self help bullshit that I'd been requested to read by my boss in the hope I could write an article on the pros and cons of self help. I use the term reading very loosely, mostly I was using any excuse not to. That's when I saw Damon for the first time, my jaw literally dropped and my heart stopped beating. I had never seen someone so handsome. He exuded confidence in a laid back non arrogant way. He wore a suit but looked like he'd be more comfortable in jeans or my bed. I shook my head to remove my hell worthy thoughts. I turned back to my book and hoped he'd leave before I got caught staring at him.

"For the life of me, I just can't figure out why you're reading that book." A voice that sounded so perfect, so sexily smooth and silky interrupted my reading of tripe. I looked up over the book and took him in. He'd taken off his jacket and loosened his shirt collar. My god, I all but came just looking at him.

"Maybe I need help looking for 'the one'?" I tried to hide the utter distain I felt towards the book.

"Maybe you've just found him." He sat down without being invited and never took his ever darkening emerald eyes from mine.

"Well then I guess the book really does work." there was something between us that I couldn't describe, I couldn't figure out why it felt more than just lust or why I desperately wanted to rip his clothes off not caring where I was.

I smiled at the memory, our love moved fast, it was intense, crazy and consumed our very beings. We couldn't be apart, not even from the first meeting. Games had no place here; unless they were in the bedroom then they were welcomed. Within two weeks we practically lived together. The attraction was so quick and I just can't understand how if two people had that much chemistry, he could just forget everything and worse; not even feel that intense love as soon as he saw me? Like he did the first time. The night I finally introduced Damon to Toby was interesting. Obviously completely unaware they knew each other. I'd been coy about our relationship purely because I expected Toby to warn me off moving too fast. I didn't want anyone to dampen our passion. I smiled as I saw Damon walk over. He had a look on his face I could quite place. Toby stood and greeted Damon like an old friend, I remember feeling grateful he was making an effort.

"Hey man. What are you doing here?" Toby grinned and then pulled me over, "there's someone you need to meet, finally. This is my sister, Callie. Callie this is Damon, my best bud." Well that pretty much knocked the wind out of me. Damon smiled a little sheepishly; he reached across and kissed me before placing his arm around me,

"We've met. Toby this is the girl I was telling you about." He kissed my temple then jumped back as Toby went for him, I placed myself between them and glared at my brother

"Callie? Seriously? Fucking hell. Do you have any idea who you're getting involved with? He will fuck you and leave you before you even know what the hell went wrong. He doesn't do relationships." His eyes pleaded with me to listen. I knew all about Damon's past, he'd been open about everything and wasn't proud of his reputation but he'd had his heart broken by a girl he thought he loved and struggled to commit after that, then he met me.

The argument between Toby and Damon was fierce, it went on for weeks. Toby eventually had to accept that we were actually in love when I left for a month long assignment half way across the world. Toby finally saw how much Damon loved me when he spent all his time at their house utterly depressed and missing me. If Toby needed anymore proof of his feelings, he got it when Damon booked a flight, came out to see me and proposed. He couldn't live without me; he didn't even want to try. I'd been away for a day. Twenty four hours and his heart was already broken from missing me. Its funny how things change, now he could easily cope without me, hell he didn't even miss me. I ended my walk down memory lane before I burst into tears and chose to go to Toby's early. I needed to spend time with my family and forget the gaping hole inside of me for just awhile. I know he'll be there with her but there will be so many other people I can use to avoid being near them. My friends and family had been good shields in the past and I hoped they still were.

I packed my weekend bag and grabbed Julia's presents before locking up. I caught a glimpse of my reflection and smiled. I'd begun to look a little haggard and unkempt over the last week but thankfully a good night's sleep and a bit of pampering fixed me up a treat. Well I couldn't go in looking like shit when Lottie would be the queen of over the top beach glamour. Fuck that shit, far too much effort and upkeep. I'd thrown on a pair of shorts and an oversized sports t-shirt on top of my bikini, I wasn't out to impress with high heels, jewellery or fancy clothes. I wanted to get drunk, eat and mess around with my nephew and niece. I wanted to have some fun with my family and friends and put this godforsaken week behind me and that's exactly what I was going to do. No more tears, no more wallowing in self pity and no more pining over a man that didn't really exist anymore, not the way he used to and not with me. Fuck it. I pulled up to the house and unloaded the car. I could hear Toby in the garden messing around with the kids and smiled. I had a good life, it may not have been exactly how I thought it would be but I was lucky, so lucky.

Mason, my three year old nephew was the first to see me. He screamed out my name, well what he could say of it and ran over. I dropped to my knees and grabbed hold of him, blowing raspberries where ever I could. He giggled and then pleaded for me to stop before he went 'wee wee' I figured it was probably best to let him go, I watched as he ran to Julia shouting he needed to wee. Toby grinned and helped me to my feet,

"You certainly have a way with kids. We probably should have put big boy pants on him today." He shook his head and picked up my bags,

"Seems like the potty training is going well."

"He's pretty much got the hang of telling us he needs to go. Just not always as quickly as we would like. The little dudes learning though. You want these in the guest house?"

"Yeah please." I looked around the garden and smiled, it felt like home, almost. In truth Damon and I had lived next door for the last three years but it hurt too much to live in a house so full of memories so I'd moved back into my town house. Damon had tried to live there with me for about a month, we thought it would be too confusing for him to live in our marital home; maybe we made a mistake with that one. I could have stayed there this weekend but I just couldn't face it.

"Callie?" Toby interrupted my thoughts, I hadn't realised I'd been staring at our house. I turned to face him and smiled.

"thanks for putting me in the guest house. I need a break from all the bullshit." I hugged him and felt him tense,

"Yeah, about that." His voice was riddled with guilt, I pulled away and followed his gaze towards the kitchen. Fuck. Damon was talking to Julia, he looked like he'd just got out of bed. His hair messed up and wearing combat shorts with nothing else. Christ, I didn't need to see him topless right now. Actually I didn't need to see him at all right now.

I snapped out of my gaze and looked towards Toby with my best 'what the fuck?' look.

"I'm sorry sis, he had a fight with Lottie. He needed somewhere to stay for awhile. I didn't realise you were going to be here early. I was hoping there'd be more people here so you wouldn't have to speak to him if you didn't want to." Toby looked so sad and try as I might I just couldn't stay mad with him. it wasn't really his fault, he was in a difficult situation and his friend needed him. I could have questioned about the argument, how bad was it? Did he know what they were arguing about? But none of it would make a damn bit of difference.

"It's ok. We're all adults here." I forced my biggest smile, "Now what can I do to help?" my forced joyfulness wasn't lost on Toby, he hugged me close and kissed my head.

"I love you sis." He kept his arm around me and walked us towards the house.

"I love you too, even if you are a terrible surfer." I grinned knowing it was a complete lie.

"oh and I suppose you're the best surfer in the world?"

"I could give you a run for your money." I shoved him and laughed as he tripped up the step and fell into the kitchen. Everyone stopped talking and looked down at him. He pointed at me before anyone could ask. They looked at me; I smiled innocently and tried to ignore Damon's piercing eyes. Julia helped her husband up and kissed him softly

"You two just shouldn't be around each other. I swear sometimes it's like I have four kids." She shook her head and mockingly scowled at us.

I felt Damon's eyes on me and fought the urge to look over at him. He was nothing to me right now and I really hoped my body and mind were in sync this time.

"How have you been Callie?" Julia asked handing me a glass of water. That was a loaded question.

"Great, been up to my eye balls with work." mostly my own doing.

"Yeah? Any exciting assignments coming up?" Toby asked as he applied sunscreen to Mason.

"Possibly. I was offered Africa last week but due to other commitments I couldn't make it. I'm secretly holding out for Jamaica." I grinned and took a sip,

"Have you been there before?" Damon asked, everyone stopped and looked at him momentarily. He looked around and then back at me, his face completely blank. He had absolutely no idea that he'd proposed to me in Jamaica.

"Once or twice. It's a beautiful place." I smiled weakly then turned to Julia, "Where's my beautiful little niece?" Everyone looked relieved at my diplomatic answer, probably impressed I hadn't punched him or screamed obscenities in front of Mason. Julia smiled and pointed upstairs. I excused myself and went up to her nursery. Katy was the cutest little baby I'd ever seen. At six months she was angelic, hardly ever cried and always happy. I watched as she slept and wished my life was as simple as hers.



The cafe was busy but not over run with people, I'd stopped in for a coffee on my way home from work. It had been a busy day and I needed to unwind a little. I scanned the room whilst waiting in the queue, in the corner sitting on her own reading was an angel. Dark hair pinned back in a messy ponytail, glasses framed the sexiest 'come to bed' eyes I've ever seen, her perfect lips sucking absently on a pen whilst she concentrated. She rolled her eyes and frowned before highlighting something in the book, I peered closer and it's no wonder she was frowning; some ridiculous self help book obnoxiously advertised she was having man trouble. I found that hard to believe. She could have any man she wanted, it was obvious. I picked up my coffee and walked over. I felt an overwhelming attraction to this woman and the intensity of it scared me a little. As I disrupted her from reading she looked up and my knees weakened. I pulled up a seat as close to her as I could without actually sitting on her. The attraction was instant, powerful and within minutes of meeting her we'd left the cafe and were making out in an alley like a couple of horny kids. It didn't matter, nothing mattered except her. I needed her more than I'd ever needed anything in my life. We connected in a way that I had never connected with anyone before and believe me when I say I've had my fair share of amorous encounters. I pulled up her skirt and fumbled with my zip, I needed to be inside her with desperate urgency. I felt the all too familiar feeling starting in my balls and woke with a start, fuck. I grabbed some tissues and groaned at the intensity flowing through my body. God, I hadn't had a wet dream since I was a teenager. Thank god I woke up before I made a mess. I cursed my now limp dick and flopped back on the bed. It twitched as I heard a familiar voice from the garden. Callie. Fuck, I'd been dreaming about her. About how we met; I'd been told by Toby but only about the cafe. I either made the rest up or it was a memory.

I heard Callie laughing outside and looked down at my growing cock, seriously? I swore at it then pulled on some shorts and prayed my cock would behave. Julia was in the kitchen preparing some food and listening to Mason chat; he stopped talking and grinned when he saw me. I had no memory of this little guy but he knew me. I smiled and ruffled his hair as I helped Julia.

"How did I meet Callie?" I asked casually, trying to avoid having to explain my question. Julia glanced up at the garden then looked at me,

"Do you want the PG version we gave Toby or the adult version Callie told me?"

"I want as much detail as possible." PG version? If my dream was a memory then I sure as hell wanted to remember every little bit about our lives.

"We told Toby you both met in a cafe and got talking. Had a few dates and really hit it off. It didn't quite happen that nicely." She sent Mason to collect some toys and waited for him to leave before she spoke,

"Yes you met in a cafe. You talked for probably thirty seconds before you pulled her from the table and out the door. You..." she looked around for Mason, "You fucked her in the alley next to the cafe and became inseparable." A smile crept across her lips as she high fived Mason who had just returned with his toys. I looked out at Callie and put my hands in my pockets to cover my hard on,

"She doesn't seem like the type to do that." I pondered out loud.

"She wasn't. Never done anything like that in her life. She wasn't exactly a saint but she believed in dating and romancing before, well, you know. She said there was a connection between you, she couldn't explain it. She loved you from the first moment she saw you." That I believed, I just wish I could remember loving her that way.

Toby fell through the door, literally landing at Julia's feet. I looked over at Callie in time to see an innocent smile cross her face, she was avoiding looking at me but I couldn't take my eyes off her. There was an effortless charm to her. Naturally beautiful and radiant. I felt rude staring and figured I should probably speak, they were talking about Jamaica, I asked if she'd ever been. The next moment was probably the more uncomfortable then hiding my hard on. Everyone stared at me, like I'd said something completely inappropriate. She's been a few times, said it was nice. Her response seemed forced but polite. I watched as she headed upstairs then turned to face the others,

"What did I just do?" I hushed my tone, Julia and Toby exchanged a look then Toby sighed and rubbed his head,

"You go check on Callie. I'll answer." He kissed Julia and watched her leave with lust in his eyes. Eventually he looked in my direction.

"About three months into dating, Callie got sent to Jamaica for a month. You spent one day without her and pretty much broke down. You booked a flight and surprised her. Then you proposed."

"Wonderful. Fu..." I looked down at Mason and caught myself before I launched into a string of expletives. No wonder she hated me, all I do is keep reminding her of the fact I didn't remember her or us.

"Mate, she'll be ok. It's not your fault. Maybe you two just need to be around each other as friends. I mean you never really tried that. You both went into this thinking you had to be a couple again and it didn't work because you were strangers. Just hang out and get to know her." Toby shrugged and picked up Mason who'd tripped over his own feet.

Maybe Toby was right, we never did the friend thing. We did all or nothing and ended up losing. Then I got caught up in the whole wanting to fuck her till my memories came back, not bothering to even try and find out anything about her. Toby took Mason into the garden as Julia came back down; I heard her laughing and realised Callie had come down with her. Julia was holding Katy. I smiled and played with her little fingers as she stuck her hand out on the way past. I saw Callie watching the clock; she turned and looked at us both with a slight frown.

"Is it too early for a drink?" she looked at us, hoping someone would give her the answer she wanted.

"Well its midday somewhere." Julia smiled and headed for the door before turning, "it's too early for you though." She grinned at me and walked into the garden. I watched Toby put his arm around her and kiss her lovingly. Their marriage wasn't perfect but they loved each other like crazy. I'd never seen Toby so happy.

"So, what did you do that got you banned from drinking before lunch?" Callie asked startling me. I turned, looked upon her face and tried not to smile.

"By nine this morning I was drunk. I had to call Toby to come and collect me then Julia made me sleep it off."

"Yeah she'll do that." She grinned and uncapped a beer, "Are you still drunk?"

"Not so much. I don't even think I was really that drunk to start with. I only had six and a half bottles and it was bloody low alcohol shit." I shook my head in disgust, mostly because I'd told her I was drinking baby beer. She laughed and handed me a bottle before taking her own and downing half the bottle in one gulp.

I watched her throat move as she drank and remembered last week when she easily swallowed me whole. My gaze drifted up and met her eyes; they were shining with an evil glint.

"If I can guess what you were just thinking about, you have to be my skivvy all day and get my drinks. Deal?" She grinned. I couldn't help but grin back. No way in hell would she know what I'd been thinking.

"And if you can't?"

"If I can't then I'll drop to my knees and show you what you should have been thinking about." Fuck, my eyes pretty much bulged out my head. I had to watch this one, she knew exactly what I was thinking and I knew nothing about her.

"Maybe I should just let you show me anyway." I held her gaze and resisted the urge to grab her.

"Maybe you should get me another drink, slave." Something about the word slave goaded the beast in me, I looked at her quizzically but she just grinned and put her empty bottle in the recycling. Instead of walking straight to the garden she squeezed herself between me and the counter,

"Don't make me punish you. I'll be in the garden when you're ready with my drink." Her lips skimmed mine whilst her fingers lazily played with the waistband of my shorts. My body reacted exactly how she wanted as I leant into her and fought the urge to grind against her. She pushed me back gently then walked out into the garden. I watched in disbelief as she didn't even look back. I needed a cold shower. Now.

After I managed to regain control of my body I ventured back out into the garden. Probably should have just stayed in the shower. Callie had stripped down to her bikini and was sprawled across a lounger. Toby and Mason were playing with a ball whilst Julia sat under the parasol and entertained Katy. I picked up a beer from the cooler and quietly strolled over to Callie. Julia watched with a hint of amusement on her face. I avoided blocking the sun and just watched Callie for a moment. I was inches from touching the ice cold bottle to her skin when she grabbed the bottle and kicked my legs out from under me. Julia couldn't contain her laughter and practically fell off her chair. I sat and tried to look wounded, Callie smiled and sat up, her legs either side of me.

"Sweetheart." She shook her head, "Just because you don't remember the games we played, doesn't mean I don't."

"You're using my condition against me." I grinned. She leant forward and brushed her lips against my ears

"Don't you think you deserve it?" She couldn't hide the anger in her hushed voice, my hands gripped her thighs. I closed my eyes; I needed to stop staring at her tits.

"I think it's the least I deserve." My thumbs gently caressed her thighs as I dared to open my eyes. I looked up at her and saw the conflicted look on her face. Almost instantly the moment was broken, we both became acutely aware of Julia and Toby watching. She pushed away from me and smiled, it was forced. I pulled myself to my feet and brushed off.

"I'll get you back. Sleep with one eye open." I shouted after her as she walked towards the house, she waved her hand dismissively

"We'll see about that." She shouted as she disappeared into the house. I carried on watching for a moment then felt a dull pain in the back of my head.

I turned slowly to witness Toby on the floor in hysterics, unable to talk through laughing. Mason just stood, grinning. By my feet was a ball. I frowned and picked it up

"Did your daddy do this?" I asked Mason. He shook his head; Toby managed to let out a strangled 'no' and pointed at Mason.

"Did you?" I mocked anger. He looked over at his dad for guidance but only got laughter. He looked back at me and nodded; looking towards the ground worriedly. I dropped the ball and picked him up,

"Do you know what the punishment is?" I asked, He shook his head, "Death by tickling." I started my assault. The little boy laughed then stopped,

"I need a wee. I need a wee." He screamed. Shit. I looked towards Toby, he was no help. I picked him up and held him at arm's length whilst running towards the house.

"Hold on buddy. We're almost there." I jumped through the door and almost collided with Callie, she stepped back and watched as we ran through.

"I need a wee. I need a wee." Mason shouted again. I kicked the door open and placed him on the floor. He just stood there jigging from foot to foot. Callie appeared in the doorway,

"You want some help Mace?" She asked squeezing between us and pulling his trousers down before placing him on the step and leaning over him. She looked at me over her shoulder and smiled,

"What did you do to him?"

"I tickled him."

"Ah." She turned her attention back to Mason, sorted him out then pulled up his trousers. She lifted him to the sink and helped him wash his hands.

"Ok mister. Are we done?" she smiled down at him, he nodded and ran back through the house. I blocked the door to stop Callie's passage.

Rationality and compassion said I should let Callie go. I had nothing to say to her that would change things but I couldn't let her go. I shut the door and backed her against the sink. She was startled for a moment then protested.

"I know how we met." I pressed myself against her,

"Well done, would you like a fucking medal?" her words stung but not as harshly as my hand pulling her head back did. I stared into her eyes and the beast retreated. Fuck. I let her go and stepped away.
"I remembered. The cafe and the alley." My voice was quiet and I was ashamed. I couldn't look at her. I'd behaved like a sex crazed beast again.


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