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By: Laura2001

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                Fuck, my whole body felt like it was on fire. What the hell was going on? Why on earth could I hear Damon calling me baby? A groan escaped me that sounded a lot like ‘fuck’. My eyes flittered open whilst I tried to figure out what was going on. I was granted with more confusion by Damon kissing me ever so softly.

“Am I dreaming?” my voice was cracked and quiet. Damon pulled back as if suddenly remembering himself.

“No sweetheart. You stepped out into the road and I hit you with my car. I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you. Can you move? Are you in pain?” his voice was filled with so much concern I almost threw up. Why couldn’t he be my husband again? Hold on, could I actually move and was I in pain? I tried to focus on areas of my body but no specific part hurt more than the rest. My whole body just ached. I sat up uneasily and unwillingly leant against Damon for support. His body heat seeped into mine and eased the pain for a moment until reality hit. I’d been sleepwalking, fuck. I’d actually managed to get myself run over, wonderful.

“I was asleep.” I mumbled and shook my head. Christ that hurt. My hand went up to my neck as a moan escaped. Damon placed his hand over mine; I flinched at the tenderness behind his touch.

“I think you need to get checked out. Can you stand?” Damon moved back a little and helped as I struggled to my feet.



                The drive to the hospital was agonising, not because I was in pain but because I couldn’t stand the concerned looks Damon kept throwing my way.

“You can just drop me off at the entrance then carry on with your life.” Well, that certainly didn’t come out as nice as I’d planned.

“Can I fuck. I hit you with my car. There’s no way I’m leaving till I know your ok.” He pulled into a space and jumped out. I sighed and opened my door before he had a chance. I tried to brush his helping hands away but gave up after realising he wasn’t letting go. I leant against the car whilst he grabbed a jumper to save my modesty. I stared at the entrance to the hospital and tried to fight the feeling of dread. I hated this place, I know it’s not anyone’s favourite haunt but this place crushed my dreams and destroyed my future. I pulled the hoody over my head and tried not to cry at his scent.

“Are you ok?” he brushed some hair out of my face,

“It smells like you.” I sobbed. I needed to get a grip but I was tired, I was confused and I just wanted the world to go to hell.

“Baby.” His voice barely a whisper and full of sadness as he pulled me into him and held me close. I closed my eyes and breathed him in, I just wanted him back. I wanted my husband to love me again. I wanted him to be the one crying over a stupid jumper that smells like me.

“Let’s get this over with then we can take you home and we’ll talk.” He guided me slowly towards the doors. I felt him tense as he approached; I guess he wasn’t too fond of this place either.



                My hopes that Julia had the evening off were shattered as I saw her leaning against the desk chatting with the receptionist. She glanced over as the door opened then stopped talking and stared at us,

“What happened? Are you ok?” She rushed over to my other side and helped guide us to a cubicle.

“Damon tried to kill me with his car.” My attempt at humour was lost on them both as I got glared into silence. Julia looked to Damon for a rational answer.

“Callie was sleepwalking; she stepped out into the road. I slammed on the brakes but still hit her. We figured she should get checked over. Her neck hurts specifically and everything else aches.” He helped me onto the bed then perched on the bedside chair.

“Right, ok. I’ll grab another nurse to treat you. I’ll be as quick as I can.”

“Julia, please don’t tell Toby I was here. I don’t need another lecture.”

“I couldn’t tell him, even if I wanted to.” She forced a smile and left quickly. I pulled the hood up and curled into the bed, hoping to close my eyes and wake up in my own bed with all this a horrible dream.



                I had almost succeeded at wishing the world away when a nurse came in and made me jump, I swear they’re like little ninjas. I pulled my hood down and sat up.

“How are you feeling?” she asked shining a light in my eyes and moving my head around gently, I winced at the pain radiating from my neck.

“Your neck hurts?” She asked, I nodded then regretted my decision instantly. “I’ll send you for a full body x-ray to make sure nothings broken. You could be in for a long wait though, so I’ll get some pain medication sorted for you.” as she spoke she checked the rest of me over, I watched as she poked the newly formed bruises covering my legs and arms. I glanced over at Damon, he didn’t look so great. His eyes were glassy and his skin had paled. His eyes caught mine briefly before looking back at what the nurse was doing.

“You’re not allergic to anything are you?” the nurse asked flipping through my file,

“No.” I answered quietly. She smiled and nodded then disappeared for a moment before returning with some water and some pills. I dutifully took them without even asking what they were. I didn’t really care as long as they eased the pain.

“Unfortunately you’re looking at a minimum two hour wait to get x-rayed. There’s no point sending you up there for so long. Just stay here and get some rest. Someone will collect you when they’re ready.” She smiled warmly then left, drawing the curtains closed behind her.



                Damon’s eyes stayed glued to the massive bruise on my thigh.

“You know I’m ok, don’t you?” my words startled him; he looked up and shook his head then ran his fingers through his hair.

“Damon, this wasn’t your fault. It could have been anyone that hit me. Christ I’m lucky it was you and not some boy racer.”

“I guess it’s just strange being back here. Do you need anything?” he got up and sat on the bed. His fingers laced with mine, heat rushed through my body and threatened to take over my rationality. I swallowed hard and tried desperately to stop myself leaning in to kiss him. My lips touched his as my eyes closed and I surrendered to the feeling. His arm snaked around my waist and pulled me in tighter to his body. My fingers pawed the taut muscles of his back, almost burning from the heat of him. His other hand supporting my neck and head massaging softly as his tongue danced with mine. A sudden distant alarm broke the spell. We pulled apart reluctantly, trying desperately to cling to the fleeting moment. I felt him smile against my lips as he rested his head against mine.

“You should get some rest.” He softly let me go and pulled my hood up before kissing the tip of my nose and pulling back the covers. I looked down at my feet, why couldn’t I ever put on shoes before I sleep walk? I sighed and curled up under the covers.



                My heart raced trying to get free of my body. Panic. Nothing else. Just the need to get out.

“Callie, it’s ok. Baby, it’s just a dream.” A soothing voice brought me back to reality, Damon’s voice. I jolted awake and tried not to cry out at the shooting pain down my neck. I took in my surroundings and released my grip of Damon’s t-shirt once satisfied I wasn’t in danger. He stroked my head and kissed my temple.

“How long was I asleep? Is it time for my x-ray?” I glanced at his watch but it meant nothing. I didn’t even know how long we’d been here.

“Not long, ten minutes maybe. We’ve still got a while to go.” His lips brushed my skin as he climbed onto the bed next to me. I relaxed into him, our bodies moulded perfectly to each other as if we’d never been apart. His arm wrapped around my side as his thumb lazily rubbed the underside of my breast. It wasn’t a sexual gesture; it was one of comfort, of love and care between a husband and wife. It was a perfect moment in a fucked up situation and I wouldn’t swap it for the world. Tears ran silently down my cheeks as I both cherished and loathed the closeness of him.

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