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One moment

Novel By: Laura2001

Damon couldn't remember his wife but his body did. Driven by lust and passion he just can't seem to stop the need to be with her. His head a mess of right and wrong, of lust and restraint. Trying desperately to remember the life he had, the woman he loved and the future he lost. Everything would be easier if his cock stopped trying to interfere with their conversations. How could he remember loving her when his primal needs took over the instant he saw her?

Callie wanted her husband back. The man whom loved every inch of her and granted her every desire. Callie needed to let go of the man she still heart heartbreakingly loved and move on. Callie needed to stop letting him rule her heart and her body but what if one time he remembered? What if she pushed the right button and all his memories came back? How do you even let go of a man whose body still loved you, still knew every inch of you even if he consciously didn't? Could you turn your back on a passion so fierce and so blatantly still there?

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I couldn't sleep, I needed answers but the only person that could give them had locked herself away for the night. I could bang on her door but I don't think I could take the pain that was in her eyes. I didn't want to think about it. Any of it. I wish I could go back in time and not go up and see Callie with Katy, she looked so perfect. Then I remembered being here, maybe not here but a house almost identical. Callie had been sick for a while, I don't remember how long but I made her take a pregnancy test. I wanted it to be positive. We sat on the bath and watched the timer, praying. Then the little plus sign appeared and I held her so tight, I think I cried tears of joy. I don't know, it wasn't as clear as the other memories. Memories skipping , fast forwarding then rewinding. Maybe it was just too close to my accident for me to remember it properly. All I knew right now was everything hurt, not for me or what I lost but for her. She went through that alone. No-one knew, Toby and Julia had been as shocked as me. I avoided conversation for the rest of the night, not that it lasted much longer. Andy and his wife left pretty quickly. Julia contemplated checking on Callie but Toby advised her against it so she left us to talk. Except I didn't want to talk. I thanked him for a lovely day then went up to the guest room.

I sat on the window ledge for hours, just staring at the sea. Replaying the broken memory; hoping to get a little more but things became fuzzier as it started to rain. I watched the lightening tear through the sky and listened to the thunder. It brought a strange sense of perspective over me, this was bigger than me. It was her memory and if she didn't want to relive it then I couldn't make her. The sky lit up and I saw Callie standing in the garden, wearing a white t-shirt and pants. I jumped up, what the hell was she doing? I flew out the guest room and headed down the stairs. I saw Toby pulling on some clothes frantically whilst coming down behind me. He looked as serious as I did. We reached the garden and shouted her name but she didn't respond. She just slowly fumbled down the garden.

"What's she doing?"

"Sleep walking. Fuck. Go after her. I need to get a blanket." He ran back into the house. I broke into a sprint but she had a head start. I leaped over the fence separating the pool area of the garden and lost sight of her as she climbed over the wall and onto the beach. My eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness. Another flash of lightening and I had her in my sights again. I jumped the wall and watched her fall down, her head bounced. That can't be good.

She actually looked peaceful if you ignored the rain soaked hair, her t-shirt plastered across her like a second skin and the faintest of snores. Toby yelled out, I shouted back then looked down at her. Her head turned to the side, little moans coming from her mouth as if she was dreaming. Christ her t-shirt was see through, her nipples clearly visible. I pulled her gently on to my lap and cradled her against me to save her modesty.

"Callie, I need you to wake up baby." I stroked her head. She moaned and curled herself tighter into me as if I was her quilt and she needed its warmth. Toby dropped to his knees and wrapped a blanket around her. She moaned again and pulled it in closer.

"Callie? Come on darlin' wake up." Toby spoke softly but got no response,

"What do we do?" I had never dealt with a sleepwalker before. Are you even meant to wake them up? I brushed some hair from her face and noticed the blood. Toby and I exchanged worried looks as I tried to see how bad the cut was, I glanced over to where she'd been laying and saw the scattered rocks.

"Stay here with her. I need to get Julia. Time's like these, I'm glad I married a nurse." He stood and sprinted to the house.

I held Callie close and stroked her hair. My heart had slowed to a normal pace, the fear replaced with concern. Seeing her so fragile, in my arms almost had me in tears. I couldn't imagine her suffering and I wished I could take it all away. I couldn't, not without lying to her. Many times I'd thought about pretending I loved her deeply, pretending I at least remembered the essence of our relationship but what would that get us? I knew we'd been happy, I knew we loved each other but I couldn't feel it. Toby returned with Julia, she smiled weakly then looked around the beach before turning back to us.

"We need to wake her up so I can make sure she's ok. You need to put her on the sand and step away."

"Why? What if she hurts herself?"

"I'm more concerned about her hurting you. When she wakes up, she'll be confused. If you're holding her, she'll attack. It's nothing personal." She smiled again then gestured for me to move away. Reluctantly I placed Callie on the sand and stepped back. Toby crouched by her ear and shouted before jumping back as she woke. Julia was right, she panicked and flung her arms around shouting barely intelligible sentences before taking in her surroundings.

"I want to go back to sleep." She groaned and sat back down. Julie sat in front of her and pulled out a little torch,

"I know sweetheart and you will. I just need to ask you a few questions. What's your name?" She shone the torch in Callie's eyes as she answered questions. Before holding up three fingers,

"How many fingers am I holding up?" She grinned when Callie softly hit her hand away,

"Three. Can I go back to sleep now?" Callie pleaded and curled up on the sand. Julia stood and looked at us both,

"She's fine. She's still half asleep but no concussion. We need to get her back to bed." Julia looked me dead in the eyes, "Someone should stay with her." She knew I wanted to stay with Callie. I needed to know she was definitely ok.

I spent the night watching over Callie. She'd slept peacefully once I'd gotten her to bed. I left the house a little after the sun came up and grabbed some shut eye before everyone woke up. I found them sitting the garden around the table eating breakfast. Callie had thrown a jumper over the shorts I'd put her in last night. I smiled at fighting to get them on her instead of taking them off. I sat down and poured a mug of coffee, Callie held out her mug whilst shoving some cereal in her mouth.

"When did you start sleepwalking again?" Toby asked seriously, I watched Callie hold another spoonful to her mouth and look longingly at the cereal; knowing she couldn't talk if her mouth was full.

"I haven't, I swear that was the first time in months." She regretted saying months as soon as Toby repeated it, almost shouting it in dismay. She rolled her eyes and took her mouthful. She chewed whilst shrugging. Toby patiently waited for her to finish,

"Well, yeah. I found myself naked in my neighbour's garden a few times but it was fine, she gave me a cup of tea and sent me on my way. It only happens when I'm highly stressed or exhausted. I was both after Damon had his accident and then it went away. I'm sorry I woke you up." Her nonchalance irritated Toby, I could see the muscle in his jaw tightening.

"You didn't wake me up. You fucking cock blocked me." He muttered. Callie snorted her laughter as she filled her mouth and I couldn't help but smile.

"How did you see me from the bed?" She asked covering her mouth, unable to wait till she'd finished eating,

"We were against the wind-" Toby stopped after Julia hit him in the ribs with her elbow. Callie snorted again and hunched further over her bowl.

I watched Callie behave like a scorned teenager and my heart swelled. She certainly wasn't at her most attractive but there was something about her that made me feel good, I just couldn't remember what this moment was trying to remind me of. Callie pushed her bowl away and looked up at me.

"Bet you're glad you stayed for breakfast." She grinned as she put her mug to her lips. I couldn't help but watch as she took a sip. Her eyes looking over the mug and staring into mine with a childlike naughtiness about them. I just smiled in response, not trusting myself to speak. Toby had ceased his lecture for the sake of eating but he kept his eyes on Callie. I watched as she rolled her eyes and turned away from us all to look out to sea. The cut on her forehead an angry reminder of the night before. My stomach lurched and threatened to embarrass me.

"Does your head hurt?" I found myself asking quietly, she glanced quickly at me before turning back to the view.

"It's barely even a scratch." She snarled, clearly trying to play down the gash and stop the conversation. A bitter stare forcing feelings of betrayal at mentioning it.

"Barely a scratch? Callie, it's more serious than that and it could have been a whole lot worse. You were lucky." The anger in Toby's voice caused me to flinch. I glanced between them both and struggled to take in a side of their relationship I didn't ever remember witnessing. I'm sure I had but I felt mixed loyalties. Toby was my friend and I understood completely what he was saying and his concerns were valid but I felt an overwhelming urge to side with Callie for reasons I couldn't explain or understand.

"Yeah, heaven forbid I hit my head so hard I lose my memory too then maybe we wouldn't be in this stupid mess." Callie snarled and stormed off down the garden. I wanted to go after her; every thought in my head screamed at me to follow her, to comfort her and it scared me enough to keep me in my seat.


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