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low (reposted with a different title due to publishing)

Novel By: Laura2001

Mac spent his whole life creating a name for himself in the criminal underbelly of society. A life he'd enjoyed until the underworld handed him Scarlet, a stunning con artist with a knack for getting into trouble. Mac couldn't put in words the sheer dislike he felt towards this woman but even he couldn't keep away from her. Scarlet appreciated the 'great' Mac and his skills, well maybe only one skill and that involved a certain piece of him and it wasn't his mind. Mutual respect for the others craft barely stopped them from killing each other.

So why did Scarlet arrive at his door, bloody and bruised?

And why the hell did Mac let her in? View table of contents...


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What the hell is going on? Mac was suddenly woken from his apparent nap on the sofa by the noise of a scuffle outside. It probably wouldn't be such a bad thing had his men managed to detain the offender before they actually reached his door. Mac sighed and rubbed his eyes whilst getting to his feet. The incessant yelling at his men by a woman was beginning to grate on him. What on earth did he pay them for? He tore open the door in anger but the sight before him froze every muscle in his already tense body. Scarlet hunched over, leaning heavily against the doorframe, her long dark hair a mess, her eyes bloodshot and sunken, her usually beautiful mouth twisted in a painful smile

"I knew you'd be happy to see me." Her words struggled to form and were followed by groan she tried desperately to keep in. His eyes shot to his men, did they do this? They shook their heads understanding the heavy implication in his glare.

"Call off your dogs." She slid down the door frame as her knees weakened beneath her; Mac stepped forward and caught her before she hit the floor.

"We're sorry Mac; she's stronger than she looks." Eddie looked sheepish as he avoided his boss's piercing stare but Mac wasn't looking at the failure of his men, he was taking in the blood on their hands and clothes. He looked down at Scarlet then back to them.

"No more unwanted guests tonight." His tone was calm and hid the anger pulsing through his veins. Eddie and Steve nodded and shuffled off like scorned children. Mac watched them for a moment before pulling Scarlet closer towards him and closing the door.

Scarlet tried to push away, the last thing she wanted was to be dependent on him. Their relationship was glued together with a mutual respect and hate with the occasional animalistic primal fuck thrown in for good measure. He was not a man she had any intention of ever owing a favour or asking for help but as her legs gave out beneath her with a sickening groan she knew he was the only one that could get her out of this mess. Her vision swam as red began to fuzz the edges of her vision. Her hand gripped his shirt tightly, pulling it down and revealing a hint of his tanned muscled chest. He was an asshole but he was a fucking god in the looks department. The spinning intensified as Scarlet went limp in his arms.

"Fuck." Mac snaked an arm under her legs and lifted her towards him. Her eye lids fluttered as she tried to hold on to consciousness.

"Fuck." She murmured before her head dropped back. Mac carried her to his bathroom and carefully placed her on the floor of the shower room. He turned the cold tap on and stood hands on hips surveying the cold water spraying Scarlet's limp body waiting for a reaction. His fingers tensed as panic began to prickle his skin; she should be awake by now. The cold should have shocked her into coming around unless this was more serious. His eyes flicked to the red water swirling down the drain. Common sense told him it probably wasn't that bad, blood always looked worse in water but it should have eased off by now.

Mac stepped into the water and knelt down beside her; he turned her head towards him and rested the back of his hand against her lips. Relief flooded him as her breath tickled his skin but it was short lived as her hand shot up and her fingers wrapped around his neck. Her eyes opened and scanned her surroundings before finally settling on Mac's steely glare. Her fingers itched to squeeze tighter and after a few failed attempts to relax her hand she finally managed to loosen her grip. Scarlet's fingers softly grazed against the day old stubble causing Mac's heart to beat faster as his cock twitched threatening to join in the commotion. He silently prayed his body wouldn't betray his mind, yeah he wanted to fuck Scarlet but that didn't mean he liked her.

"Where are you cut?" Mac's voice brought Scarlet out of her x-rated daydream; her fingers traced his Adam's apple before finally letting go. She laughed; even she didn't know where she was bleeding from. Her laughter turned to sobs as the pain set in, the reality of her situation tore a gaping hole in her soul and she almost prayed she'd bleed out and die rather than accept help from this man.

Mac watched as Scarlet sobbed, it was an angry cry mostly. A cry of someone who'd lost everything and cursed the fact they were alive. A cry that hit his heart with such force it almost knocked the air out of him. Before he could stop himself he had gathered her into his arms and held her close. What the fuck was he doing? It took all his strength not to launch her away from him in a fit of disgust. After a few moments, she calmed and pulled away from him. Their cold eyes met as both battled against love and hate, lust and anger, want and need.

"What happened? And why the fuck did you come here?" Mac couldn't keep the rage from reaching his voice. A nasty bitter half laugh escaped from Scarlet as she pulled her top over her head. Mac's eyes flicked to her perfect breasts before taking in the state of her.

"Let's just say there's someone out there that hates me more than you do." Her eyes fixed on his before she checked herself over for wounds. A three inch gash in her side appeared to be the culprit for most of the blood. Mac got to his feet and held out a hand to help Scarlet up, she took hold but struggled to get to her feet. She swore under her breath as her legs shook and she fell onto her knees, her face launched forward and connecting with one of the only parts of him she actually liked. Her hands instinctively went out to protect her face and ended up gripping his thighs. Looking down at Scarlet on her knees in front of him, all wet and wounded made his cock twitch and worryingly his heart swell.

"While you're down there-" He smirked and cockily reached for his belt, mostly to cover up the endearing feelings that were starting to swallow the anger he felt towards her. Whatever was going on in his head was just a phase; he couldn't possibly have feelings for this skank of a woman kneeling before him. Even if her deep blue eyes darkened to almost purple when he fucked her, and even if her body fitted his so perfectly that he'd never cum as hard as he had with her. No, none of that mattered, it was lust, pure unadulterated primal need and definitely not love.

The thought of teasing Mac's cock till he lost control was pretty appealing to Scarlet right now. He'd fuck the pain away and the memories even if it was just for a little while but then the anger would replace the love that had shone through his eyes when they connected and she couldn't take the rejection right now. She grabbed hold of the hand reaching for the belt, she knew he was teasing her anyway, no-one that looked that relieved to see her wake up could be that fucking heartless. He brushed her fingers aside and bent down, his lips dangerously close to hers, his eyes staring into the depths of her soul, if only he could see the deep dark secret feelings it held towards him. His hands gripped under her arms,

"Ready?" His voice unusually calm and almost caring. He always had a knack of keeping his tone annoying even when talking to those around him but he could never hide his anger or annoyance around her, she brought out the animal in him. She nodded and attempted to get to her feet again. Her body pressed weakly against his as he held her up, his power pulling her in closer and his hardness causing her skin to tingle. His fingers danced on her skin as his strong hands held her in place.

"Mac?" Scarlet's weak pain filled voice stopped Mac in his tracks; her body heavily slumped against him, shaking and clammy. Fuck, he lifted her head from his shoulder and looked at her eyes. Unfocused staring off at something in the distance. Her skin had paled and her breathing shallowed.

"Come on baby, don't you dare fucking give up." He couldn't keep the desperation from his voice; her eyes fixed on him for a moment before she pulled away quickly and bent over to throw up. Mac kept an arm around her to keep her from falling down whilst turning off the shower.

Scarlet's head rested against his shoulder as he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them quickly off her shaking legs chucking the sopping denim across the bathroom in rage. He grabbed a towel and pressed it against her side wound and picked her up. Her arms clung to his neck as she nuzzled into his chest, incoherent babble escaping her every so often. Mac placed her in the middle of his bed and wrapped the covers around her whilst rubbing her arms.

"Come on baby, time to wake up and carry on fucking up my life." He was tempted to shake her, to angrily shout in her face, asking her why she came here. But she looked so damn innocent, so perfect that he just couldn't bring himself to be mad at her. In that moment he could almost forget the intense anger he almost always felt towards her, the trouble she always seemed to bring his way, the way she got under his skin by simply breathing. God this woman would be the death of him even if she did make him feel more alive than he ever had. Her body shook as he pressed against the wound,

"Scarlet?" He brushed some hair out of her face, his voice so quiet, so caring she almost didn't believe she'd heard it. Slowly her senses began to return, she was in pain; that was the first thing to come back. Her eyes flew open and she groaned in agony, trying to pry his hand away from her wound but he kept his pressure firm.

Mac reached across her opened the draw of his bedside table and pulled out a small medicine bottle. Scarlet watched as he expertly opened the bottle with on hand and then tipped a few in his hand before putting the bottle away and picking up a bottle of water.

"These will take the edge off." He held out his hand and patiently waited for Scarlet to pick her battle and decided if she wanted to trust him enough not to poison her.

"I thought you'd enjoy seeing me in pain." She took the pills and swallowed them down, Mac watched the way her throat moved, his cock twitching at the memory of brutally fucking her throat. He dragged his eyes away and looked into hers, relieved to see the life beginning to shine back through them.

"Oh you have no idea sweetheart." His voice was low and Scarlet almost melted into him until his upped his pressure causing her to flinch and scream out. Bastard. He took hold of her hand and pressed it over the towel before leaving the room. Scarlet looked around she'd never been in his bedroom before. It wasn't at all what she expected; she figured he went for torture devices and chains not the calm mint walls or white linen that presented itself to her. This was his sanctuary, the only place not to be tainted with the disgusting, disturbing criminal life he lead. Somewhere he could go and be a normal human being for once in his life.

"Don't get too comfy. You're not staying." His cold words brought Scarlet back to reality.

"Then stitch me up and send me on my way." She forced a smirk and turned her eyes back to the ceiling.

"This will hurt." Mac almost let his composure slip as concern desperately tried to rear its ugly head. It had no place here. Whatever had happened to Scarlet was nothing to do with him, hell she was lucky he even bothered to help her let alone stitch her back together.


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