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Novel By: larcegirl10

Tags: Sex, Marrige

I’m Marcus and I’m married to my beautiful wife Secoiya for 5 years but we never spend time or make love together because she scared that I might hurt her after what happened to her when she was younger. WILL HE BE ABLE TO GIVE HER PLESURE View table of contents...


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When I got down stairs and into the kitchen Mo was still laughing I turn to see Kevin smiling "What" "You got a blow last night" "Man shut up" "What made that happen" "Well we talked a little last night and then the next thing you know she says she won't have sex because she was on punishment so we ended up like that" "You men do talk about your sex life all the time" I turn to see Mo hands on her hips "No" "Whatever I'm going to check on Secoiya"
Secoiya Pov:
I can't believe I said that out loud. I was in my closet looking for a nice pair of shorts and a tank top and I hear someone knocking on my bed room door I walk to the door and open to see it was Mo "Sorry I laugh at you I just can't believe you said that" "I know" I opened the door far enough so she can come in. She walked in and sat on my now nicely fix sheets " So last night you guys talkedor got straight to it" I started to laugh "No we talked first" "Me and Kev always talk after it a habit" "Really" "Yeah we would like fuss over stupid stuff and the next thing were in the house closet doing something. We did that one time and the kids walk in it was the hardest thing to explain to we held off from the sex a lot. I found my shorts and tank and started to put them on "Wow" "So have you thought of having kids" I started to brush my hair and laugh "Yeah" "How many" I turned to her and smile "I always wanted a lot but I don't think I won't any time soon maybe a year later or something."I sat next to her and started to put on my shoes "That good but make sure I get to be a godmother ok." "You got that right" I got up and went to the door and opened it "You ready" "Yeah" she got up and walk out right behind me was started to head down stairs. When we got to the bottom we walked into the kitchen and the first thing that came out Kev mouth was " Did you jaws lock up last night" I punch Kev and walk to Marcuse and hugged them "That hurt" "So you should have never said nothing" I can hear Marcuse laughing "So you guys are ready to go "Yeah"
Marcuse Pov:
When we got out side I was ready to take my car but then my wife stop me "Baby can we take mine because then all of us can sit in it and Kev and Mo won't have to take their car plz" "Ok I'll be right back" I went back into the house and grabbed it. Why won't she just get in my car she never does, I walked out to find Mo waiting for me "You know there's a reason she does not won't to use your car." "Why" "Don't worry I have a plan ok and you will know why" I laugh and walk to Secoiya Ford expedition and got in the drivers sit I turned to my side to see that Kev was sitting next to me instead of my wife "What the hell." "What" that all said at the same time "I don't won't to sit next to Kev I won't my wife beside me" "Oh my god baby it not that serious" "Yes it is" "Man It not my fault that made me" "Look baby I'm sorry I just won't to talk whit my girl you can understand that I'll sit next to you on our way back ok" "Yeah yeah you better." They were sitting all the way to the back and whispering "Makes you wonder what they're talking about" "What" I said as I was starting up the car and backing up " You know what I'm talking about your wondering what they're talking about I know what you're thinking they might be talking about you and how it went last night or something like that" he was dead on " Yeah how you knew'' "because you keep looking back there instead of the road" "Sorry" "So how did it go last night" "Man I don't have to tell you anything" "Oh come on" "No" "Fine then I'll ask Secoiya" I turned to "No" "Then tell me" "Man you don't tell me about you and your wife" "Well because you tell me you don't need to know but fine I'll tell you me and Mo went all out last night it was like our first honeymoon all over again. There was no stopping use I bet Mo know my name now loud and clear watch this" he turn his head till it was facing the back of the car "Mo" "What" I guess she mad that he interrupted there girl talk "bébé quand on rentre à la maison ce soir, préparez-vous à l'aventure de votre vie im vais vous la livre si dur le seul mot que vous connaissez est papa"(Baby when we get home tonight, get ready for the ride of your life im going to pound you so hard the only word you know is daddy.)
What the hell did he just say "Oh Papa, je ne peux pas attendre donneriez-vous à me faire savoir si j'ai demandé''(Oh daddy I can't wait would you give it to me now if I asked). What is that France when did he learn I "Aucun bébé et si vous ne vous comportez pas vous ne serez pas obtenu ce soir cum. (No baby and if you do not behave you will not get to cum tonight) "Ok papa" he turned to me and smiled "What the hell was that all about I was explaining to her what was going to happen tonight when she get home." "And when did you learn French" "Well when I meat Moeash she told me that French was a turn on so I took some classes for a few years and on our last Honeymoon I surprised her so now you tell me what happen last night" "Man her you go again we talk last night and she told me she punished herself so we did not have sex last night but gave me a blow I mean she was amazing that was the best head I had ever but the thing is I think I was being to forceful" Kev laugh "How" "Like she was chocking the whole time and that was uncalled for but I could not help it I kept pushing her head do harder and harder I just love to hear her chock." "Well did you ask her did she like it" "No" "Ask her" "No" "fine then I'll do it" "Yo Secoiya" I was trying to look in to the rear view mirror and the road I wanted to see her face expression "Yeah" "Would you answer this one perverted question and I will leave you guys alone" "What is it now" "How did you like chocking last night" I see Mo laugh and my wife turning pure red "Well I loved it I hope it happens often" I smiled he turned back to me "Well Bro you got your answer you happy no how far are we away from the Zoo I won't touch my first goat" "Will me there in about 30 min and you nave been to a petting zoo to touch a goat" "No" "Why" "Because I use to be scared of them" "Big baby"
Secoiya Pov:
Me and Mo was sitting in the back sits 20 min away from the zoo I was laugh at Mo because she was telling me telling me about her night "I'm serious Secoiya he was a beast last night whit out the kids around" "Yeah I can see that he got you whipped" "I'm not whip why would you say that" "Girl don't play you didn't see your face whenyou guys were speaking a whole different language like 2 min ago" "And it was nothing" " Then if it was nothing what was you guys talking about" "Ok fine but I have him tight leash to" I laid my head on Mo shoulder I can see Marcuse every once in a while look at me threw a mirror "You guys are just so in love" "I know" "So tell me you still scared to ride in his car" "I'm not scared" "She laugh then whit is it why won't you get in it" "If I tell you can't say nothing to anyone" "Alright" "Well I never really cared for sexy cars till I drove Marcuse baby 3 years ago. One day I decide to get out the house Marcuse was sleep so I took his car now I was only going to run to the store and get a few so I turned on the car and backed out and started to drive down the street. I was trying to get home before Marcuse woke up so I was trying to be a speedy so I punch the gas and the whole car starts to vibrate and this was no normal car it had every single part of my body tingling. It was even cussing sensitivity in between my leg badly till the point I was moaning. And when I tried to slow down my body would not let up on the gas so I was driving around our block over and over because I wanted out this car but it would not let punch the breaks till I had my first orgasm on the front seat of his car. Soon as I hit it I had turn into our drive way and stop when I got out I promise myself I won't get in to that car again" Mo started to laugh "Oh my god I can't believe you never told me this story you a dirty girl what would you think if Marcuse found out about this" "I won't be able to even face him" I said as Marcus turns in to that zoo parking lot. He parks the closes to the entrance and turn off the car. I unbuckled and climbed over some seats "Girl hurry up" "I'm trying I know we should have set to the front." When I final got out Mo was right behind me laugh "What funny" "I was back there wishing I had a fat ass like you." "What it not that big" I heard Marcuse mumble yes it is "Girl you know I'm right" "Ok maybe it big but your only a few inches off ok" "Whatever". We walk thru the entrance and Mo got all excited "You won't to ride on my back" "I turn to Marcuse and laugh "What are you going to carry me the whole time if I asked to" "Yup"I laugh as stooped down for me and I climbed on to his back. When I was on he stud up and slowly walk behind Mo and Kev. As we walk we saw a little girl crying she was around 4 or 5. Marcuse started to walk her way saying let help her I thought it was so cute because he thought to help while other people started to walk right past her. He walked up to her Kev and Mo following use he kneeled down on one knee with me still o his back "Do you won't me to get off" "No your fine". She had tinny little tears sliding down her face "Are you ok little one" she shook her head no. "Well what wrong" "I can't…find my…mommy" "Aww I'm so sorry sweetheart do you won't use to help you find her". She started to shake he little head yes Mo walked to her and picked her up and we walked around for an hour looking for her mom. she was cute she remember all our names and when we finally found her mom she was smiling and giggling telling her mom that she made new friends and stuff after a few min they left. Marcuse put me back on his back and we started to roam the zoo for hours eating and looking at all different kind's animals. The last thing we decided to do was go pet some animals. We walk in to these gates and all the goats and sheep were running around, they had little parts wear there were snakes being touch and turtles. We were standing back watching Kev attempt to touch his first goat. He was making his way towards a female goat whit his hand out he started to pet it head it was funny cuz he got all excited. But then there was a goat whit horn standing behind him. It lightly started to nug him in the back, he turn around and shewed it away and when back to petting her but the goat came again and nudged himand he said "Move goat don't you see me petting this goat now go". The goat started to walk away but then it turned around and was running full speed to him "Kev run" He looked at me and then behind him and started to run for his life this goat was on his ass. Marcuse was laughing and so was Mo so I started to run to get someone to help.When I finally got to one to help me stop this goat the lady said "Well were really sorry but the goat tried to attack you because you were touching his woman" I laugh "Then why didn't anyone say something before I touch it" "well he never attacked before so we never knew'' "Well now my day is messed up I'm ready to go home and Mo and Marcuse you guys didn't help at all you guys just laugh and talked". We started to walk out and Mo started to hug and comfort Kev "Baby I'm sorry I'll make it up to you when we get home" "Oh you sure in the hell will got that" "Yup'' we walk out of the entrance and Marcuse put me down and we walk rest of the way together to the car when he unlocked the door Mo and Kev hopped in to the seats way in the back and I set up front whit Marcuse. He stated the car and drove out the zoo entrance and we were heading back home. I looked over to see that Marcuse had a huge smile on his face "Why you so happy" "No reason I just wanted to know can I take you out tonight" "Aww really" "of course we have not be out togetherfor sometime your always cooking and all so I just wanted to take you out'' "Well I'll love to" I turned to see in the back seat that Mo was on top of Kev whit there toughs completely downeach other throat I turned to Marcuse "Baby plz let get home because if there in here any longer things I don't won't to see might happen" He laugh "Same here"
After about 40 min we got home and Mo and Kev hurried out my car and in to there. They speed out my driveway in two seconds trying to make it out whit out hitting anything" "I walked inside and Marcuse behind me he told me to get ready and were something short and sexy there a lot of that in my closet that he has never seen me in before. I ran up stairs and found the perfect dress and tightest dress to wear. I took a quick shower and threw on just a little eye liner some eye shadow and my Mac lip gloss it fill's like were going on our first date a again and I found the hot'sshoes on my closet wish me luck
Marcuse Pov:
I was sitting down stairs waiting for her she was taking forever. Mo told me something about my wife today and I can't believe it till I see it happens. "Baby I'm ready" I heard her scream I grab her car keys and stud and the bottom of the steps and when I seen her walk down them in the sexiest dress ever I knew this was about to be the night of my life.
When she got to the bottom of the steps she turned around and asked "How do I look" I didn't know what to say that it my first time really seeing her in something like this. Her body was just being hugged by the dress tightly and the shoes made me won't to take her on the stair case. "I guess that I look fine" I snapped out of it "No you look beautiful and every way" she smiled "Thank you" "You ready to go" "yeah"when we headed outside I was about to see her about to complain and I said "I know were taking you car" and she smiled. Wow don't won't me to see her act a fool in my car. Soon as we got in I started and drive it like an hour dive it was silent the hold time. I think she still shy after what happen last night and yesterday night. When we got there I know this would surprise her it was the first restaurant I took her to when I first meet her "Oh my god you broth me back to Geoffrey's" I smile and we both got out. When I got out on the other side I was attacked whit a hugs and when she let me go she was smiling so hard that her cheeks were puffy. I walked to the front and asked do they have out table ready and he said yes so I grabbed her hand and led her to the back of the restaurant to the beach in the back. There was a table set up and food already placed on the table. A nice bottle of red wine and two candles lit just for use. Turn to her and she was in a daze I pulled her to the table and set her down I set next to her and waited to her to say something but was still in a daze "So what do you think I did it all for you" "Really'' "Of course" "Well I love it but it looks like you payed some much how much did this cost" my god "Don't worry about that you know we can afforded this so sit back and relax and eat" She relaxed a little and started to eat then she stop eating and turn to me "What do you think about kids'' "Well when I meat you I told you I loved kids" "Well would you won't any" I smiled "Of course I would well not yet because we're just now getting in the love making" I watch her blush "What made you as that question" "well the way you walk up to that little girl and you treated her as if she was your child for a moment" "well I just try to put myself in her parent shoes losing my baby in a zoo" "What would you won't first a boy or a girl" "A girl" she gave me a confusing look "What I thought guys always wanted a boy why you say girl" I laugh "Well because I would to see a little you running around in diapers". She laugh so hard that when she stop she had to intake a big breath "I'm serious I bet when we do she'll have your eyes, your nose, your hair, and you very puffy cheeks you have." "What if she get old and she still looked like me what would happen'' "Well then I'll be like your father when I meet him. That mean I have to go buy a gun to protect my little princess'' "Like my father did with you" she said as she started to eat "Yeah you remember I try to lie and say I was sick so I did not have to go but then you showed up outside my door saying get dress" "I know and you remember when we got there my dad had a gun sitting on the arm of the sofa right next to him" "God I thought I was really going to be sick but It was worth" "Why" "Because I was able to marry you a year later" she looked up from her pleat and said "you still think that after 5 years" "Of course and I will always think that" I leaned over and kissed her forehead. We finished up our food and she said before we go she would like to take a walk on the beach and I told her to hold on a sec I need to go to the restroom. I walk off and found the restroom and pulled out my cell and dialed Kev number. After a few rings Mo picked up "Hello" "Hey Mo I need you to switch the cars out" "What right now". "Yeah go to my house and take my car and drive it to Geoffrey's tell them you're here to switch cars take her car home and I'll tell her you need it to borrow it ok." "Oh no your are not telling her that tell her Kev needed it''. "Alright" "And you own me big time got that go mess up our little night and…." "Ok ok I promise I'll make it up''. "Alright" I ended the call and walked back out to find that Secoiya had her heels in her hands and was ready to walk in the sand I laugh at how excited she was. I took my jacket off and put it on her because it started to get a little chill and I grab her other and walk all in the sand laughing. I hope she switch out those cars quick.
Secoiya Pov:
It was the best date ever whit Marcuse and now we have to go. Marcuse pulled me thru the restaurant and outside I slide my shoes on and what'd for the car to come around and when it did I almost peed myself I looked up at Marcuse as he walk to my side and opened it for me "Where's my car" "Kev said he had to borrow it so he just dropped off my car" I stepped back "I'm not getting in that car" "why not" say something make up something "Um those cars are kind of dangers gives me a bad vide" "Oh come on please baby I promise you won't ever have to ride this…I mean ride in this again'' help me someone "Are you sure there no other way'' "Secoiya are you serious get in the car" I walked and sat and he closed the door. I started to put my legs under me but my dress was too tight. Damn it why did I choose to wear this tight ass dress. I sat back down when Marcuse got in the car I tried to relax but I just couldn't. He started the car back up and started down the street. God please help me in this time trouble. He was going at a slow pace driving but it was the most uncomfortable place to be right next to him and to sit. After 10 min I was relax because he kept at the same pace. I turn and looked out my window then my phone I opened my little purse and pulled it out to see who it was and it was Aliyah I pressed the talk button "Hey Aliyah" "Hey I'm sorry I hung up on you I had company so what happen" before I could say anything the seat underneath me started to vibrate harder than it did before. I looked over to see Marcuse face and I really couldn't read his face and the speedometer went from 65 to 85 in a heartbeat "Secoiya you there" "Uh…Aliyah I'll call you later'' I hung up the phone and squeezed my leg together as tightly trying to num out the feeling but it was not working. I turned my head and looked to Marcuse and he had a smirk on his face. "My god you know" once I said it he pushed the gas further. I couldn't stand it anymore I lean my head on the front of the dash trying to slow down my breathing "You know you could have told me you had this little problem whit my car" "Ah... I couldn't" I tried to move a little and if I did he would speed up "Tell me what wrong sweet heart". I couldn't say anything because if I did I would moan "If I was you I'll say something because I would not mind braking the speed limit to hear you answer me" I tighten my teeth together and tried to say as much as I can "Mmmm….the feeling….of your car make…..me cum ok" I crossed my legs tighter and kept my eyes close trying to think of something else. "You can't hide things like this from you" he and pressed the gas more. I let out a whimper I stated to dig my fingers nails in to the seat "I've never thought your body was this sensitive I wonder those car does a better job than me". I didn't answer well I couldn't answer "You better answer" the vibration to the car was getting better and worst at the same time "Mm… no" "Are you sure baby because it looks like your having more fun whit this then me I need know you can't be shy tell me what you're thinking" . I moved my head away from the dashboard and set up and looked at him I'm tired of him making me fill like this in front of him and he's just sitting back watching "You….know what…your right…." I moved till I was standing on my knees and leaned over till I was facing the side of his face I leaned in more till my lips we about an inch away from his ear "You know I really won't you right know" I got closer till my face was kind of nuzzled into his neck and slid me hand up his right leg till I meet his hard on I lightly grasped him and I heard him moan in the back of his troth "Ahhhh I see your having a little problem to" I slid down his neck and ducked under his arms and was looking straight at the hard on he was sporting "Wh…What are you doing" I started to unbutton and up zip his pants "Well I'm trying to be nice like you were when I was struggling whit my problem a few min ago" I slid my hands in his pants and pulled out his huge cock. I slid my tongue out and started to slide it up and down his cock. "Baby…I'm driving" I ignored him and kept sliding my tongue all over. I felt his right hand begin to move away from the steering wheel "If you dare move your hand any further I'll stop right now and leave you to deal whit this rest of the night got that" he moved his hand back where it belong. "You know you're going to get it when we get home" I ignored him and kept licking his cock in till my tongue hurt then decided to slid the tip of his cock in my mouth and he pressed the brakes and the car stopped hard I set up and he turned off the car I noticed we were in the driveway of our house. I turned to look him and he started to get out the car he closed the door and walked around to my side and open the door. I looked down to notice he fixed his pants. "Are you going to get out" I laugh "No you can make me" "The hell I can" he leaned over to grab me and I started to crawl to the driver side but he grab my legs and dragged me out and pulled me towered the door of our house when he got there he held me by the waist while he put the key into the door. When he got it open he walked in and then he pulled me in closing the door behind me. I couldn't see becauseit was dark he dragged me around and turned on the living room light set on the sofa and pulled me down on top of him and tried to kiss me I avoided his lips "Oh so now you won't to play hard to get." He slid his hands into my hair and turned my face to his. Our eyes connected and I knew it was all over when he kissed me I melted into him. The man always knew what to do he started to slide his hand down my body and pulled away from my lips "You know this dress is really sexy but I'm sorry" "Why are you apologizing for" he slid his hands up me and to my shoulders were my sleeves were "Because I'm about to destroyed this dress" And before I could say anything he ripped them off my shoulders and started to kiss all over me. I was heated but I wanted him to bang the living day light out of me. His hand when down till they were at the bottom of my dressed and he yanked whit all his might to rip and it rip straight up till it stopped at my waist. "Baby….this is… a 200 dollars dress and your…ripping it apart" I moaned as I felt his hands slid up to my chest and gripped the top of my dress and ripped till my was mot being held buy my chest he was holding both and smiling "Well I'll buy you a new one" he said as his mouth latch onto my chest sucking and liking till my nipple were nice and hard. I was dripping wet I can see my juice was all over his leg pants I was burning for his touch. His hands stared to move south and slide into my lace panties. His finger first touched my clit and slowly started to rub it I pulled his face from my breast and to my lips and kissed him nice in hard. I started to grind my hips into his finger my body was begging him to slid his finger into me. I pulled away from our kissed and looked at him "Baby…do something I'm begging here" a smirk appeared on his face "I was just waiting for you to say those exacted words" he slid his finger into me. My nails dug into his shoulder and I bite my lip. His finger slowly moving in and out I was going mad. "Baby please" he slid another in and I felt his finger bend inside of me. I started to moan and grind into his finger he touched me for the longest till he was ready. He removed his fingers and I unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. My body shivered at the sight of it he pulled a condom out and put it on then he lifted me a little by my waist and felt the tip of him brush me I tensed up "Baby relax"I did as he said and started to fill him push his tip into me. After a few movements he was sliding into me letting me down onto his cock slowly. I was already on the verge of and Cuming whit each leg on each side of him I started to speed my legs a little more. He was completely in me except for a few inches he was starching my inside "Baby I won't you to ride me" he whispered into my ear. Not knowing what to I slowly started to ride his cock he tightly grabbed my ass and rocked me on his cock. After a whail I got into it and started to ride him hard he grabbed my hips harder and smashed me down onto his cock and stop me from moving "Ohhhhhhh mmmmyyy gggoooddd'' he then started to move me again put kept my pace slow I opened my eyes to see the Marcuse whit his eyes closed I tried to speed up again put his hand tighten and his face was concentrating on something. I thought for a second and figured out what he was doing. "Baby you can't handle this can you am I to tight" I started to squeeze his cock hard "Shit" was all he could say before he started to bang the shit out of me. I started screaming I tried to lean over to bit the couch but he held me where I was "Oh so not you can't talk shit now tell me can you handle this" he had me moving full speed on his cock and there was no stopping I was going to cum "Fuck baby I'm bout to cum" he just hit my g-spot harder and faster till I cam all over his cock. As soon as I cam I felt his bust to I fell forward on to his shoulder both of use out of breath till I felt Marcuse kiss me lightly on the head "I promise the next time will take this slower" I laughed and kissed him on the lips "I don't think that will happen any time soon''

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