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I Don't Love You

Novel By: KuroiOokami1234

*Working Title* Mr. Mathews, new to the school Rue Jacobs is attending, feels himself growing more and more attached to the young senior. It's illegal, as she's only 17, and too creepy, he knows Rue can't share his feelings. The day she gets abused by her boyfriend, things begin to change between the two. Can Rue feel the same? Or does she simply feel gratitude?

*Future Chapters will have sex/rape* View table of contents...



Submitted:Apr 19, 2012    Reads: 186    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

First day of school. Possibly the worst day of the year. This year I would be a senior, and growing up whether I liked it or not. I hadn't had the greatest summer, though, either. My boyfriend broke up with me, my father left my mother and I, and I moved to a new town with a new school. At least things could only go up from here.

Thankfully, I'd lived here freshman year, so it was easy enough to catch up with my old friends and be accepted into their circle again. It was with these friends that I found myself late to my first period.

"Shit." Jenny cursed under her breath as the second bell rang. The other girls scurried off to their lockers, leaving Jenny and I to travel down the hall together, to our own lockers.

"It's fine," I said, trying to reassure her. She just laughed harshly.

"For you it is, you're new here. You can play the ditsy girl and say you got lost. I've been here my whole life."

I laughed and dialed my combo. She traveled down the empty hallway a few more lockers and began furiously turning her lock. Jenny always had issues with her lockers, every year since I'd met her. She usually ended up jamming it so that a well-placed kick would pop it open.

"Um, Jenny, what's my first class again?" I asked, grinning sheepishly. That was my own little quirk, I could never remember my schedule. It took half the year for me to get the first few classes right. Jenny usually became my walking schedule.

She laughed. "Calculus, with Mr. Mathews."

"Who?" I asked, not recognizing the name.

"I don't know. I guess he's Mrs. Johnson's replacement. She quit to teach down South."

I nodded and grabbed my binder, complete with notebook and dividers, my calculator, and a pencil and pen. Jenny and I both had Calculus, so we began the long trek towards Mr. Mathews room, Jenny jokingly remarking on me being over-prepared for class. She only had a notebook and a pencil.

When we finally reached the classroom, we were at least ten minutes late. My stomach churned as I stood in front of the door, and Jenny reassuringly grabbed my arm. She knew I tended to be a teacher's pet and a straight A student. Before I could protest, she flung open the door, grabbing the attention of the entire class, including the new student. Wait, not student, teacher.

Mr. Mathews must have been straight out of school. He hardly looked older than 20. His hair was just above shoulder-length and a glossy black color. His eyes, which were glaring at me, were a brilliant, mossy green color. He was buff, but not dramatically so, just enough. To complete the handsome look of a teacher, he had stylish black glasses on, a long sleeved blue shirt, khaki pants, and a black tie.

"Please don't get mad at her, Mr. Mathews," Jenny began, and I gaped at her. She wasn't even worried about herself. "She's new here. When she didn't show up at her locker for the first bell, I got worried and went to look for her. She managed to get herself completely lost."

"We both know your lying, Ms. Manet. I saw you two with your friends when first bell rang, goofing off. I also know Ms. Smith went to school here before." Mr. Mathews said. "Detention. Both of you. After school today."

"Please, Mr. Mathews, can I serve my detention at a different time. I ride a bus." Jenny pleaded, lying of course.

"Fine. I know you're a member of the cheerleading squad. No practices for the next three weeks."

Jenny opened her mouth in protest, but I grabbed her firmly by the shoulders and pushed her towards the desks. She glared at me, but sat in an empty seat in the corner.

"Sorry for disrupting the whole class, Mr. Mathews. I can serve my detention." I said, using my special ability: ass-kissing.

He just nodded, and I took the empty seat beside Jenny.

Mr. Mathews dropped a book on Jenny's desk. "You two can share that one for now. We're out. You," his cold gaze rested on me, "can get one from me after school."

"Yes, sir." I said, nodding meekly. Jenny just clamped her mouth closed and glared at her text book.

Thankfully, the rest of the class was just taking a few notes.


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