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Addicted To Your Scent

Novel By: KittyKallous333

Kally's first day of school gets a little...EXCITING!!! Then she has to figure out what she's going to do with a teacher who she can't seem to keep her hands or mind off of... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 28, 2010    Reads: 983    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

In the week that followed I infuriated him. I tested him on every level. I'd wink, I'd smile, and one day I didn't wear underwear under my skirt. I sat at a desk in the front row that day and let my legs occasionally open. I was always last to leave the classroom. He kissed me everyday, except this day. I made sure to grab my things and be the first one out.

He wasn't having that. He asked me to stay from break, telling me he had a message for me concerning my Goddaughter. I smirked and waited for the others to clear out. He asked em to close the door. I did so and when I turned around to walk back to him he was standing in front of me. He pushed me against the door and started kissing me.

"That was rotten. You were gonna leave without my kiss. He reached up my skirt and pushed a finger inside me. I moaned slightly. "You like that don't you Kally?"

"Yes, but I have to go." He handed me a slip of paper.

"Here's your message. Tomorrow you're going to wear that black miniskirt. You're not going to wear underwear, and I'm going to fuck you senseless."

"What makes you think I wanted a repeat? Maybe I just wanted it once."

"You're body's reactions make me think you want more. Also, if you only wanted it once you wouldn't tease me. However, if you tell me right now that you don't want it again I'll drop it right now and never touch you again."

"Fuck me Brian."

"I can't right now. However, tomorrow will be fun."


The next day was fun. I woke up and slipped on my favorite black tanktop with a pair of pink shorts. I made sure to wear underwear. I knew it would aggravate him. I loved aggravating him. When it was time for embeded credits Mrs. Carter came in announcing she had an appointment and that I would have to stay in Mr. McCone's room. That made me smile.

She left and he locked the door behind her. He then came to me. "Kally, you disobeyed me. I told you to wear a skirt."

"It was dirty."


"Nope." I grinned.

"You better hope you're not wearing underwear, or I'll have to punish you." He kissed me. I took off my shirt and he kissed in between my breasts. "That bra looks good on you." He reached behind my back with one hand and it was off instantly. "It looks better on the floor." He kissed me hungrily. Then he pulled off my shorts and tsked when he seen the panties I was wearing. "I warned you, now you're in for it."

"Oh no, am I gonna get sent to the principal's office?"

"No, I think I'll handle this punishment personally." He pulled off my panties. "Sit on the desk Kally." I did as I was told. He got on his knees and spread my legs. He stared up at me. "Kally...you look...tasty." With that he stuck his tongue out and licked me. I shivered. Then he licked and kissed and licked some more. He flicked his tongue against my clit over and over again. When I reached the point where I knew nothing would ever feel this good again he licked my juices and loved every drop. He then dropped his pants and pulled out that huge cock of his.

He picked me up and slid me down over his cock. He put my back against the wall and used it for leverage. I found out I was wrong. This definately felt better than the tongue. He pushed himself in and out of me fast and hard. Oh, I loved it. He pulled me away from the wall and slammed me down on his cock as hard as he could. I loved his muscular body. With a loud moan he slammed me down one more time and came deep inside me. Then we laid on the floor in eachother's arms shaking from the pure ecstacy of it all.


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