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I Love You, Mr Dawson

Novel By: KirstyLeigh

Tags: Erotic, Sex, Love, Funny

Mr Dawson is a multi millionaire who owns a major cooperation. With his busy tasks and crazy work shifts, he meets a young girl in a bar. Her name is Delilah Sharp. He ends up falling dangerously in love with her and takes her back to his apartment. Will they end up together? Is it the money or the crazy sex? That's for Mr Dawson to find out. View table of contents...


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The day was coming to an end and I watched as Delilah began to place the laptop in to its new bag. She stood up from the small black swivel chair and dusted herself down.

"Well thank you for a productive day Mr Dawson"She said flashing me a smile.

"It is no problem" I answered. I pressed number 2 on my telephone and placed it to my ear. The young lady from the reception answered

" Are you ready for your transport Mr Dawson?" She asked pleasantly.

"I am indeed, and make it pronto" I then sat the phone back in to its holder and looked over to Miss Sharp. She looked at her watch and sighed, She took a seat back on the swivel chair and crossed her legs.

" What seems to be the problem Miss Sharp". Delilah looked up at me and gave me a half smile.

"Oh it's nothing really. I just have to wait here for an extra 45 minutes." She said sorely. I cocked my head to the side and looked at her as I frowned.

"Why is that?" I asked as I watched her swing her right leg back and fourth

"It's just that the bus won't be arriving until then." She said sounding a little embarrassed.

"Why don't you come and have a lift with me, Ill be more than happy to give my employee a lift home. Besides, I do know where you live." I said without hesitation. If it meant that I could see her for 20 minutes longer then I was more than willing to take her home.

"Oh Mr Dawson sir I wouldn't want you going out of your busy day to give someone like me a lift home". Now, I wasn't to sure if she was being sarcastic or if she was stating that I was a successful business man that I had extra work to take care of but I just stood there, and smiled gently.

" I don't mind taking a detour to take you home Delilah.". She stood up with her briefcase and smiled blissfully. I walked out of the office door and in to the next room where most of my employees had left to go home. We both took steady strides to the elevator and rode it down to the last floor. The tension was heating up when I finally had her alone in the elevator and not speaking to each other made it more worthwhile. Delilah stayed at my side as we walked through the lobby and out on to the sidewalk. The warm air kissing our faces as a white Maybach Landaulet pulled up next to us. Driving it was one of my younger assistants. His name was Aiden. Aiden would do most of the driving around as Bruce wasn't able to anymore. Aiden would also accompany me to certain events and occasions just in case something was to happen. Being a millionaire is hard work you know.

"Wow that's amazing" Delilah said as she gawked at the vehicle in front of her. I walked over to the car door and opened it for her. She stood outside the coperation with these wide green eyes, her mouth slightly ajar.

"Ladies first" I said. She giggled like a small child as people in the street began to look over at us both. I hope there wasn't any press there or I'll be in tomorrow's paper. She strutted over and sat down in the car. I shut the door for her and let myself in on the right side. As I sat down Aiden turned to look at me.

"Good afternoon Mr Dawson" He said. His wispy black fringe just touching the tips of his eyes. His hair was just about under his cheekbones and he had a small lip ring in the right side of his lip. He wore a black suit with a white tie and had a small brown beaded bracelet on his left wrist.

"Hello Aiden, we are taking Miss Sharp home. Rose avenue number 37" I said. I watched as Aiden adjusted his rear view mirror and drove out of the parking spot and on to the bustling streets of Los Angeles. Delilah was sat quietly with her belt on. She was looking out of the clear window at some of the people on the streets as they walked in and out of shops holding bags of shopping. She looked in to the shops windows as evening dresses and lacy shirts fell from the arms of the mannequin's. She sighed as she rested her arm on the window frame. I knew she wanted the things she saw in the windows of the passing shops, but she would have to wait until the time was right. I wanted to spoil her and shower her with gifts and surprises. Oh lord what was I turning in to! I sound like a hopeless romantic. I shook my head quickly. I am a millionaire and worlds sexiest man, I cant show her that I am an easy target. But, then again she hasn't asked me for money or anything, but then again she hasn't shown any love towards me. What are her plans.

"Here we are sir" Said Aiden as he parked the car outside Delilah's house.

"Thank you ever so much Mr Dawson" She said as she unclipped her belt. I smiled at he as she picked up her briefcase that was on the chair in the middle of us. She pulled the door handle and hesitated for a moment.

"Mr Dawson sir. Would you like to come in for a coffee?" She didn't turn to look at me. My heart nearly leaped out of my throat. It was usually me asking the ladies in not the other way around. I straightened my tie and cleared my throat.

"Of course Miss Sharp. Lead the way" She stepped out of the car and walked up the sidewalk to her flat. I followed behind her. I walked up the steps as she punched in a few numbers in to the monitor.

"Follow me Mr Dawson" She said flirtatiously. I followed her up a few flights of steps. Not one of us uttering a word to each other. Delilah stood outside a sandy coloured wooden door with number 37 in silver numbers. She pulled the keys out from her briefcase pocket and opened up the door to her flat. As I stepped in to the flat I was amazed with what I saw. It was much different to what I was used to. It seemed a little to compact for everything. The living room was full of lively paintings hung from the cream coloured painted walls. An easel was placed in the corner of the room with a canvas that was half painted mounted on to it. There was a small glass coffee table with lots of arts and crafts magazines scattered across it and a mug of cold coffee in a green mug. The room was very colourful and well lit. Soon as you walked through the front door you were in the living room. There was a wall dividing the kitchen and living room with a large brown archway. Delilah placed her briefcase on to the leather sofa and made her way in to the kitchen. I just stood in the doorway looking around at her small flat. I heard the kettle click as she turned it on and her sweet voice from the echo of the kitchen.

"You can come in Mr Dawson" She said loudly. I walked slowly towards the sofa and sat down. I wasn't used to being in such a small confined place. I heard the spoon clinking against the mugs. A small white furry cat jumped up on to the sofa next to me. It purred furiously and looked at me with its bright yellow eyes. I backed away slowly as the animal purred around my black jacket brushing its tail around me leaving white hair on the arm. I gritted my teeth. This was my new jacket that I had imported just 2 days ago. Delilah walked in to the living room and placed two mugs on to the table. One was blue and the other was pink. As she placed the two mugs on to the cluttered coffee table in front of me her shirt was slightly open, my eyes widened as I caught a glimpse of her cleavage. I looked away and began to crack my knuckles. This woman was perfect she had no flaws. She looked up at me then smiled. She sat on the sofa opposite me and began to giggle. Her laugh make me smile, it was so cutesy and happy.

"Snowball come here" She said through laughing. The cat that was now on my black trousers purring and digging its nails in to my legs. It heard Delilah call and jumped off my lap and sat quietly next to her. I looked at my trousers which were also covered in white fur. I brushed the white hairs off me as she turned away to stroke the cat

"Sorry he is friendly" She said.

"Aren't you baby "She cooed as she stroked the top of the white cats head. The cat purred under her fingers. The fingers that I wanted to wander in and out of my hair. She kissed the cat on top of his head and smiled.

"I wanted you to come over Mr Dawson because I don't think I thanked you properly." She said. She flashed a smile at me. I picked the blue mug up off of the coffee table and took a sip.

"It was business Delilah" I answered. I caught a glimpse of her cheeks as they flushed when I said her name.

"Well Thank you Mr Dawson" She said. I gazed in to her eyes and smiled showing my teeth.

"Call me Alex, Delilah we are not in the office at this time." Delilah's mouth opened slightly. I'm sure she was now the only one in the coperation who knew my first name. Her mouth closed and she cleared her throat.

"Sorry my house isn't as big and beautiful as yout home would be" She looked down and fiddled with her fingers in her lap.

"Delilah" I said. She looked up at me with her green gleaming eyes. Her lips were in a pout. Was she trying to impress me? Maybe she was upset that she didn't live in style like I did. I had to say something to stop her feeling upset.

" You don't have to try and impress me. It's nice to be in a different environment. I will admit that I am not used to being in a smaller place but its cozy."I smiled at her. She smiled revealing that beautiful smile and spoke

"You really think Alex? I live here on my own. My friend Alicia used to live with me but she moved out with her Fiancé so here I am. I used to be in an art college, hence all the paintings around you. I finished college and now paint as a hobby." She said. I took another glance around the room at the paintings hung from the walls. They were all colourful unique. There were some paintings that were still life. One of them was of a girl with long blonde hair sat on a stool, she had a long pink flarey dress on. I assumed it was of her ex roommate.

"There brilliant Delilah. Why don't you try and sell them? I'm sure you could make a good profit off of them." Delilah looked at me with a black expression.

"You think they will sell? You think they are that good?"

"Yes Delilah. I can always help you, I could help you with the publicity." She put her right hand over her mouth. Shit! Have I offended her? I opened my mouth but no words were coming out. Say something!

"You would do that for me? Oh Mr Dawson you are so kind. I always thought you were very uptight but I was wrong. Thank you so much. I can't believe you would do that for me. I don't know what to say" Her hands were shaking with excitement. Of course I was going to help a fascinating and elegant girl. Why wouldn't I? I took another sip of my warm coffee. It was made just how I like it.


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