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Yes Master

Novel By: kerryl86

*(FINISHED)*My name is Monica and I am owned by my master. I do anything and everything he says even the texts during the middle of the night to meet him or catch him climbing in my bed at night. I am his property and there is no way of getting out it. At least for now I thought. At least until I started falling in love with him and then finding a lot a lot of things about my past that started to all make sense. View table of contents...

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The next few weeks actually went by faster than what I anticipated. It was nice having my husband home and getting to be with him again. But the moment of truth was coming and I trusted him about the situation. Andy had come over a few times since today and they stayed outside a lot talking. Stephen told me that they had this plan of what they were going to do and how it was going to all work out. He never did give me much detail which that is what scared me the most, but I guess I have to put my trust in his hands and deal with it. He still claimed that my father didn't know that we had a son so I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing considering I technically did give birth to girls before him. Which I am sure since that I am going to this thing it will be brought up because I have a feeling my father will pull me and Stephen both a side and pretty much well let us have it.

We got his sister to come over to the house and watch the baby while we were gone. I could tell by the look on her face that she was just as nervous as I was and she wasn't even going. But to get this shit out of the way I guess I had to go, trust me I didn't want to go. But I got dressed like I had done before in the past. It had been over a year since I have seen these people, including my mother and father, and I guess I needed to look my best.

I have lost all of my baby weight and I was back down to the size I was before I got pregnant (Both times) and I put on this dress that Stephen had bought me over a year ago that I had never worn before. It was a red V line dress that went down a little past my thighs. When I sat down it didn't flash my down stairs or anything so I guess I was good in that part. I do give Stephen credit every dress he bought for me was classy and not trashy. It hugged my body good and showed off what I had but it didn't make me look like a cheap hooker or anything. I straightened my hair and pinned my bangs back on the top of my head. Put a little bit of make up on mostly just some black eye liner and mascara, and blushed my face lightly with some foundation. I grabbed a pair of black heels for the closet and put them on. I haven't worn heels since the last function we went to so this is going to be interesting to say the least walking in these things. I came out of the closet to Stephen coming out of the bathroom and he just smiled and sighed at me. He was dressed in a black suit, a nice blue silk tie, and some leather boots (Which I had never seen him before that dressed up especially do one of these things, I mean he did for our wedding but that was about it).

"You look nice" I said

"Thank you. You look pretty gorgeous" smiling at me

I just smiled back.

"I figured I might as well put one of these dresses to use, haven't really worn any in a while" I said

"Yeah I know"

I went back into the bathroom and sprayed some of the perfume that I love lightly on my chest. Even though I shouldn't be dressing up for this crap I should just be a bitch and go in my pajamas, that's honestly what I have been wanting to do. That's what I feel comfortable in. But just to make Stephen happy I did it.

I walked into the living room while his sister was feeding the baby and trying to put him to sleep. It was almost 8 o'clock and approaching his bed time. She still had that scared shitless look on her face but what I can do I am sure I had the same look. I went over and kissed the baby on his head and told him that I loved him and would be back soon. This was the first time I was leaving him since he was born and it was honestly crushing me inside. I hated the fact that I had to leave him, even though I trusted his sister, I just didn't want to leave him. Stephen was right behind me and did the same thing. I am sure it killed him to leaving our baby just as much as it did me.

"Are you ready?" he asked

"Yeah lets go" I sighed

We walked outside to the car. I haven't been in this car since before he left. I actually kind of missed it. It was a nice car. He opened the car door for me as I got in and he closed it. He walked around got in and started the car.

"Andy is supposed to meet us in the driveway" he said


"This is actually at my father's house?" I asked


The whole drive there we were silent. It was about an hour to my father's house and we didn't say a single word to each other but I guess there was nothing to say to one another. I just had to do and follow him and let him do his thing.

I recognized the neighborhood right away, this wasn't the house I grew up in but it was my father's second house that we had been to before. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest like it was throbbing and wanted to just jump out and hit the bottom of the car floor.

We pulled next to the drive way there was already so many cars here that there wasn't no room to actually park in the driveway except out in the street.

"Trust me?" he asked

"Yes I do babe"

"Ok good let's get this shit over and done with" he said opening his door and stepping out. I opened mine and got out. I could see Andy standing about 20 feet up in front of us leaning against his car. I kind of zoned out when we walked up to him and them two shook hands and started talking about something. I was so fucking nervous that their plan wasn't going to work and something else bad was going to happen. Because that is just my fucking luck.

"Come on sweetie" he said as I just snapped back into reality as he had his hand open for me and I took it with mine walking up next to him.

We got to the door way and I had started recognizing a few people from last year. They would just smile at me like I was a piece of meat, which to me I was, they all think that I gave birth to girls and girls only so they would have their way with me tonight. But hate to break it to them that shit is not going to happen.

I spotted my mother in front of us, as Stephen was talking to another gentleman.

"Hey how are you holding up?" she turned around and asked

"Could be better" I said

"I know and I am sorry"

"Why are you sorry?" I asked

"I just am about everything. I couldn't imagine losing a child let alone two"

"I know it well I am not going to lie it sucks, it is really heartbreaking and I feel like I have let myself and my husband down that they came out too early and I couldn't do nothing about it" I said

"Honey it's not your fault don't blame yourself they came into this world for a reason and they left this world early for a reason, rather they know the reason or not, or let alone we know the reason, things do happen for a reason" she said

"Thank you" I honestly didn't think my mother had those types of words to say. Let alone had the mind for it.

"I would like you to meet my husband" she said tapping a man on his shoulder as he turned around.

"This is John"

"It's nice to meet you" he said extending his arm out for me to shake it. I smiled up at him and shook his hand.

"I am sure you know my husband Stephen" I said pulling Stephen by the arm to turn around.

"Yes I do it's nice to see you again Stephen" he said shaking his hand

"Like wise John" Stephen said shaking his hand.

There was like an awkward moment there that no one really knew what to say. So we just all turned around and went inside. It was a familiar place as the people were already in full swing about everything. I had a few guys walk by grabbing my ass and whistling at me. I just gripped Stephens hand harder as he turned and whispered

"I know babe"

I knew that guys were going to try to approach Stephen on who gets to take care of me (In a bad way) first and there already was. He had two guys already ask him and Stephen would just nod and tell them when the time comes. When the time comes what the fuck? Did he actually want this to happen or was he just pretending to go along with it until everything happened. I saw a master sitting on the couch with his pants down on the floor. With I am guessing one of these slaves on top of him riding him. To me that was very trashy but nothing I can do about it.

I looked up to a young woman standing next to Stephen and smiling at him.

"It's nice to see you again" she said grabbing his ass.

I almost punched her in the face for what she did but Stephen saw how I guess my eyes were about to bulge out of my head and mouthed "Don't".

I just clinched up my fists and rolled my eyes. But if she does it again your damn straight I will be all over her ass in a heartbeat I don't give a shit.

She walked by him pretending to strut her ass in front of him so that he would notice her but he didn't give her the time of day.

"What the hell was that about?" I asked him

"She was one of the girls I picked up for your father"

"Oh why did she say that to you then?"

"Because she thinks I like her" he said


"I don't fucking like her please don't start your jealous stuff now, even though it's a major turn on please don't" he said

I just stood there respecting his wishes as the moment but I would be beating her ass if she tried something else.

"I need to speak to you" Andy said coming up to Stephen

He looked over at me and gave me this look like stay the fuck here and don't move. They stepped about 20 feet away from me as I just stood there in the hallway. Waiting.

This guy probably in his late 30's came walking up to me.

"I hear there is a waiting line for you?" he said

"I am sure there is" I said being a major smart ass

"I want to be able to get on that sexy body of yours"

"Get in line" I said

"Oh I am the first one I just paid that man 20 grand to be the first one" he said grinning and pointing at another man who was smiling and winking at me.

I just closed my eyes and sighed, Stephen better hurry the fuck up with his so called plan.

"Not yet Mr. Johnson" Stephen said wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my neck

"Stephen Wilson I am surprised you haven't dumped her ass yet for giving you fucking girls, I would of sold my slave off a long time ago if that shit happened to me" he said

"It was tempting but I do love a good piece of ass when I have one" Stephen said

I just rolled my eyes at him. Really that's all he could come up with.

"Mr. Wilson and his fucking slave" I heard a voice come up the hallway and I knew who it was right away.

"Hello" Stephen said shaking his hand

"I see you two finally made it, you know this party was a welcome back for you Stephen and a well punishment for your bitch" he said

"Yeah I know it is" Stephen replied

"Let me ask you something…would you ever consider selling her off. I know a lot of people who wouldn't mind taking that crazy nut off your hands, that way you can find someone who can actually give you a son maybe, because I figured you do what kids, most guys do by the time they hit your age, but how can you trust this bitch on giving you one, when she gave you two girls. I do some people who would love to take her, they wouldn't make her a baby making machine but they would treat her like the slave she is" he said looking at Stephen

"I would rather keep her"

"Really my son?" he asked

Are you fucking shitting me, he calls Stephen his son but he won't acknowledge that I am his own daughter. That's fucking bull shit.

"Well you know I still want out of this" Stephen asked

"And you know I did what you asked me and I think it's time for me to move on"

"I give you this you did do what I asked and I am glad you did you did find some really nice pussy. But are you sure I am going to ask you one more time?" he asked

"I am sure I want out" he said staring into his eyes being dead serious.

"Ok there's one thing that has to be done well besides letting your wife get her punishment" he said smiling at me

I just cocked a fake ass smile at him.

"You need to come with me alone" he said to Stephen

"I am not leaving her" he snapped back

"That's the only way"

I just looked up at him and touched his arm.

"Go" I said

"Are you fucking nuts, you know what these bastards will do to you if I am not here next to you" he said

"Just go Stephen I can handle myself"

He just looked at me like I was fucking stupid for agreeing to this, but I had to let him just go. I dropped his hand as he looked at me. He sighed and kissed my cheek.

"Be careful, I love you" he whispered in my ear as he turned and walked off with my father.


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