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Yes Master

Novel By: kerryl86

*(FINISHED)*My name is Monica and I am owned by my master. I do anything and everything he says even the texts during the middle of the night to meet him or catch him climbing in my bed at night. I am his property and there is no way of getting out it. At least for now I thought. At least until I started falling in love with him and then finding a lot a lot of things about my past that started to all make sense. View table of contents...

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~Stephen and I went back inside to where we heard little man crying. We both looked at each other because we knew that something wasn't right. We went down the hallway to his room and before we got there he asked me

"Has he ever cried like this before?"

"No he hasn't" I said as we went into his room and saw his sister holding him and trying to rock him.

"Whats wrong with him?" Stephen asked her

'I don't know I just came in here and he was crying like this" she said handing him over to me
"What is wrong little buddy" I said holding him towards my chest and kissing his head.
He wouldn't stop crying for anything. Like screaming bloody murder yelling and crying. He was crying so much that he was having a hard time catching his breath. That I had to blow in face for him to catch it and breath again. And he would just catch his breath and keep screaming.

"Whats wrong with him?" Stephen started getting a little impatient
"I don't know you try" I said handing him to Stephen.

Stephen picked him up and tried holding him close and rocking him a little bit.
He reached down and kissed him

"Baby this kid is burning up" he said taking him over to the changing table and laying him down. Taking off all of his clothes and just laying him there in his diaper.
I touched his forehead and he was burning up.

"Maybe he is just hot from screaming" I said
"Yeah but you don't get this hot, do you have a thermometer?" he asked
"Yeah" I went to his dresser and pulled it out and came back and gave it to Stephen.
"You just put it in his ear" I said
"And it takes it?" he asked
"Yes baby here I will show you" I took it and put it up to his ear as Stephen kind of held him down.
I waited a few seconds and it beeped.
"101.3" I said
"See he has a fucking fever" Stephen said
"You don't have to get snappy Stephen" I said
"Sorry but there is something wrong with him for him to have a fever" he said picking him back up and trying to calm him down.

"Here take him I have a phone call I need to make where is your cell phone?" he asked handing me the baby
"On the coffee table" I said

Stephen just left and went into the living room. His sister and I just looked at each other more concerned about the baby than who Stephen was going to call right now.
He came back in a few minutes later.

"Andy will be here in a little bit" he said
"I don't want him near my son" I said
"Well hes not leaving this fucking house so get over it, trust him, he is a damn doctor" Stephen said kind of yelling.
I get that he was trying to help the baby anyway he could but he was still a part of that fucking colt of my fathers and I didn't like it one bit.

"I know you are mad at me for making that phone call but like we agreed on before our son cant leave this fucking house right now and this is the only way I know" he said
"But Andy is apart of that fucking thing, don't you think he is going to tell my father?" I demanded back
"Hes not going to babe just trust him I do and I know you trust me or did you all of a sudden lose that?" he asked

"No I do trust you" I said
"Then trust me on the decision I just made" he said looking at me in the eyes.
"Ok babe" I said
'Thank you baby" he said still holding the baby in his arms and trying to rock him.

It was about 30 minutes when I heard a knock at the door.
"I will get here take him" Stephen said handing the baby back to me
Stephen walked down the hallway and I heard him open the front door.
"I am sorry to call you like that but we don't know what else to do" he said as I heard their voices get louder from walking up the hallway into the babies bedroom. He was still screaming and crying. I was holding him close to me.

"Baby let him look at the baby" Stephen said to me

I just clinched my hands around the baby a little bit and kissed him on the forehead and I took him over to the changing table and laid him down.

I stood right there by him making sure that he didn't do anything to our son that I didn't like. I felt Stephens hands grip on my shoulders as he was standing behind me.

Andy started taking a few things out of his bag, listening to his heart beat, listening to his lungs, looking in his ears and mouth. Feeling on his stomach, legs and arms.

He just sighed and looked over at Stephen and I.

"He has an ear infection and he is colic" he said
"What the fuck is that?" Stephen asked.
"It just means he cries a lot because he is hurting or in stress because he is sick" Andy said
"How do you cure it?" Stephen asked
"Colic isn't really curable its something that fades over time, but his ear infection can go away with antibiotics, which I am sure when he starts to feel better the colic will go away as well." he said
"Are you sure that's all there is?" Stephen asked
"Yes I am really surprised he wasn't crying sooner that infection looks like it has been there a few days" he said
"He wasn't doing this a few days ago?" Stephen asked me
"No he sure wasn't this is the first time" I said
"Ok well I can get a prescription for you for him and it should be gone in about 5 to 7 days" he said.
"Ok thank you" I said
"No problem" he said

I had to ask him just to be on the safe side.
"Does my father know I have a son?" I asked
"No, hell I didn't even know you guys had a baby and I was checking up on you a few times while Stephen was gone you hide it really good" he said
"Thanks" I said
"I wont tell no one, I was surprised actually when Stephen just called me." he said
"Yeah I didn't know until I came back" Stephen said to him
"I am sorry to hear about your girls though that part your father does know about" he said
"Yeah I know I had a couple visitors while Stephen was gone who beat the shit out of me for having girls" I said
"Wow I didn't know what" Andy said
"Yeah" I said sighing and going over and picking up my son off the table and wrapping him up in a blanket.
"Try to keep some clothes on him and a thick blanket it will help break the fever and give him some Tylenol" he said to me

"Ok I already have Tylenol its in the kitchen" I said taking the baby and walking out.
I really didn't want to talk to him any more. I honestly never did like him in the first place I just tolerated him because he was Stephens friend but anyone associated with that group still I don't trust. And I probably wont even trust him until like Stephen says he actually leaves the group.
I walked into the living room where Stephens sister was sitting on the couch.

"Whats wrong with him?" she asked following me into the kitchen
"He has an ear infection and colic" I said
"Oh poor guy" she said
"Yeah hes going to get some antiboticis for him and Tylenol will help with the fever and calm him down" I said
"Yeah hopefully it does that was so heart breaking listening to him scream like that" she said
"Yes it was" I said almost crying myself.
"Why was Stephen being so snappy about that guy coming over?" she asked
"He is apart of this shit" I said
"What?! And he let him around your son" she said
"Apparently he is getting out too and blah blah blah" I said
"Wow I would of just taken him to the emergency room a few towns over or something instead of calling him" she said
"Thank you that's what I would of done" I said
"Men" she said
"Yeah I know cant live with them cant live with out them" I said
"You got that right" she said

As she helped me give him some Tylenol he actually swallowed it which I was surprised. I heard Andy and Stephen come walking up the hallway and talking to each other.

"Alright man, I will get that prescription back over here I will just sat it on the chair on the front porch don't want to make things to suspicious or something and I will text you after I leave" he said
"OK thanks for coming over" Stephen said to him

"Not a problem. I will see you guys in a couple weeks then?" he asked Stephen
"Yeah man we will be there I will keep in contact with you" Stephen said to him
"Alright talk to you later" he said to Stephen as Stephen closed the front door behind him and looked up at me and I was holding the baby in the kitchen. He had started to calm down some but not completely yet.
He came walking over to me.

"I am sorry I snapped but our son needed help that we couldn't fix" he said
"I know baby" I said
" I am sorry too" I said

He just came over and wrapped his arms around me and held me and the baby close to him,

"That is the worse feeling ever" he said
"Whats that babe?" he asked
"Hearing your son scream like that and you cant do nothing about it" he said
"I know it was heartbreaking" I said.

"I am going to head back home guys" his sister came over to us.
"You are more than welcome to stay" Stephen said
"Yes I know but you guys need to be a family right now" she said
"And your son needs both of you" she continued
"Alright if you say so" Stephen said smiling
"I will come back and visit this weekend" she said as she hugged us both and kissed the baby on the forehead.
"Thank you for coming though means a lot" I said
"Your are very welcome, I have been neglecting my husband a lot lately so I need to go home and kiss up" she said laughing.
"Take care of that sweet boy" she said kissing his forehead again
"You know we will" I said
"Goodbye guys" she said as she opened the front door and left.

By that time the baby had stopped crying and was a sleep against my chest. He wasn't as hot as he was before so that means the medicine was working. I just looked over at Stephen and smiled.
"Is he asleep?" he whispered
"Yes" I nodded as I walked over to the basinet and laid him in it.

After I laid him down I started to walk over towards the couch where Stephen was. He got off the couch really quick and just hugged me.
"I love you baby girl" he said
"I love you" I said
He looked down at me and kissed me.
"I am so happy to be home" he said
"I am happy you are home" I said
"I am guessing the whole plans you have with Andy are still in full effect?" I asked
"Oh yeah and he told me the same thing that every time he spotted you to check up on you he could not tell that you were pregnant at all" he said
"Did you hide it a lot?" he asked
"No I just hide it really good" I said laughing
"And plus for some reason I didn't show that much I mean when I was 9 months pregnant it looked like I was about 4 or 5" I said
"Really?" he asked
"Yes look" I said picking up my cell phone and flipping through the pictures.
"This was taken a week before he was born" I said showing Stephen
"Wow so tiny baby" he said
"I know right" I said
"You can look through those pictures if you want I took a picture every month of being pregnant and tons after he was born" I said

He just sat down on the couch and started flipping through the pictures. His smile kept getting bigger and bigger with each picture. Until he got to the last picture
"When did you take this picture?" he asked flipping the phone around
"Earlier when you were holding him on the couch" I said
"I love it" he said
"So do I baby" I said leaning over and kissing him.
"See you are a great dad" I said
"If you say so" he said smiling
"I know so" I said
"Thank you baby" he said kissing me
"Anytime my love" I said.


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