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Yes Master

Novel By: kerryl86

*(FINISHED)*My name is Monica and I am owned by my master. I do anything and everything he says even the texts during the middle of the night to meet him or catch him climbing in my bed at night. I am his property and there is no way of getting out it. At least for now I thought. At least until I started falling in love with him and then finding a lot a lot of things about my past that started to all make sense. View table of contents...

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I held him closely even though he suggested to go see his sister I didn't think he wanted to let me out of his arms right now. I had a feeling more happened than what he told me. But I guess I had to trust him and maybe later on tell me. He started running his hands up my back and holding on to me tighter. I missed his hands.. well the good things he did to me with these hands. He was a great guy and honestly the bad stuff that had happened has been a faded memory in my mind. We needed each other. We complete each other. And we both knew it. I felt him kiss the top of my head over and over again. Just soft kisses while he held me tight into his chest. "Baby?" I asked. "Yes my love" he said. "How much do you love?" I asked. "More than words can describe..more than my feelings can show you... more than anything" he said. "Why do you ask baby?" He said. "I don't know I was just wondering" I said. He pulled away and took his fingers and lifted my chin up. "What's wrong baby?" He asked. I could feel the tears building up in eyes. "Baby whats the matter" he asked. "I just.." I couldn't speak and couldn't get the words out. "Baby your actually scaring me. Did I do something?" He asked. I just shook my head yes as I lunged into his chest as he held on to me. "Baby please tell me; he said. I just started crying. I couldn't help it. He started rubbing his hands up my back. "Its because I left isn't it?" He asked. I couldn't answer him. "I will take that as a yes" he said. "Baby I know you hate me for leaving I know you do rather you admit it or not. I know you do I would hate myself too. And I do. I hate myself for leaving the one woman I love. The one woman who understands me who loves me. The woman who made me into a better person. And you can tell me every day that it wasn't my fault our girls are not here. Because it is. How could I be so stupid to fight with you while you were already in a high risk pregnancy. To put more stress on you. And look what happened" he said. I wrapped my arms around him tighter. "I am the reason they are not here. And I am the reason our son is here. He made it because I wasn't there to stress you out or fight with you" he said. I looked up at him and reached the back of his head and smacked him. "Don't you ever fucking say that again" I said. He just closed his eyes he knew he hit a nerve with me. "Don't you ever fucking think you caused oyr daughters that pain. And don't you ever think our son is here because you were not. I had more stress being pregnant with him than the girls. Dont believe me ask your sister. Quite a bit of shit happened while you were gone. But did that phase the baby no it didn't it just showed me he is a strong kick ass person who wanted to come into this world and make a difference. Rather its just meeting you or taking over the world one day. Hes the one that is the strongest out of me and him. He kept me going. I am the one who almost gave up so many times. And feeling him move around in me. Or if I was crying he would randomly kick me to kick some sense in me. He held on to me." I said. Just looking up at him. I knew my eyes were just as sad as he was. He closed his eyes and I could feel him moan as he pulled the back of my head towards him. Roughly kissing me, feeling his tongue slide into my mouth just going at it. He picked me up as I wrapped my legs around him. As he carried me over to the couch. He pulled off his shirt and then mine. He slide down my boxers and his as well. He positioned me back on the couch and got in between my eyes. Just thrusting his cock immediately into me. I arched my back and screamed as it was still sore from this morning and he was being a little rough with it. He just kept pulling in and out hitting my g spot making me moan loud as he lifted one of my legs up around him as he thrusted deeper inside of me. I was going to cum and cum fast. From the way I was moaning he knew it too. "Cum on my dick baby" he moaned. I rolled my eyes back into my head as I felt myself twitch and tighten around him. I squirted and squirted hard. Releasing myself and moaning loud as I did it. I opened my eyes to him still thrusting hard. He leaned down and started sucking on my neck as he growled letting out his sperm inside of me. He thrusted a few more times and then collapsed on me. Out of breath I said "Now what the hell was that for?" He just kissed my collarbone and looked up at me. "To break the built up tension" he said. "We needed to let it out baby" he continued. "That we did" I said wrapping my arms around his neck as he leaned in and kissed me. This time really soft and gentle. "Now we can talk without hating the facts" he said. "Yeah" I said. "So what else happened while I was gone?" He asked. "Huh?" I asked. "You said some shit happened while I was gone what happened?" He asked. I just sighed. "Not good time?" He asked. I just shook my head no. "Ok baby I trust you" he said. "I will tell you tonight. You need to get to know your son" I said. "I need to also reunite with my wife" he said smiling and kissing me again. "MmHmm you do" I said after the kiss. "What time does he go to bed anyway?" He asked. "Around 8 or so" I said. "Ok good I have all day to spend with you two. And tonight with you my love" he said. "Yes you do baby" he said sitting up and kissing my forehead. "I love you baby" I said. "I love you my love" he said. "Don't ever think I ever stopped" he said. "I never did either" I said smiling at him as he kissed me. We decided to go take a shower together as the baby had fallen asleep. I went into the bedroom first as he pulled the bassinet into the bedroom. "I am not leaving him by himself" he said to me. "Good ive never left him alone before and don't plan to start" I said pulling my clothes off and going in to the bathroom. I heard him come up behind me as I turned the water on. Kissing my neck feeling his beard on my shoulder. "Your going to have to get rid of that" I giggled. "You don't like it?" He asked continuing to kiss. "It tickles" I said laughing. I climbed into the shower as he followed. Looking out as he left the bathroom door open. He is going to be one protective dad.


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