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Yes Master

Novel By: kerryl86

*(FINISHED)*My name is Monica and I am owned by my master. I do anything and everything he says even the texts during the middle of the night to meet him or catch him climbing in my bed at night. I am his property and there is no way of getting out it. At least for now I thought. At least until I started falling in love with him and then finding a lot a lot of things about my past that started to all make sense. View table of contents...

Submitted:May 1, 2014    Reads: 876    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I instantly grabbed the cell phone. There was already a text from him it said Call me when you wake up. He had already programmed his number in the phone as I hit call and called him. It just rang and rang my heart just pounding more and more hearing each ring waiting for him to answer. But he never did. The voice mail clicked on as I ended the call and hit redial as it started ringing again. One... Two...Three rings still nothing. Until the Fourth ring it picked up buying it was a lot of scuffling and then the call ended by itself. I called him again his time crying. Just hard core crying. "Baby?" He finally answered. "Baby" I said. "Sweetheart why are you crying?" He asked. "I am scared" I said. "Don't be sweetie I promise I will come back" he said. "Why didn't you answer?"I asked. "I guess the service is bad you only called once before this and tried to answer and I couldn't hear you" he said. I just kept crying and I knew that it was breaking his heart. "Baby please stop crying" he said. "I can't help it some thing is going to happen" I said. He just sighed and asked "How sure are you?" He asked. "Like life or death sure" I said.."Ok ok baby I won't go yet I will come back but you have to help me then we have to do it together" I said. "Ok baby just please come back" I said. "I am going to turn around baby I have never seen or heard you like this and I can't put that on you" he said. "Thank you baby" I said. "What are husband's for" he said. "I am about 2 hours away going to take me a little bit" he said. "Ok" I said. "Why don't you get cleaned up and dressed and meet me at the car rental place by the airport its right up the street and we can talk about this more" he said. "Ok baby" I said. "I love you so much baby and I know we have had a few bad things happen to us but I couldn't imagine my life with out you. I just need you here right now and I know we will get through everything together" I said. "We will sweet heart" he said. "Now dry your tears your hubby is coming back" he said,."But its 8 oclock now I should be there by 10" he said. "Ok baby"I sa. "I love you baby girl so much" he said. "I love you baby" I said. "Ok baby I will see you soon" he said. "Ok baby bye" I said. "Bye my love" I said as we both hung up. I couldn't describe the feeling I was having about what was going to happen. But him being by himself right now wasn't a good thing. And I will admit it our babies need a father and I didn't want to raise them alone. I got up and took a shower getting dressed into some jeans and a tank top. I fixed my hair the way he likes it and went out to the car. It was 945 and we should be getting there about the same time. I circled the parking lot as I got there getting a parking spot up front so I could see him when he got there. I picked up the phone just as it started to ring. "Where are you baby?" He asked. "I am already here" I said. "I am about to pull in" he said. As he finished saying that I look up to see his little blue car pull in. It drove up next to our car as I looked over and it was him. I flung off my seat belt and opened the car door just as he opened his to him smiling at me. I just bear hugged him. "I am sorry baby I left I should have listened to you last night. I had that same feeling too just wasn't hoping it was for real but shit you felt it too" he said hugging me tighter. "Next time believe me" I said as I gripped in to him harder. "I will sweet heart I will" he said. "Let me go turn the car back in baby so we can go somewhere and talk" he said. I let go of him as he walked inside. He wasn't gone but 5minutes when I saw him come out and I just ran jumping into his arms as he caught me. Wrapping my legs around him burying my face into his shoulder. " I think we should tell my sister baby and you and I go handle it" he said. "Ok baby" I said. He put me don't as we both got into the car. He dialed his sister's store number. He told me once before tbat he always memorized his sister phone number. "Hey its Stephen...I need you to come out to beach city today....well I am sorry didn't call you sooner but the twins were born and they aren't progressing much and we just need you here" he said. "Alright see you soon" he said as he hung up. "Shes pissed we didn't tell her but her more concern right now is the babies" I just said ok as we just kept kissing each other. We got into the car and drove over to the hospital.


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