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Yes Master

Novel By: kerryl86

*(FINISHED)*My name is Monica and I am owned by my master. I do anything and everything he says even the texts during the middle of the night to meet him or catch him climbing in my bed at night. I am his property and there is no way of getting out it. At least for now I thought. At least until I started falling in love with him and then finding a lot a lot of things about my past that started to all make sense. View table of contents...

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Two weeks have passed and I was released from the hospital a couple days after they were born.but my girls were still there they were still fragile and weak but everyday seems a little more than the day before.they had little to no improvement but that wasn't going to stop them from getting better.Stephen and I went to the hospital everyday and stayed until visiting hours were over. I couldn't wrap my mind around it completely that my daughters were still on the edge of either surviving or not. it was still really heartbreaking to go in there everyday and see them.but I knew that they had the strong heart and body that could pull them out of it.the doctor said that they have awhile to go at least a couple more months. this was the only time that I actually prayed to God that my daughters would live and then I would be able to take them home one day.Stephen and I were both mentally and physically drained from all this, to the point that we barely even talk to each other when we got home. we didn't even tell his sister yet the girls were even born, it was something that we kept to ourselves and planned to as long as we could. soon as we would get home from the hospital we would take a shower and go straight to bed. he would lay up behind me and just hold me and comfort me knowing that our daughters were away from us. we didn't know what else to say to each other except that we love each other and help each other to close throughout the night. and the next morning we would get up go to the hospital and stay with them all day again. for the first few days we did today in the hotel but Stephen eventually found us a house that was only 5 minutes from the hospital.we decided to stay there until our daughters were released and then go from there.it was just a small red house only two bed room that we would go month to month lease on.we still have our old house all of our stuff in it but who knows if we would ever go back to that place again.we had just left the hospital and it was two weeks to the day that our daughters were born. we drove into the driveway and got out and went to our bedroom. Stephen didn't buy a very many things did the bed and some clothes cause we didn't know how long you're going to actually stay there.I got undressed and the some pajama shorts and a tank top and climbed into bed.I watched him just stand there and look at me like he had this lost a sense of direction and his eyes I knew we had a lot on his mind but I didn't know if I needed to ask him about it or not.I really did miss my husband and the way we used to be I'm not going to lie about that.he did used to make me feel so warm and loving side but since our big blowout and then the fact that daughters were born 3 months early things haven't been the same between us.I could tell that he wanted to tell me something but he didn't know when or how to say it.finally after he had dressed into his pajama pants and walking over towards the bed I set up and looked at him. "what's wrong?" I asked him. he just turned to me and sighed he had this sad look on his face and about to start crying. I put my hands up on his face and look at him directly in the eyes and ask him again. begging him to please tell me that we were husband and wife and we needed to share each others feelings. "I love you so much baby girl and I'm sorry.our daughters are suffering everyday and it's all because of me.I don't even know how to express my feelings toward you right now.I don't even know if you want me to be your husband anymore" he said. I just tilted my head to the side inside at him."how could you even think that I don't want to be your wife anymore?" I asked him. "the past two weeks have been miserable baby. yes we did make two beautiful babies together out of our love to look at them they are suffering and we don't even know if they're going to make it.I wish I could go back in time and fix everything even before we found out we were having a baby just fix it all.but I can't I can't go back and now look look at our daughters I just I just don't know baby" he said. " all we can do is wait it out babe i know its hard but everyday whether they show it or not they are getting stronger are they wouldn't have made it the day before" I said "I know I'm just ready to hold them and take them home and just be a dad to them" he said. " I'm ready to take them home to let the best place for them right now is at the hospital.they are taking so good care of our baby it's something that we can't do right now" I said. "it will get better soon I promise.they are looking better and better everyday I see them" I said. "I am glad you think that because I don't see it I still see them laying there helpless this shit tons of wires and stuff coming out of them and it looks like they are just in so much pain and miserable.I just want my daughters home.I want my wife back its just something that I can't have right now and I wanted so badly" he said. "you do have me as your wife" I said. "yeah but its not the same it's just not the same anymore I don't know how to describe it I miss that love I have for you that you have for me.being able to make you smile, and I can't do it anymore.you don't smile for me anymore." He said. "I know we agreed to work things out slowly and get back to the way we were but then to put our daughters first right now did I just miss you I just miss being able to look into your eyes and see your beauty knowing that you are my wife that you will always be mine forever.just want us back to the way we were" he said. "we will get back to the way we were I promise baby" I said kissing him on his lips. "I miss your kisses so much" he said pressing his forehead into mine. "do you even still trust me?" He asked. "I do baby but we have to get it all worked out and get away our daughters are growing stronger everyday and before we know what we're going to be bringing them home or someone's going to find out the we had girls" I said. "I know baby and I been thinking about that I think I need to go away and get this all taken care of by myself" he said. "what do you mean go away?" I asked. "it means it's time for me to go away for awhile before our daughters leave the hospital or anyone finds out and I need to confront this face to face with them and get it taken care of" he said. "you're gonna leave us?" I asked "have to baby I have to put my family first right now and that means me going away for awhile and getting this done and finally proving to you that I love you and want to be with you and be with our daughters over anybody get anything in this world" he said crying. "how long will you be gone?" I asked. "I really don't know sweetheart I really don't" he said sniffing. "so tomorrow is going to be my last day with you in our daughters until I get this all taken care of" he said "I'm going to get up and go see a girls for a while and then we're going to leave and I'm going to take you out and do something special with you and then send the doctor said you're allowed to have sex now besides you only had a c-section see only take two weeks off I want to make love to my wife" he said. "okay baby" I said starting to cry. he put his hand up my face and pull me into him kissing me over and over and over again. "I just wanna hold you close to me tonight if that's okay?" He asked. "of course it is baby" I said. he pulled me into him as I laid my head on his chest and he just held me. he was breathing really heavily and I knew we had a lot on his mind all he did was hold me and run his fingers through my hair.every couple of minutes kissing the top of my head.as we just laid there Harry meet others heart beats in each other's breathing all night long.I didn't know exactly what he had planned to work he was going to do.but during the middle of the night I heard him go into the closet that was in the bedroom.I pretended like I was asleep but I rolled over and look in the closet he had his back towards me but he was stuffing things into a duffel bag.of course he was packing some clothes but he was also packing like some knives and I think he packed his gun as well.I knew that he had these things especially being in the Marines he never told me that he had them but I knew that he had them.I heard him zip up the duffle bag as he turns a lot of the closet.I close my eyes pretending to be asleep as he crawled back into bed and laid behind me.I felt it arms wrap around me and pull me close into his chest I just started kissing the back of my neck again."I love you so much baby I really do and I'm really sorry for all the messed up things I did but I hope once I come back you will be my loving wife again we could be the family always dreamed of" he said as he kissed my head one more time and laid his head on the pillow.


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