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Yes Master

Novel By: kerryl86

*(FINISHED)*My name is Monica and I am owned by my master. I do anything and everything he says even the texts during the middle of the night to meet him or catch him climbing in my bed at night. I am his property and there is no way of getting out it. At least for now I thought. At least until I started falling in love with him and then finding a lot a lot of things about my past that started to all make sense. View table of contents...

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We drove and drove for hours and hours. I did know that I needed to get my babies to a safer place I knew that he was going to try to work things out between us but how can you forgive someone who lied to you from the beginning did all of those horrible things to you, which I forgave him for because I did love him, I am not going to lie deep down there is love for him but I can't forgive him for any of it. I couldn't keep my babies away from him he knows hes the father and I couldn't keep them away from their father I am not that cold hearted. I was getting tired and I know he had no idea where I wanted to go but I wish I could read his mind and actually know what hes thinking. "Can you find a hotel for the night?" I asked him. He looked over at me he still had a sad look in his eyes I am sure he was wondering where I wanted to go and the fact he did love me. But how can you love some one and do all of those things to and then keep a big part of it from the person you do love. "Of course baby" he said. I just turned up and looked at him "Sorry its a habit to call you that" he said. I just looked away from him and gave him a cold shoulder. I could hear him sigh and sniffle. His little crying isn't going to get me to forgive him.I am not falling for that one again. We drove another 20 minutes and he exited off and went down to this hotel. It wasn't a run down place it was actually kind of nice. He pulled up under the entrance way. Opened the door and said "I will be right back" I just turned to him and nodded ok. I honestly didn't want to speak to him but I know eventually I was going to have to. He came back about 10 minutes later not saying anything just got in started the car and drove around to the back. He got out I opened my door and got out myself. I followed him to the door and walked in. We walked down a ways and stopped. He opened the door and me go in first. "Sorry all they had was a one bed king size" he said. "Yeah sure they did" I said going in. "They really did something about a wedding being here tomorrow" he said shutting the door. I just walked in and went straight to the bed and kicked off my shoes and laid down. "Are you hungry?" He asked "No" I said. "You need to eat you haven't all day and that is something I will put my foot down about those are still my babies in you" he said. "Then why did you ask?" I said. "You don't have to be a smart ass I know you hate me right now and probably will never be my wife again but your still the mother of my kids and still got to take care of your self while your pregnant" he said. "I know" I said. "Ok I will order a pizza" he said going over to the phone that was in the room and called it in. I didn't say another word to him until the pizza arrived. He went and answered the door and paid for. He came over to my side of the bed sat down on the end opened up the box and said "Here eat". I sat up and pulled a piece out and just ate it. He watched me eat it. "Aren't you going to eat too?" I asked. "I don't have an appetite to eat" he said. "If I have to you have to" I said. He just smiled at me and picked up a slice and ate as I picked up another one. He just kept starring at me while I was eating. "What?" I finally asked. "You are just beautiful" he said. "Please I am huge as a house and stuffing my face with pizza" I said. He just smiled at me and said" Yeah but you still are I am sorry I didn't say it enough" "Don't start please" I said. "I am sorry but you are beautiful and I can tell you I am sorry all day long but it won't change anything. You don't want me anymore" he said. "How can I be with you when you hide things from me. Took money from my father. Beat me. You raped me the first night we were together controlled me. Threatened me if I didn't do what you said. Remember that?" I said. "Yes I do and I will never forget those things I did to you. But you fell in love with me you trusted me" he said. "Yeah and its all gone" I said. "You don't love me anymore...you can't fall out of love with someone after a fight in less than 4 hours" he said. "Thats true but my love for you has died down Stephen. I did trust you and did love you so much that it was crazy how much I did love you but you betrayed me. Husband's and wifes don't hide that kind of stuff from each other" I said. "You could of told me that along time ago. I understand maybe you couldn't before we got married but after that we were happy. I was happy. For the first time in my life I was happy because someone loved me. I didn't get that growing up. You know how hard it was hearing daily I was mistake and wish I was never born. Or the fact that my father didn't want me. Has never told me he loved me. My mother didn't tell me she loved me until I was 10 years old. But having someone telling me they loved me everyday and I believed they meant it. That was the best feeling ever." I said. "But learning you were looking for me from the beginning because my father paid you to. To me that was the worse things to find out. That someone you loved and loved you back hide something that bad from you. Thats what hurts." I said throwing down the pizza crust into the box. "I know telling you I am sorry isn't going to fix that." He said. "But I do love you. I did fall in love with you and I am sorry" he said. "I just want my loving wife back" he said. "I don't know" I said. "Well I know deep down you do love me and maybe one day you can realize it again." He said. I didn't know what to say to him except "I think I am going to take a shower and go to bed". "Ok" he s said sighing. I got up took a shower when I came out he had went out to the car and gotten some clean clothes for me and laid them on the bed. I had a towel wrapped around me and just dropped it and put them on I didn't feel like going back to the bathroom and changing. I saw in the corner of my eyes he was looking at me. "Like what you see" I said. "I always have and always will. I will keep saying it you are beautiful" he said. I just pulled back the blanket and sheet and laid. "Can I tell my daughter's good night at least?" He asked. "Of course" I said. He got up leaned forward into my stomach and laid his head on it. I could hear him breathing heavier and he said "I am sorry I have let you girls down. I am not the best person in the world but I am going to make it up to you. You deserve the best dad in the world and you are going to get him. I love you girls so much and your not even here yet. I can imagine what you will look like but I can't sometimes. I hope you are beautiful like your mom. God knows you don't need my looks. You mean everything to me and I am not going to mess anything up any more. I just want us to be the family I have always wanted but its not going to happen the way I dreamed it. Just know you girls will always have a place in my heart and I will love you more than you can imagine. Goodnight sweet angels daddy loves you" he said kissing my stomach about 5 times and leaning up and looking up at me he had tears in his eyes and said "Good night". "Goodnight" I said as he rolled over and faced the other direction as I laid down and faced the opposite.


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