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Yes Master

Novel By: kerryl86

*(FINISHED)*My name is Monica and I am owned by my master. I do anything and everything he says even the texts during the middle of the night to meet him or catch him climbing in my bed at night. I am his property and there is no way of getting out it. At least for now I thought. At least until I started falling in love with him and then finding a lot a lot of things about my past that started to all make sense. View table of contents...

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I waited around for what seemed like hours and hours. Which it really was. He had already been gone 3 hours and I had decided just to do some small things to pass the time. I did a load of laundry. Cleaned the kitchen. Even took a bubble bath. I was laying in the bathtub when I heard the garage door open. He was finally home. I just laid there I was enjoying this bath so much that I didnt want to move. He would eventually find me I kind of laughed in my head.

I heard him walk into our bedroom and then opened the bathroom door.

"Hi baby" I said sighing

"Hi my love are you comfortable?" he asked

"You have no idea" I said

We had this really big garden tub that was amazing especially when you turned the jets on. He just smiled at me and started stripping his clothes off.

"Do you want some company?" he said standing there naked in front of me

"Yessss" I said

He climbed in the bathtub and situated himself in front of me. I had to pull my legs up for him to lay down and then I laid them back down over his when he sat down in the tub.

"You seem happy?" I said

"Yeah a little bit" he said

"So are you going to bet around the bush or you going to tell me what happened?" I said

He just smiled and said:

"Well alright when I got there he did confront me about being a dick head to him the other night. And I explained to him that I had a lot of my plate right now and it just came out. He excepted that and then started asking me if some of the things were true. He said he already knew that we got married and that part he didnt have a problem with. Then he asked if you were really pregnant and I said yes. He asked me if I was going to upstand and do all the set rules we have and obey them. I told him that I couldnt do that to my family. That I love my wife and I love my child even though the baby isnt here yet I cant do it. Then he asked me well does that mean you are trying to find a way out. And I just gave him a serious dead look and said yes. He started to at first saying that once you are in it for life you are in it for life. And then I kind of snapped back at him and said others had left and I knew that they have. He just starred directly at me and said its a bigger mess to get out of then it is to actually get it. I told him that I would do anything and everything in my power to do it. He was kind of being a ass about it but eventually told me that it was his decision on who gets to join and who gets to leave. That it was Leons. I told him that I understood that part and told him that I was told that I had to talk to you first because technically my wife is your daughter. Then he started making a smart ass comment about how he didnt have a daughter he had a fucking slave and all of this shit. I was starting to get pissed but I knew I had to hold my tongue, which when this shit is all over and done with I will be letting your father have it for everything he has said and done. Then he said that I would have to talk to Leon and set up a meeting about leaving. That we had another get together in 2 weeks and that I needed to be there. And that you did too. And yes I am sorry baby but this is the event I told you I was going to warn you about. That I had to play the asshole husband and treat you like shit in front of everyone. And I have to do it to prove to them that I was being serious about everything. Which I am." he said

"So let me get this straight my father one was being a little nice thats fucking shocking and two we have to go to a party and me get treated like shit while I am there. Fucking score" I said

"I know baby but we have to do it in order to make this happen" he said

"I promise I wont hit you or anything like that but I am going to have to call you my slave and treat you like shit while we are there" he said sadly

"Good fucking times I cant wait" I said

"I know baby I know" he said leaning forward and kissing me.

I wasnt looking forward to that night at all. Not for that face that I will be treated like shit but the simple fact other Masters will be doing it me as well. I just hope I dont have to do anything I am forced to do. Stephen wouldnt let that happen to me right? I seriously hope not.

We got out of the bathtub dried off and went into the bed room. I didnt even put any clothes on and either did he. We just started going at it right by the bedpost. He leaned in and kissed me really softly and nice. Tonight I guess he wanted to take things slowly and not fast and hard. Which I was really fine with. I loved him and loved making love to him.

I crawled up backwards on to the bed as he followed me. He laid me down on the bed and started kissing my neck softly making little circles with his tongue, while caressing my nipples. He was really a gentle lover and I loved it. He started working down my neck and then my ears he whispered " Its all about you tonight baby" as he kissed my neck again and moved down. He was reaching my boobs and sucking on one and playing with the other with his hand. He would switch back and forth so each one got the equal amount of attention from him. He went down to my stomach and kissed around my belly button and then to my thighs. He went down on kissing in down and into the inner part. And then to the other thigh and kissing it running his tongue up and down it. He reached the top of my pussy and started kissing it slowly and softly. While running his fingers around my lips. Feeling how wet I was getting. He slowly stuck a finger inside of me as he started licking my clit. I was getting more and more wet and turned on. He stuck another finger in as he sucked on my clit harder and little faster. He started moving his fingers in and out of my wet pussy faster that I could hear the smacking of his fingers against my wetness. I started moaning and arching my back as he was going faster. "Cum for me baby" he moaned. I was close as he started fingers my pussy faster and sucking on my clit harder. He pulled his fingers out as I was moaning louder. He put his tongue right inside my pussy and was running his tongue inside my pussy. I started moaning deeper gripping my fingers into the sheets and just letting it out.

"OHHHH god baby" I screamed as I felt my orgasum over power me and as I let it all out on his face. He licked my pussy getting all of my cum off it. He climbed back on top of me and started kissing me again. I could taste my cum as he was putting his tonuge in my mouth letting our tonuges just go at it. I could feel his cock moving around in between my pussy lips as it was looking to go inside. He thrusted deep and slowly. Letting out a grunt as he hit the back of my pussy wall with his dick. "Ahhhhh" I moaned as he started going slowly at first just letting my pussy tighten around his cock as he was going in and out of me. He was still kissing me slowly as he started going faster. It felt so good that I didnt want it to stop. He was moaning inside my ear as I knew that my tight pussy was going to make him cum. I wrapped my legs around him pulling him closer into me as he cock went a little deeper. "Faster baby" I moaned as he started nibbling on my neck and doing faster. I could feel my pussy contract tighter as I knew I was about to cum again. I started scratching his back as he knew I was on the edge of cumming. He looked at my straight in the eyes and grabbed the top of the head board and just started going at it. I felt his cock twitching inside of me as it wanted to cum. "I am cumming baby" I moaned "Cum for me baby girl" he moaned back as I rolled my eyes back into my head and just moaned out "AHHHHHH AHHH" and cumming all over him. He was still throbing inside of me as he kept going faster. He was moaning louder and grunting and that I knew he was about to cum. I wrapped my legs tight around him again taking my hands and pulling his face into mine. I kissed him really softly and said "I love you baby" "I love you baby girl" he said kissing me again and as soon as our tongues met he grunted and came inside of me.

"That was amazing baby" he said kissing me

"Yes it was" I smiled at him

He rolled over and just laid there his cock was still hard but it was covered in a mixture of both of our cums.

"You know what would be awesome" I said

"Whats that baby?" he asked

"If we went and got some ice cream" I said smiling

He just busted out laughing.

"After a great round of sex you want ice creaming" he said

"I think the baby wants it more than I do" I said

"I believe you are right" he said as he rolled up and walked to the closet and put on a pair of pajama pants and a white t-shirt. I went and grabbed a paif of boxers and tank top and put my flip flops on. He walked up behind me and hugged me tight.

"I love you baby girl" he said

"I love you sweetie" i said as he kissed the back of my neck

"Now lets go before our kids get mad" I said

"Yeah I guess I better get used to these late night cravings" he said

"Yeah I would" I said laughing

As we both walked out to the care and went to the store.


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