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Yes Master

Novel By: kerryl86

*(FINISHED)*My name is Monica and I am owned by my master. I do anything and everything he says even the texts during the middle of the night to meet him or catch him climbing in my bed at night. I am his property and there is no way of getting out it. At least for now I thought. At least until I started falling in love with him and then finding a lot a lot of things about my past that started to all make sense. View table of contents...

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We ended up just laying in bed all night together. I am hoping he didnt really mean what he said that he just didnt know if he wanted me as a wife in that cult shit hole he is in, but i have no choice really to believe him. i do love the man. Yes at first I didnt and I was scared for my life and would do anything and everything he said. But I guess when you do meet your true love the better part of you comes out and it really did in him in that short time frame.


It was the next morning and I had already woken up started the coffee and come back into the bedroom. He was still asleep so I just laid up in bed and watched him. I have never really watched any one sleep before. Like really watch them sleep. You could tell he was dreaming something really good because he kept smiling in his sleep and just had this nice looking glow on him. He eventually opened his eyes and just looked at me. He sighed deeply and just smiled again.

"Good morning baby" he said

"Good morning" I said.

"How long have you been awake?" he asked

"Awhile" I said

"Couldnt sleep?" he asked being concerned

"Something like that" I said

"Sorry baby" he said

"Dont be nothing you can do about it. it just happens." I said

"Do you know why you couldnt sleep?" he asked

"My body is hurting baby its hard to get comfortable" I said

"Oh" he said

"Nothing I can do to help?" he asked

"Nah not really just something I got to get used to I guess" I said

"Yeah" he said

He leaned in and kissed me.

"I am sorry we had a rough night baby" he said

"It happens" I said

"No couple is perfect" I continued

"Yeah but we are. I dont like us fighting its something I just dont like" he said

"We just shouldnt fight baby over something that is fixable" he said

"I know its fixable baby I just want it over and done with already. I hate worrying and stressing over something that I cant really controll and you cant really either" I said

"Yeah but you have to baby anything and everything you feel so does our baby and we dont need to that kind of worry and stress on the baby" he said

"I know baby" I sighed

"I still promise you that everything is going to work out and everything is going to be ok" he said

"I believe you baby. I guess its just the horomones going crazy" I laughed

"I guess so" he laughed

"Plus either way I am going to worry that is something your going to have to except" I just laughed

"Yes I know you are my stubborn wife. I have picked up on that traight of yours" he laughed

"Yeah I cant help that" I said

"I think its sexy" he said smiling at me

"I am glad you do then" I said.

We went and got out of bed and took a shower together. He suggested that we go see his sister again. I do want to applogize to her for acting the way I did. And I think that Stephen wanted to talk to her some more too and really give her an explination about everything. She does know what he was apart of. She was the only one that he talks to in his family and she told him everything and anything he did. Before and after he met me. I know that she is happy he found someone and happy that we are having a baby. But i know that she is worried about the baby.

We drove down to her shop and walked in. She had this surprised look on her face which I am guessing he didnt tell her that we were coming by. Oh well. She hugged us and walked us back to her office so we could talk. He closed the door behind us as we all sat down.

"I am going to start" I said

"I want to applogize for the way I acted yesterday. It was supposed to be a great exciting news and it turned into a big blow over" I said

"Dont blame yourself" she said

"I blame Stephen" she laughed

"No I really do seriously Stephen. I am your big sister and I know what kind of a mess you are in and I think that it is fucked up that one you would actually put yourself into that mess when you got back. And did thinkgs to girls that I cant even imagine you doing in the first place. And then meet someone you fall in love with, which I am happy for you I really am. And then bring her into it. I get that you are trying to get out. And I hope that you work things out so that you cant take your wife and baby out of it. You are a great guy Stephen I helped pretty much raise you and you were not raised to be a man like that. I know mom and dad got divorced when you were a teenager and that but a big demper on you. And then mom wont talk to you any more. which is fucked up to begin with. But I knew your ex fucked you over pretty good too and then you went off the deep end. You really did. And hearing what kind of a person you had become and what you were doing really broke my heart it did. And then when you called me one night and you were just happy. I havent heard you that happy in a long time that it made me happy. I knew that you had found the one that was made for you. And I was thrilled. When I meet her for the first time I could tell why you had fallen in love with her. Then you get married after only being together a week which is fine I cant judge you on that one. I was just nervous for her that you were going to put her in situations like what you have told me. And yes I have seen what you did to her. The markings might be gone and faded but I saw them when they were fresh on her. That hurt me even more that you would do that to her let alone any one. Then when you told me you guys were having a baby inside I was screaming that I was happy, but on the outside I wasnt and you know why. You had told me already that her mom and dad was apart of this shit too and what they did to her mom and her growing up. I really hope that you wouldnt put her through that and your baby too" she said

Stephen had this heart broken look on his face. He knew that he had broken the heart of someone that was always there for him.

"I am really sorry and I know that I have fucked up in the past and I am making up for it. If I got her the love of my life to forgive me and trust me I know you can too." he said

"Let me ask you something?" she said looking at me

"Did you forgive him because you were scared of him?"

"No" I shook my head

"Yes I was scared of him at first but baby.." I said looking at him

"This is when I realized I loved you and meant saying it. Rather or not I knew it and I know you said you knew I loved you before I knew I did. But the first night that I ran into my father he took up for me and trusted me and comforted me. The only people that knew my father was people in that group. And Stephen knew what kind of a person he was and he didnt want me to be around it. I told him I loved him that night and hugged on to him tight and I knew in my heart that I actually did love him and I meant it when I said it" I said

"Thats good" she said

"I am happy for you both I really am. You both deserve each other I just really hope you get out of it Stephen I really do" She said

"I am going to sis. I swear I am" he said looking at her straight in the eyes.

"I believe you because I know when you lie" she laughed

He just laughed.

We ended up having a nice talk with her. I can see why Stephen loves his sister and didnt want to disappoint her any more. We ended up spending the whole day with her. Until she decided to go home and Stephen wanted to get back to the house and get ready for his dinner date with my father. I got back into my pajamas because to be honest I didnt really feel like dressing up any more and just wanted to be in clothes that made me comfortable. I just watched him get ready. I knew this was going to be an interesting night to say the lest.

"Did you just up and call my father out of the blue and asked him to have dinner with you?" I asked

"Yup pretty much" he said

"I am surprised he agreed to it" I said

"You and me both but its something I got to do. Its one step closer" He said coming out of the bathroom all dressed up. Actually had a suit and tie on and really fucking hot.

"What do you think?" he asked

"If you didnt have to be some where I would take you right now" I smiled

"We can always do it when I get back" he said smiling and coming up and kissing me shoving his tongue into my mouth.

"MmHmm" I said

"Then its a date" he said

"I guess I better go" he sighed

"Alright baby" I said

"I dont know how long its going to take but I will be back when I get back baby" he said

'Its alright baby I will be here waiting" I laughed

"You better be" he laughed kissing me again

"Where else would I go?" I joked

"I dont know I just dont want to have the thought of you not being here when I get back" he said all serious.

"I know baby" I said

He leaned in and kissed me again. Like a really love deep passionate kiss that makes your knees really weak and just want to fall onto the floor.

"Ahhh I love kissing you" he said

I just smiled at him and leaned in and kissed him again.

"I cant be late sweetie" he said

"I know baby" I said

"We will pick up where we left off when I get back" he said kissing me again

"Sounds good to me baby" I said

"I love you baby girl" he said

"I love you baby" i said as he kissed me one last time as I walked him to the garage door so he could leave.

"If you go to bed dont forget to lock up and alarm it" he said

"I wont baby" I said

He smiled and blew me a kiss as he got into the car and opened the garage door and left.

I am really anxious and nervous about what is going to happen. Its going to be a waiting and long fucking night that is for sure.


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