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Yes Master

Novel By: kerryl86

*(FINISHED)*My name is Monica and I am owned by my master. I do anything and everything he says even the texts during the middle of the night to meet him or catch him climbing in my bed at night. I am his property and there is no way of getting out it. At least for now I thought. At least until I started falling in love with him and then finding a lot a lot of things about my past that started to all make sense. View table of contents...

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We laid in bed pretty much all day. I do got to I really enjoyed it. I didn't really get nervous about going until we actually were in the car and were driving there to the point I was hyperventilating in the car as we were drove up into the driveway. Stephen looked at me and picked up my hands. I had my head almost down between my legs trying to catch my breath but it was hard. I was so nervous I was panicking. "Look at me baby" he said. I couldn't do it. He turned himself and me that we were facing each other. ;Look at me sweetheart" he said pulling my head up by chin so that I was looking at him. "Do you trust me?" He asked "Yes" I said "I just don't trust trust my father you weren't there when I was growing up. He did things to me I couldn't even tell you. Stuff you don't even know about. And our fate is in his hands" I said. "I know baby I know but I promised you and our baby I won't mess this up. I know our relationship started out bad really bad but look where its gotten us. You are my soul mate my better half and I honestly don't know what I would do with out you. You have changed me. And now we have a baby on the way which I couldn't be more happy about. I will get us out of this baby. " He said whipping the tears away from my eyes. "I know you didn't trust me in the beginning and you slowly have started to and getting us out of this will hopefully prove to you how much I care and you can trust me 100%." He said' "Ok baby" I said smiling "Then lets go inside tonight shouldn't be bad" he said "Yeah tell my stomach that" I said. He just smiled and kissed me. As we both got out of the car. He held my hand tight and pulled me against him as we walked inside. "By the way when we get home we are going to have a talk baby" he said "About what?" I asked "I want you to tell me everything your father did to you I don't care how upset pissed off I get I want to know" he said "Ok baby" I said as we got up to the front door and was greeted by Andy."Well well its my new favorite couple" he said "feeling any better?" He asked me "Yes alot" I said. "Thats good. So Stephen can we have a word?" He asked I tightened his hand into mine as I knew that meant he would have to leave me alone. He just nodded at Andy and said"Yeah meet me over by my car in a few minutes" Andy just nodded and walked away towards Stephens car. He looked at me and said "Just stay right here I will be able to see you from here" he said. I just gulped on my own spit and said "Ok" "I will be right back baby if someone tries anything just yell for me baby" I just shook my head yes as he undid his hand from my tight grip and kissed me. Then walked towards the car. I walked a few steps out so that I wasn't standing directly in front of the door. I saw him get to the car and start talking to Andy he looked over and waved at me ad I just gave him a quick smile and sat down on the step. A few minutes had past when I felt someone hand touch my shoulder I jumped thinking the unknown and turned around. "Monica is that you?" I looked and just smiled and said "Mom" she smiled at me and walked in front of me. Putting her hands on my face just starring into my eyes. I could tell she was sad and didn't know what to say but wanted to say something. "Can we talk baby?" She asked. She has only called me baby one other time I can remember. My father never let her talk to me about anything. "Wouldn't dad get mad?" I asked "I am not your fathers anymore baby" she said. I just smiled at her. I knew she was happy about that and I can't say I blame her. She reached out her hand and I took it as she pulled me up as we were facing each other. She took one of my hands as we started walking down the pathway. I looked over as Stephen had this concerned looked on his face. I didn't want to stop my mother I have never had a heart to heart with her. This might not be a heart to heart but its something. I just smiled at Stephen as he kinda smiled back at me. That I would explain to him later.


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