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Yes Master

Novel By: kerryl86

*(FINISHED)*My name is Monica and I am owned by my master. I do anything and everything he says even the texts during the middle of the night to meet him or catch him climbing in my bed at night. I am his property and there is no way of getting out it. At least for now I thought. At least until I started falling in love with him and then finding a lot a lot of things about my past that started to all make sense. View table of contents...

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I walked my way into the room. It was a simple hotel room but could tell experience. I turned around to him standing right behind me. It was kinda creepy but I knew what I was there for and so did he. He didn't waste any time and grabbed my face shoving his tongue in to my mouth. I just kissed him back running my tongue along his he was being a little rough but it was actually turning me on. I felt his hands reach around start grabbing my ass really hard pulling me close into him hard. I wrapped my arms around his waist as he walked me backwards to the edge of the bed. Feeling his rough big hands start going up the front of my skirt running them over the top of my pussy feeling myself already starting to get wet. He stopped kissing me and dropped down to his knees in front of him. He slide down my skirt then my black thong I had on. He looked at my pussy starting to drip and started to lick his lips. He forced his face into my pussy lips starting to eat me out roughly feeling his tongue run up and down my lips inside of me. I just put my hands on the top of his head and started moaning that it did feel good. I could my orgasum coming as I could feel my legs start to shake and push the back of his head into my wet pussy. I pulled the back of his hair as I started to cum all over his face. I was breathing heavy trying to catch my breath as he looked up at me. "Did you enjoy it?" He asked. "Yes" I whispered smiling at him. "Good" he grinned evily. "Thats the only one your going to get unless you have my permission" he said standing up starring into my eyes. Those dark deep sexy eyes had turned dark evil and cold. "Excuse me?" I "you fucking hears me now lay down bitch" he said. I tried to duck around him and make my escape but he grabbed me and threw me down on the bed. "Your not going no where" he said getting on top of me he reached down and pulled off my boots. Then lifted up my shirt I didn't wear my bra and he just smiled at my boobs. They weren't too big and not too small. "Nice" he smiled glarring. "I am going to do things to you, you only hear about in movies you are mine and mine alone" he growled at me. He slidr dowb his pants not wearing any boxers or briefs. Just to a hard thick cock. Twitching up at me. I knew that big cock was about to crush my pussy. Popping my cherry. And I know its going to hurt. I tried gettin up and he pushed me back down" don't try it bitch" I closed my eyes starting to feel the tears falling down. He was going to rape me. He was going to rape.He reached over to the table and grabbed a condom off of the night stand guiding him back sliding the condom over his dick. "Just for tonight after tonight I am going bare on your virgin ass" he said. He leanrd down guiding him self in between my legs. Feeling his thick big cock pressed against my pussy. It was throbbing his cock knew what it was about to do. And him and his dick are going to enjoy it. He bite the side of my neck pushing the edge of my pussy whole. I could feel the pressure of it. This was going to hurt. He looked up at me grinning evil and going dowb and bite my right nipple really hard as he shoved his whole dick all at once in to my pussy. I screamed out in pain as he was all the way inside of me. He bite my nipple harder as he pulled it out and shoved it in harder this time. I continued to scream louderit really did hurt he was stretching me out so bad that it was tearing. He started going faster and harder. "Oh yes oh yes my little virgin your pussy oh damn" he went faster and faster. I just closed my eyrs as my head was starting to bang against the head board. "Damn baby so tight your about to see and feel my cum. Your making me cum so fast" he was thrusting so hard and fast feeling his balls started to smack against my lower pussy. "Ahhh ahhhh ahhh open your mouth whore" he said pulling his dick out pulling the condom off and strocking it. "I said open your fucking mouth" he saif climbing up to my face. I couldn't open my mouth so he did it for me. Putting his hands on my jawline making me open it. As he shoved it into my mouth and grabbing the back of my neck and thrusting a few more times. "Ahhhhh take it you better swallow it" he yelled shoving his dick down my throat and feeling his hot load shoot down my throat I had no choice but to swallow it. And honestly didn't taste that good but I didn't want to gag and get beaten. He pulled his cock out of my mouth breathing heavy. "Now get fucking dressed and out of here" he said rolling over. I quickly got up picking up my clothes putting them on in a hurry and going towards the door until I felt his hand on my shoulder and pull me around "remember you are mine now and you will come when I call I fucking own you" he said shoving his tongue into my mouth kissing me. "Now tell me who is your master?" He asked. "Me" I shoke my head yes. "Good fucking slave."as he tucked something in my shirt he said opening the door and shoving me out into the hallway. As soon as he shut the door I ran to the stairs and ran the stairs I didn't want to wait for the elevator just incase he was behind me. I got in my car turned it on slammed it into reverse and went. I got halfway home before I remembered he tucked something in shirt. I was at a redlight and pulled it out. It was money. I unfolded it. It was 200 bucks. I didn't care that I had it jusr cared I was out of there. I ran to my room and flopped down on the bed and cried. I can't believe I let someone like that take my virginity. I was disgusted. I heard my phone vibrate and looked at it. I didn't recognize the number but it was a text message. I opened the message and it read: Remember I own you! See you soon slave. Holy shit it was him. And he didn't have my phone number I never gave it to him.


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