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Yes Master

Novel By: kerryl86

*(FINISHED)*My name is Monica and I am owned by my master. I do anything and everything he says even the texts during the middle of the night to meet him or catch him climbing in my bed at night. I am his property and there is no way of getting out it. At least for now I thought. At least until I started falling in love with him and then finding a lot a lot of things about my past that started to all make sense. View table of contents...

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I arrived at this shop it was nice from the outside there were lots of gorgeous dresses I could see through the Windows. I shot him a quick text saying I was here and I would be calling him in a little bit. He replied saying thank you checking in and got make yourself hot for your master. I got out of my car and went in. A tall skinny lady walked up to me asking if she could help me. I told her I was looking for Angie. She smiled and told me that she was Angie. I told that Stephen had sent me. She just light up and said "Oh great! I already have several things picked out" she said pulling my arm and walking me to the back dressing room. She opened the door and I saw several pretty dresses hanging up. "Stephen told me you were about a size 6 is that right?" She asked. "Yes and no depends what I am wearing sometimes I need a size 8" I said. "Its alright if it doesn't fit we can find your size" she smiled. "All of these look so gorgeous" I said looking at all of them feeling them. "I think Stephen wi like any of these" she said "well thats good I am not sure what he likes so I am glad one of us does" I said. She just laughed and said "well I better know what he likes I am his sister" "what you are his sister" I said. "Yes he didn't tell you. Well I am his much older sister" she laughed. "Stephen is the baby of the family" "oh ok" I said I didn't want to ask to many questions or know a hole lot juat incase this was another test or he listening in and I regret it later on. I changed the subject and said "I do like this black one" pulling it down. "Well try it on sweetie" she said taking it from me. It was a long dress that would come right above my knees. It had spaghetti straps so it wouldn't make my girls hang out or anything. I slide down my jeans and took off my top. As she handed me the dress. "Your going to have to take your bra off to get the real effect" she said. I took my bra off as she helped me put it on and zipped it up the back for me. "What do you think?" She asked. "Welk I do like it but it's not what I think its what hes going to think" I said. She just giggled and said "that is true he is one picky man but I really think he will like it" "then I want this one" I said smiling at her. "Great. I think you look very pretty in it" she said. "Thank you" I said. She unzipped it for me as I slide out of it handing it back to her. I got dressed and asked her if I could use the restroom. "Of course its down the hall last door on the left" I went in and shut the door and locked it. I went ahead and called Stephen because it was close to 930. "Hey my love" he answered "Hi master" I said. "What is wrong sweetie I am going to beat her ass if she did anything to you" he got a little defensive. "Oh nothing master I am fine. Everything is going fine here i picked out a dress. I think well I hope you will like it" I said."Anything you wear I am going to love" he said. "By the way I am guessing she told you that she is my sister" "Yes she did master thats all she told me oh and that she's your much older sister" he just busted out laughing "yes she is shes the only one in my family that I talk to babe but thats another story for another time baby" he s said. "Ok Master" I said. "Is there anything else you want me to do today master?" I asked. "For now juat go back home baby" he said. "But I want you to call me when you get there" "ok Master I can definitely do that" "ok sweetie now get your sexy ass home. I love you" "I love you Master" I said as we hung up. I walked down the hallway and was hearing Angie talking to another lady she said "This is the first girl my brother has sent here hes apparently taking her out for something special tonight. He told me that there was something special about her and he was already falling for her. Which to me I guess is great maybe he is moving on since he has been back in the civilian world but ahe is kind of young I mean he might want something serious later on but she might not want that you know and I don't want to see him have his heart broken again like that bitch Tracy did a few years back" she said "Who is Tracy?" The other girl asked. "That was Stephen fiancee when he was in the marines they dated for a long time and decided to get married and everything had it all planned out and he was home on leave and it was the night before tge wedding and he found out she had been fucking his best friend the whole time he was gone" she said. "Damn thats fucked up" the other lady said. "Yea I know he went back to Iraq and became a different person. Until last night he called me and he was happy and started telling me why and he had met this girl who had changed him. And he really did seem happy. Don't get me qr wrong she is a very nice pretty girl but if he wants something serious I don't know shes probably not even 20 years old herself." You never know Angie she might be the one for him" she said. I didn't want to stand there and ease drop so I walked around the corner saying "Thank you for everything Angie and your help" "You are welcome I hope you guys have a wonderful time tonight" she said "Yes me too well I am sure we will" I said. "Where are you going?" The other lady asked "I honestly have no idea he said it was a surprise so we shall see" I said smiling. "I am sure you guys will have a good time" Angie said handing me the dress she had wrapped it up for me. "Thank you. And thank you again" I said as I took it and waljed out. "Your welcome any time" she said as I was leaving I heard the other lady tell Angie "you are right she is really pretty" and Angie replied "Yes she is definitely my brothers type" I got into my car and didn't know what to think I do feel bad for the guy that his ex did that to him especially someone you trust and found out shes fucking your best friend. I sent him a quick text before I started driving. "I miss you Master" which I think honestly I do miss him a little bit. Just the part of how he is when hes nice and in a good mood. Not the whole crazy psycho whip leather masked guy. He responded by saying "I miss you and love you more" which I didn't argue I know this man does love me and miss me more than I do him.


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