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Yes Master

Novel By: kerryl86

*(FINISHED)*My name is Monica and I am owned by my master. I do anything and everything he says even the texts during the middle of the night to meet him or catch him climbing in my bed at night. I am his property and there is no way of getting out it. At least for now I thought. At least until I started falling in love with him and then finding a lot a lot of things about my past that started to all make sense. View table of contents...

Submitted:Apr 11, 2014    Reads: 3,663    Comments: 4    Likes: 8   

I waited outside for him. About 15 minutes had past and he came walking out right up to me and hugged me. I was actually glad he showed up. I was glad this psycho was there. "Can I ask you a question Master?" I asked him. "Of course"he said. "Did you know I was in trouble or was that a set up to see if I would be faithful?" I asked. He smiled. "It was both baby. I really did want you to get checked out and I knew what kind of guy he is but he took it further than he was supposed to and I had a bad feeling about it yes thats why I came. He was only supposed to try to make out with you and try to get you to seduce him." He said. "Oh" I said. "But I am proud of you baby I didn't expect you to knee him in the crotch" he laughed "sometimes you have to do what you have to do Master" I said. "Yes you do" he said kissing me. I just kissed him back even though this man took my virginity roughly in a way no woman deserves he just saved me from getting raped. "Can I ask you something sweetie?" He asked. "Yes Master" I said "Do you really love me or just saying those kinds of things to please me" I stood right in front of him starring into his eyes. "Can I do something Master if you don't mind?" I asked. "Yes go ahead" he said. I leaned forward wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him into me. "Yes I do love you. Since you made love to me I have been falling in love with you more and more and I couldn't see noone else in my life but you" I said and pulling his lips into mine kissing him softly and slowly. Making our tongues dance with each others. I pulled away looking deep into his green bold eyes. And just smiled at him. He hugged me tight whispering in my ear " You really do love me I can see it in your eyes. I have been told before by a few that they have loved me but they never meant it I could just see it in their eyes the panic fear that they had to it just to make me happy but baby girl you really do love me" as he kissed the side of my neck. "Yes I do master" I said. "I have waited a long time for someone like you" he whispered. " I want you forever and ever. Will you be mine forever?" He asked. "Yes Master" I said softly. "Good baby because I want to marry you" he said. My heart just stopped and I think my eyes popped out of my eyes. I knew that I had been saying things to him just to make him happy but he either saw right through me and believed it or deep down i am falling for this man and I don't even know it myself. "So my love will you marry me?" He asked pulling away from the hug and starring into my eyes I just stood there...


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