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The War on Love

Novel By: kerryl86

Being in the Army was tough enough, especially being around a lot of guys and the fact that I am currently deployed. I didn't want a guy in my life I wanted to focus on me. But when an injured solider comes into my life and we both feel the electricity between us. What is there to do? Go with the feelings or bale out like I always do with every guy I date. View table of contents...


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I was currently stationed in Iraq; I was a combat medic in the Army. I wasn't really allowed to go out on patrols since I was a female so I was stuck in the medical hospital they had there working on soldiers that were in injured in the line of duty before they were either sent back to the command or if their injuries were serious they were sent to Germany. I had been in Iraq now for almost 4 months; I had already taken my 2 week leave. I had actually switched with another buddy of mine he wanted to go home later so he wouldn't miss the birth of his daughter. Since I was single and didn't really have much family to even go back to I agreed to trade with him.

That was another reason why I joined the Army in the first place. My parents were divorced at the time. My father ran off with a much younger woman because apparently my mother didn't satisfy him anymore. Which that is something that I didn't want to even think about. My father and I don't even speak to one another except on my birthday he would send me a quick email or a birthday card. But since I was deployed he sent me an email which pretty much stated that he married the woman he ran off with and they are expecting a baby that was due in 4 months, then at the very end said happy birthday. Really? 4 months away he could have told me this sooner but again like I said we only communicate once or twice a year. I did try to call him when I found out that I was going to be deployed but as always when I try to call he didn't answer so I left him the news over a voicemail. He didn't even call me back. Until the day that I left I sent him a text message saying I was leaving and won't be back in the states for at least 12 months. He sent me a quick response going "Good luck and talk to you soon". That was all that I ever get from him.

But back to my family, my mother passed away from a heart attack while I was in boot camp that was the most devastating news anyone could ever get. They did let me take a 4 day leave to attend her funeral. Of course my father didn't show up to it, I honestly didn't except him to. I did have an older brother I guess me going into the Army I was following his footsteps he was a gunner in the Infantry. He is supposedly going to be deploying soon and actually into the same FOB that I am currently at so within a month or so I will be with my brother and get to see him more. I haven't seen him in about 2 years. He was on leave right before I went to AIT and we decided to meet up and spend those 2 weeks together. We talk almost every day even though it is through emails or Skype he is the only family that I have. He isn't married or doesn't plan on to be. He said he has tried the whole dating thing but it just gets in the way of his career. He is the type of man that would spend his whole life in the Army that was his passion and he would never give it up. And I think to him having a wife or maybe even children someday that would stop him. You do see and hear about a lot of couples that are in the military get divorced or threaten to leave their spouses if they decide to re up and sign up for another 4 or 6 years and they give in because they don't want to lose their families. Or there are the spiteful ones that just divorce them anyway while they are deployed or even cheat on them and they just get that Dear John letter. Which to me is really fucked up. I haven't really been looking for a guy or even a boyfriend. Don't get me wrong a woman has needs and there was this other soldier who was single and we would mess around a lot before we got deployed. He is in the same unit as me. But we haven't so much since we have been in Iraq. If you get caught having sex it is a big deal and you in trouble for it and plus this being a war zone we just don't want to risk it. So let's just say on my lonely nights I pleasure myself with the dildo that I ordered off line and had it mailed to me here. Hey what can I say it does the job? Well not all the way but it satisfies me enough to get by.

I had just got woken up by my Lt Commander telling me there was a tragedy and they needed me down at the hospital as soon as possible, that there were multiple soldiers coming in and needed help. I quickly got dressed and ran out that way. I am really surprised the gun fire and alarms didn't wake me up. I guess when you so used to the gun fire in the back ground you just sleep through it. The first month I was here I couldn't sleep at all to the point I had my brother mail me some sleep aid and that helped a little but it was something that my body had to get used to. Even when I was on my leave I guess that I had gotten used to the sound that I was wide awake and actually had to turn my lap top on and fine gun fire noises to help me fall asleep and well it worked. I stayed with one of my best friends I have known him since high school and just crashed at his apartment for 2 weeks. We hung out some but he did have to work so most of the time I was by myself watching movies or out at bar drinking a few beers by myself. I would get hit on especially when they found out I was home just for 2 weeks on leave. They would try anything and everything to get in my pants but I didn't let them. Hell I did let them by all free drinks I want but I always ended up going back alone. I couldn't just sleep with random people. It wasn't my think. Even though I had a fuck buddy at least I knew him and stuck to him and didn't jump around. And he did the same with me. We kind of had a mutual agreement on that.

I ran past the main entrance grabbing a pair of gloves and going into the first trauma room. It was male solider who had been shot in the leg. It was something that he would be fixed from and be able to move on with his life but sadly some men or woman are not that lucky. I didn't stay in their very long I only stay until a doctor comes in. I pretty much do what I can and make them stable until someone else can take over and do more treatment that I can't.

I went out in the hallway throwing the gloves into the trashcan and walked over to the sink to wash my hands. I kept hearing a man screaming like bloody murder screaming and I knew just from that sound he was hurt pretty bad. I didn't know the extent of his injuries but that painful scream doesn't ever get old to the point it sometimes makes you want to cry because you can't help them.

I didn't go into the room. I had walked up to it to see if anyone was in there helping him. There was actually two doctors in there and a few medics so the room was pretty packed as it was. I had noticed that he had been shot in both legs. One of his legs was actually damaged so much that I know surgery wouldn't be able to fix it and he would have to lose it. I saw one of the doctor's step out of the way and this injured man open his eyes and looked up at me. He had a painful sadness in his eyes that I had never seen before. I had had patients die in front of me and tell me their last wishes. But never seen a man look like this before. It was something different about him. He raised his arm up and kind of waved at me. I smiled and waved back at him. He laid his hand down and I could see his fingers start moving like he was gesturing me to come see him.

One of the doctors turned and looked at me.

"Do you know this soldier?" he asked

"No I don't. I don't recognize him"

"Apparently he recognizes you. Can you come stand by him maybe it will calm him down some"

"Yes sir" I said as I walked up next to him.

He opened his eyes again and stared at me. He had dark blue sexy eyes I am not going to lie. They were very gorgeous. He just smiled at me and lifted his hand up. I had a feeling he wanted me to hold his hand and I did. I laced my fingers in with his and he closed his eyes and sighed. Holding his hand I felt something I could describe like it was an energy or electricity running through us at the same time. I had never met this man before. At least I didn't think so. But I would have remembered a man with eyes like him. I fore sure would have. He did sigh some more I could feel his hand grip a little in mine like he didn't want me to leave him and he was holding on for dear life.

"Ok he is going up to surgery" the doctor said.

His eyes immediately opened and looked up me.

He was mumbling something but I couldn't understand it. He gestured down for me to come closer to him. I leaned my ear down to his lips as he whispered.

"Don't leave me"

"I won't".

I didn't know what else to say but that just to comfort him.

"Be here when I come back?" he asked

"Yes I will"


"I promise"

He just smiled and I smiled back at him. I unlaced my fingers from his as they started moving the bed out into the hallway. He suddenly grabbed my hand again and brought it up to his lips and kissed it.

"Thank you" he mouthed

"You're welcome. I will come visit you when you return"

He smiled at me as they took him away. I had never made promises like this to anyone else. Especially another soldier. I had a theory that I wouldn't date another solider. It just wasn't my thing. Let alone get close to them in that way. I did have a lot of good close friends that were soldiers but nothing sexual except for the one. We weren't that close as friend's yes we hung out but it was mostly just about sex.

I knew that he would be in surgery for hours and things had started to calm down so I went back to my bunk and got on my laptop. My brother was actually online and I instant messaged him telling him what happened today.

"That is weird sis. I had never heard of a man do that before. But then again he was probably in shock and just wanted the comfort from you"

"Maybe so. I am thinking that you are right but it was just weird. I can't explain it"

"Are you saying you got attracted to him?"

"No I am not saying that. Well the only thing that I did focus on was his eyes and yes I will admit they were sexy. But I didn't really notice anything else. He was a wounded man that was in a lot of pain"

"Yeah but you were at least there for him. That is sometimes what people need just someone to be there for them because they might not have any one else or the simple fact that their family is 1,000 of miles away"

"Yeah you got a point."

"That I do sis. You know I am always right."

"In your dreams"

We ended up talking for another hour or so. He told me that he would be near me in a few weeks. I was getting excited about that. I missed my brother I really did. He was everything to me. I couldn't wait to see him. We said our goodbyes because he was going to try to get some shut eye and I needed to go shower and prepare for my upcoming shift. I gathered some clean clothes and headed towards the showers. I honestly couldn't stop thinking about that man. Those eyes none the less and why he wanted me to be there when he came back. It was something that had a lot of answers to it. But it might be like my brother Justin had said his body was in shock and just needed comfort. He might not of even remember me when I come back to see him. That would be my luck actually. But I can't think of that. I mean shit the man was injured badly none the less and he just wanted me to hold his hand that was it. But how can you explain the chemistry that struck me and ran through my body the minute I picked up his hand. I don't know if he felt it either but I surely did. And who knows it might not even be there again when I see him later.

But that is something that I guess I am going to have to figure out. If not he will just be another soldier I helped out and maybe we even become friends.


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