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Dangerous Running Partner

Novel By: kerryl86

I started this running support team online to help motivate me because I wanted to start doing these Spartan races. Every one was awesome and I loved going to the races. Until I meet Will a married man with kids but there was a connection between is a spark and we kept getting closer and closer. And ended up in bed together.( this is based on a true story and this story is still on going so as things happen in real life I will be sharing) View table of contents...


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It was my second Spartan race that I was doing it was early Saturday morning and I was already at the event checking in. I had met so many people thru this group and made lots of new friends. I was talking to one in particular we had chatted before online briefly.

"Hey you made it" I said to him

He wasn't for sure if he was coming or not because it was along drive from where he leaves and he debated on rather getting a hotel or not. Most people did unless they lived really close.

"Yeah I couldn't miss this race" he said.

We both gathered at the start line our elite was at 0830 am and it was about 020. He was a good looking man he had lost a ton of weight he had shown be the before pictures of him. And he really looked amazing. I had to say it but he was off limits he was married and by the way he talked happily married.

We heard the starting gun fire as the racr began. It was a 8 mile race with tons of obstacles you had to complete it was really fun. Noone really cared about how long it took you to complete it just as long as you did.

A Spartan moto is "Spartans always finish" even if other people who had already finished the race go back and help out fellow spartans to help them complete it. We did the race together never leaving each others side. It took us about 3.5 hrs to complete it and when we crossed the finish line it was great

. He actually walked up to me and hugged me picking me up off the ground and spinning me around. When you finished you actually got a metal to take home with you it was awesome feeling knowing you complete it.

"I think I am going to head to my hotel I need a shower" I giggled to him

"What one are you staying at?" He asked

"Oh just the super 8 up the street" I said

"Hey me too" he said I just laughed and him as I started walking up to were I parked my car.

"Maybe see you at the Spartan party tonight" he yelled at me

"Yeah maybe" I said waving at him as I got into my car I drove to the hotel ready to get out of these dirty muddy clothes and take a shower. Maybe even a small nap. I got to my room and walked in throwing my clothes off and stripping down and getting naked. Then I heard the door knock. I grunted grabbing my bath room putting it on and opening the door.

"Hello?....Hey!" I said it was Will "Hey sorry to bother you but I got to do something" he said "Ok" I said looking at him He pushed the door open grabbed me and kissed me. Shoving his tongue in my mouth like one of those rough passionately kisses. I pulled away from him.

"Whoa what are you doing?" I asked shocked

"I want you I am sorry you're just so drop dead sexy" he said

"We cant your married" I said

"Her and I have an open relationship I just don't tell people that" he said

"Oh" I said I really didn't know what to say He pushed me backwards kissing me again and shutting the hotel room door. Walking me backwards to the bed kissing me roughly. Undoing my bathrob. Seeing me naked.

"God you are sexy" he said

lifting his shirt off and pulling his shorts and boxers down. He had pretty nice size dick. Longer than average really think pretty nice indeed. He leaned down on top of me and started kissing and biting my neck. God it feel amazing. I could feel his dick pressed up against my pussy just waiting for it to go in. This was going to be like a fuck and run but I didn't care I hadn't gotten laid in 5 months since my ex boyfriend. He looked up at me.

"You got a condom by chance" he asked

"I am on the pill" I said which I was it still helped me even when I wasn't dating anyone.

"Good"he saidthrusting his cock inside of me. God it felt amazing. He knew what he was doing and he how to work it good. I could feel myself cumming over and over again. He lifted my legs up over his shoulder and started going deeper inside of me. Making me scream loud.

"Thats it baby scream for me" he said

"Oh god Will oh my god fuck me" I yelled Once I screamed that he started going faster and deeper. He let my legs down and pulled his cock out I squirted every where. He lifted me up and turned me around I got on all fours and he shoved his dick back inside me making me collapse on my stomach he was grabbing my hips and going deeper and harder. Making me cum more and more. He reached under and started grabbing my tits and yanking on them.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he yelled

ad I felt him start to twitch and cum all inside of me. He fell on top my back I could still feel his dick throbbing inside of me. He was kissing my back. And it did actually feel nice. "I am sorry I don't know what came over me your just so hot" he said as he pulled him self out of me and I rolled over. He leaned down and kissed me. Sliding his tongue in my mouth around my tongue. "Was it good?" He asked

I just smiled and nodded. It was pretty good I had to say.

"I guess I better go to my room and shower and change" he said

"Ok" I said

"Going to that thing tonight?" He asked

"Maybe maybe not" I smiled at him

"I will see you there" as he kissed me one last time before he left. He shut the door and I just laid still catching my breath and taking in the moment still.


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