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Vampire Lust Edited

Novel By: Kerry Lee Storm

Being revised to correct time line mistakes and other erros, thank you to all who pointed out my errors.

A woman is abducted on the eve of her boyfriend perposing to her and finds herself half way around with world with a man who's dark desires match her own hidden lusts and desires. View table of contents...


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By the clock in the car it was five-forty p.m. when Khatra pulled into a parking space at the new community park and baseball diamond. Khatra put her car into park before she reached into her purse for her cell phone.
Once Khatra retrieved her phone she opened it so she could reread the message she had received earlier in the afternoon from her boyfriend Dean.
'Sweetheart, please meet me at the baseball diamond where we first meet, this evening about six-fifteen, six-thirty.'
Love Dean
She closed her phone and glanced at the clock on the radio "It's six-o'clock now so Dean should be here within thirty minutes, give or take a little bit depending on what time he got away from the office. Why would Dean want o meet here of all places? Neither of us has been here since we were in high school." She thought as she switched off the car.
The weather was unusually warm for December so Khatra decided to get out of the car and enjoy what was left of the early evening, before the sun sat and brought with it the cold of a December night.The warmth of the late day sun felt good upon her face as she shut the drivers' side door and started walking over to the newly added playground. Khatra felt as though she was being watched as she walked toward the swings.
"Stop being so jumpy, you know that if anything is watching you it's only an animal waiting and watching for food." She told herself as her eyes roamed the near by tree line for animals.
Khatra tried to ignore the nagging feeling of being watched as she walked around the playground equipment. Finally she decided to take a seat on one of the near by swings.As she started to swing slowly she noticed that the sun was starting to sit and the once warm evening was rapidly turning into rather chilly night.A fog was starting to roll in off the near by river, it seemed to creep cross the ground like a serpent hunting its prey.
"It's starting to get chilly rather quickly maybe I should wait for Dean in the car. "She said aloud as she stood up and started walking toward the car. As she walked Khatra glanced down at her watch. "Dean is running late, I hope that everything is alright. I'll wait another ten minutes before I call t find out here he's at." She thought as she quickened her pace because the once light breeze had turned into a bone chilling north wind.
Just as Khatra reached her car and reached out to unlock the drivers' door, somebody grabbed her arms and pinned her against the car. On instinct Khatra started to struggle trying to break the vise like grip that held her in place.
"I wouldn't be doing that again if I were you beautiful lady. Wouldn't want to see you get hurt, that would displease my Master greatly." A man's voice whispered in her ear.
His words caused Khatra's blood to run cold as she froze with fear. "Take what ever you want, please just don't hurt me." She whispered as tears started to slip down from her eyes.
"I shall take exactly what I want, and I promise you that any pain you feel will be pleasurable." He whispered into her ear as he bound her wrists together and a blindfold over her eyes.
Khatra started to panic once the blindfold was secured over her eyes, "Breath for me lovely, nice deep breaths." He said with an evil chuckle as he placed a cloth over her noise and mouth forcing her to breathe in chloroform. Within seconds Khatra went limp in his arms, from the effects of the chloroform.
Part 2
Once he knew that Khatra wasn't playing possum the stranger laid her down onto the cold ground so he could dispose of her cell phone and keys. He decided that the best place for them was inside her car. "Sorry little lady, but we can't let you keep your cell phone, it might be equipped with a G.P.S. and Master would be very displeased if I aloud anybody to find you." He whispered as he staged the car.
Once he was satisfied that the car looked as though Khatra had simply walked away from her life, he gently picked up the unconscious woman and carried her to the van that he had concealed a few hundred feet away from where Khatra had parked her car.
The fog that had been snaking the ground grew thicker as he walked. Within moments the fog consumed everything, Khatra and her abductor simply vanished into the fog.
Once they reached the van her captor laid Khatra down on an air mattress just inside the opened side doors. Quickly he unbound Khatra's wrists and raised her arms above her head securing her wrists with leather cuffs attached to an eye bold in the floor of the van. He then repeated the process with her ankles which left he laying spread eagle on the air mattress.
"I know your will be out for awhile lovely but just in case you come to lets up this ball gag between those sensual lips of yours." He whispered as he put the gag into place and secured it behind her head.
After double checking that his Master's pet as safely secured he climbed out of the back of the van and went around climbing into the driver's sea. He started the engine and allowed it to warm up before putting the van into gear. As he let the van warm up the fog continued to grow thicker limiting visibility as though it had been created to conceal the van and its cargo.
The chloroform had put Khatra into a deep sleep which allowed her to start dreaming. Once again she returned to the dream she had been having nightly for months. Each time Khatra had the dreams here was a man whom she could not see instead she could feel his feather like touch. His presence in the room even if e wasn't touching her flesh, she could feel his lips upon her own and smell hi scent as though he was standing right behind her. In these dreams she was totally exposed to this mysterious man and unable to conceal herself. Within the dreams Khatra found herself being bound in different positions and also feeling whips and things against her flesh causing her flesh to heat up with a strange desire.
The dreams embarrassed her because they always aroused her mentally, and physically, these dreams were something she could never tell Dean about because Khatra knew that he would never understand her darker fantasies. This time her dreams were more vivid and intense because she was unable to wake form her slumber when things starting really getting intense as she had always been able to do before. Khatra could smell feel and taste everything in this induced slumber.She could feel his fingers lightly gliding over her flesh causing goose bumps all over her flesh; she could tell that she was bound against a wall because she could not move and she could feel the cool of the brick wall against her flesh even though there was something between her and the wall.
The man driving the van watched Khatra arch her back as though she had been struck by some sort of whip. He could hear her muffled moans of pain and pleasure. "Master slumbers as the dawn arrives and has chosen to give you a glimpse of what your future holds little one." He though as he saw that it was six-forty five p.m. which meant that dawn was arriving on his Master's island where Khatra would soon be calling home.
As he drove toward Jabaras airports, where Master's jet awaited he checked on Khatra to make sure she was still asleep and not to uncomfortable in her restraints.He watched her in the rearview mirror as he drove keeping a watchful eye on her as she dreamt of her unknown future.
Part 3
At seven o'clock p.m. Dean pulled into the park, and headed to the baseball diamond.
"I hope Khatra waited for me. I didn't expect to be so late." He thought as he neared the baseball diamond. When he spotted Khatra's car a smile crept across his face. "Good she waited I know that she's going to be pissed at me for being so late. I just hope what's inside her will calm her temper."Dean said as he touched the ring box sitting in the cup holder between the seats.
Dean parked his car next to Khatra's and stepped out, he noticed that the temperature was starting to fall rapidly and that it was starting to snow lightly. Dean quickly checked to see if Khatra was sitting in her car. Instead of seeing the woman he loved Dean found her purse, cell phone, and keys in the driver's seat.
Feeling that something was very wrong Dean started looking around for Khatra. The last place he checked was the community building. When he found no trace of Khatra he called the police.
"911 please state your emergency." The operator said.
"My fianc� is missing please send somebody to 3205 S. Coverdale."
"Officers are in route to your location Sir."
"Thank you." As Dean hung up his cell phone he saw two patrol cars pull into the park. The officers parked there patrol cars and stepped out.
"Sir, are you the person who called 911?"
"Yes, officer I am, I called to report my fianc� missing."
"I'm Officer Stevens and this is Officer Davidson."
"I'm Dean Michaels." Dean said as he shook hands with the officers.
"Mr. Michaels, can you give me some information on your fianc�?" Officer Stevens asked while Officer Davidson went to look at Khatra's car.
"Her name is Khatra Lowery she is thirty-six years old."
"Do you know how tall she is and her approximant weight?"
"Let me see, I believe that she's 5'5" roughly 175 pounds." Dean said as tears started to slip from his eyes.
"Mr. Michaels I know this must be difficult for you, but could you please tell me why your fianc� was at this location.
Dean's voice cracked as he started to explain, "I asked her to meet me here after work tonight. I ended up running late, because I had to stop after work and pick u her engagement ring. Oh god it's my fault that she's missing. If I had been here on time she'd be safe." The tears started o fall freely as Dean spoke to the Officer.
"Mr. Michaels, right now we don't know if anything has happened to Khatra. We will write missing persons report and put all of her information into the computer. Do you have a recent picture of Khatra with you?"
"No, not with me, we had some pictures taken a couple of weeks ago but they are at home."
"We are going to need one of those pictures to help identify her if anybody in law enforcement finds her. Does she have any distinguishing marks such as a birth mark or tattoo's? "
"She has a rose and heart tattoo on her left shoulder blade.I can't think of any scars or anything else that might help." Dean sank to the ground as though his knees gave out and put his head in his hands and wept."What am I going to tell her father?"
As Dean knelt on the ground in front of Officer Stevens, the snow started falling harder; Officer Davidson returned and spoke briefly with Officer Stevens.
"Mr. Michael's it's getting late and there is no more you can do tonight. Please go on home. If we get any information we will contact you at once." Officer Stevens said in a friendly voice.
Dean looked up at him thought his tears and shook his head. He felt as though his world had just ended and he had not idea where to turn or what to do. Without saying another word Dean stood up slowly and walked over and got into his car. The snow was falling harder and the streets were already coated with ice as Dean drove toward home. Once he got home he went to see if maybe Khatra had left him a message on their answering machine, but there were no messages.
At the park the Officers looked over the area around the car and found not evidence of a struggle or that Khatra had been taken by force. They both thought that perhaps she had just walked away from her life, but neither one of them wanted to give up on her just yet.
"I don't think this young woman would just up and leave her life. I want to get back to the station and call her work to find more about this young woman." Officer Stevens said
"We don't have enough evidence to rule one way or another just yet, so I guess we just keep looking. Maybe we will find something once we get her car back to the impound yard." Officer Davidson said.


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