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The Unknown Novel

Novel By: Kerry Lee Storm

A girl who is taken against her will and then shown what her soul has always known that at heart she is a slave who has searched for one whom she can give all she is too. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 4, 2007    Reads: 4,942    Comments: 4    Likes: 12   

����������� The sun had been down for hours when I finally left work.� The parking lot was empty besides my car, my body exhausted from a long day of work.� I opened the driver's door and placed my briefcase inside then I climbed inside and started the engine.� Pulling out of the parking lot and heading home, the roads were empty on the drive home so the normal twenty-minute drive in heavy traffic only took about fifteen minutes.

��������� Pulling into my driveway, I pushed the button on the garage door opener and pulled my car inside, the closed the door.� Stepping out of the car, I looked around at the mess in the garage and thought to myself "girl you really need to get out here and clean this mess up one of these days."� I turned and unlocked the door leading into the house.� I open the door and drop my keys on the small table, sat my briefcase down on the floor and kick my shoes off.� Feeling the soft plush carpet under my feet.� Slowly I walked down the hall enjoying the darkness of the house, when all at once somebody pushes me against the wall, hold my body firm against the wall so that I cannot move.� I feel something being placed over my face making it impossible for me to see what is happening.� I feel the strangers hands on my waist searching for the zipper of my skirt, with out a single word spoken I hear him unzip my skirt.� His hands slowly slide it over my hips allowing the skirt to fall to the floor around my ankles, and then he turns me around so that my back is against the wall.� I try to start fighting him off me, but he captures my hands and pins them to the wall above my head with one hand.� With his other hand, he starts to unbutton my blouse, once button at a time.� I can feel myself growing excited by the mystery and at the same time fear courses through every fiber of my body.

��������� My breathing was coming heavier from the excitement of the encounter and from fear as it coursed through my vanes.� His breath against my skin as he continues to slowly unbutton each my blouse one by one.� Once my body is exposed to his gaze, he turns me back around and pushes me against the wall once again.� I can feel the cool sheetrock against my check.� Once he has released my hands, once again I try to push him away from me so that I could get away.� With all of my strength, I try push on his chest to try to move the mammoth man who holds me prisoner in my own home.� With one swift motion, the man grabs my wrists, pulls my body against his, and holds me there with my wrists pinned behind my back.

������������������ "Who can this man be?� He has not spoken a single word.� What does he plan to do with me besides have his way with me?"� The thoughts race through my mind as he holds me against his body.� Then I feel something being placed over my wrists.� I gasp and try to scream but no sound comes from my throat.� I feel him tighten the binding around my wrists so that I cannot move them from behind my back.� His hands are undoing my lace bra, letting my breasts free from the material that has held them all day.� His hands roaming over each breast exploring them, then with out a word he takes each nipple and pinches them hard, causing a gasp to escape my lips.� My nipples growing hard under his figures, as he continues to pinch, twist and pull on each one of them.� Sometimes one at a time then doing both at the same time, causing me to start moaning with pleasure even though I try not to make a sound.

��������� Then with out a single word being spoken, he takes me and flips me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.� He carries me upstairs and tosses me down on the bed.� My hands bound behind my back.� I lay there on the bed motionless trying to figure out what this stranger is up to.� I can hear him moving around the room, opening drawers, and my closet.� "What is he looking for?� What does he want?" �Then I feel his weight upon the bed next to me.� He flips me over on the bed and unties my hands.� I lay there trying to figure out how to get away from him but before I can come up with a plan, he grabs me and flips me back over.� Then I feel him take hold of one of my wrists once again pulling it up over my head and tying it to one of the bedposts, and then he moves over to the other side of the bed and does the same to the other hand.� I can feel his yes wondering over my body, as he takes hold of one of my ankles and ties it to one of footboard of the bed, and then he does the same to the other ankle.� I amt tied spread eagle to the bed, wearing only my black lace thong and my stocking.


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