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a woman finds she has hidden desires and slowly starts to explore them with the help of a dear freind. View table of contents...


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Michele sat as her desk lost in thought when the intercom buzzed, "Michele, you have a call on line one and Mr. Roberts called and said that he was stuck in traffic and would be late for his appointment."

"Tammy, who is on line one? Please buzz me the moment Mr. Roberts arrives we have to finalize his web site before we can get it online for him today."

"It's your friend Becca on line one, and I shall buzz you the moment he arrives."

"Please put Becky's call through and thank you Tammy."

The receptionist put the call through to Michele's office. "Becca, what's up?"

"Just checking to see if we were still on for dinner tonight and see where you wanted to go tonight?"

"Of course we are still on for dinner, I don't have any idea what I am in the mood for why don't you pick a place and then call me later and let me know where and what time. I am hoping that I have time to go home and change before dinner tonight."

"Why, don't we say 8 o'clock and I will call and make the reservations at Pittsburg Rare, if that sounds ok to you?"

"Sounds great, it will give me a chance to go home and change before dinner and then we can have a relaxing meal and catch up since we haven't seen each other in a month of better." Michele laughed into the receiver as she continued to talk with Becca. When the two of them hung up the phone Michele felt better and new that a dinner with her best friend was just what the doctor ordered to cheer her up.

She leaned back in her chair and thought about when she first meet Becca, but her thoughts were interrupted by the intercom again Tammy buzzed to let her know that Mr. Roberts had made it for his appointment.

Michele stood and went to open her office door to greet Mr. Roberts. Tammy showed him to Michele's office and then returned to her desk. Michele, then asked Mr. Roberts to have a seat and she sat down after offering him a drink Then she started going over the web site that the company had created for him and his company to see if there were any last minute changes that needed to be made before the site was up and operational. Michele handed Mr. Roberts a laptop and they went over each feature of the web site.

After her meeting, Michele spent the rest of the day returning phone calls, setting appointments for the following week and then went to speak with her team to keep them up to date on all that was going on in their department. The department meeting went well and everybody was happy that their hard work with the resent accounts had drawn rewards from the CEO of the company who had sent bonus checks to Michele to hand out to her department. Michele told her team to have a great weekend since it was just about time to go home. Michele returned to her office, and gathered up her jacket and purse so that she could go home and grab a shower and change cloths before her dinner date with Becca.

Michele parked in her driveway and just sat her in car for a few moments reflecting on her life. She was suggesful in her career, had a great home, and many friends but what she longed for was that somebody special to spend the rest of her life with. After a few moments of thinking, Michele pushed those thoughts out of her head and got out of the car. She went into the house dropping her purse on the table next to the front door, before turning to lock the door behind her. Then she headed upstairs to take a quick shower and change into something nice to wear to dinner. She picked out a simple black dress to wear to dinner. Once she was dressed, Michele went to fix her hair and makeup then she grabbed the matching jacket and headed to meet Becca for dinner.

Michele locked the house and then headed for her car, she knew that the drive to the restaurant would take her about 30 minutes with the late evening traffic. As she drove toward the restaurant Michele started thinking about how she had meet Becca. It was while Michele was a designer within the company and her boss had introduced the two of them because Becca was a new client who wanted a web site designed to show case a new club opening in New Orleans. They had worked many long hours on the project to get all of the information and images just the way Becca had requested them to be, and finally after three months solid of working together the two of them had become best friends. They got together when ever possible and whenever Becca could come to Pittsburg. Michele knew that Becca was into a different lifestyle then she had ever been exposed to, but she also found the lifestyle to be interesting and even a little exciting, but Michele was also afraid of the unknown, and the thought of giving herself over to another's control terrified her.

She pulled into the parking garage of the restaurant, it took her about ten minutes to find a parking space. Michele checked her appearance in the rear view mirror before exiting the car and heading for the main entrance of the restaurant.

"A table for one Madam"

"No, there should be reservations under the name of Becca Riverton."

"Yes, Madam we have the reservation right here. Please follow me to your table you are the first to arrive." The hostess led Michele to one of the tables over looking the city. Michele took a seat at the table and waited for Becca to arrive as she was waiting the server came to see if she would care for a drink.

"Can I bring you something to drink Madam?"

"That would be wonderful; a glass of wine would be nice."

"Is there a particular kind that you would like Madam?"

"No, there isn't could you suggest a nice red wine."

"I shall return with one of our best red wines Madam." The server gave Michele a friendly smile and then turned and left the table.

After a few moments, the server returned to Michele's table and placed a glass of red wine before her. "Here you are madam a glass of Sonata, this is a sweet red wine, and I believe that you shall enjoy it very much. Is there anything else that I can get for you?"

"Not at the moment, I shall wait for my friend before ordering our meal."

Michele sat there sipping her wine and watching people around the restaurant when Becca, walked up to the table.

"See anybody that you find interesting Michele?"

"Nope, just watching and wondering what they all do for a living, or what they are thinking about while they sat and chat with friends, or business associates."

Becca took her seat and motioned for the server to come over to the table.

"Miss Becca, it has been such a long time, can I get your usual for you this evening or would you care for something different?"

"I think that I shall have the same thing that my friend is having. It looks wonderful."

"Right away Miss Becca."

The server went to get Becca her drink, while the two women started to talk about their days and update each other on their lives.

"Michele, I am having a party at the estate this weekend and you must come, it won't be the same without you there."

"Becca, I have so much work to do and besides you know that your parts make me feel uncomfortable. I am not apart of that lifestyle and seeing everything that goes on is just unsettling for me."

"This is going to be a small party only four guest not counting you and me, it's an anniversary party for a dear friend of mine and his wife. Please Michele come to the party, after dinner you can come back to the estate with me and stay the weekend. I promise you that there will be nothing strange over the weekend, at least nothing that you don't want to happen."

"Okay, I will come to the part, but what about my car, I know you will have the limo pick you up and I don't want to leave my car here for the weekend."

"That won't be a problem; I will have Tom drive it to the estate so you will have it to drive home on Sunday night, or Monday to drive to work depending on when you leave the house."

The server returned with Becca's drink and the women placed their dinner order, all the while Michele thought about what her best friend was up to. Michele knew Becca well enough to know that there was more going on then a simple party for a friend. The two friends continued to talk about life while they ate their dinner, and drank their wine. When they were, finished Becca paid the bill even though Michele offered to pay for her own meal, and then the two friends left the restaurant and walked out to the waiting limo.

The two ladies climbed into the back seat, and waited for the driver to close the door and return to the front seat so that he could drive them to the estate.

"Who could have arrived already, everybody knows that the party isn't until tomorrow, but they are all welcome to come early and stay here at the estate."

"I don't know Becca, but at least I will get to meet a few of the guests before tomorrow that way I won't feel totally uncomfortable."

Becca, smiled at her friend, knowing that one of the people whom she had invited to the party would be attracted to Michele and possible show her the life that she unknowingly had longed for since Becca meet her.

"What are you thinking about Becca?"

"Nothing my friend, just wondering who has arrived already."

As the limo pulled around the circle drive, Becca's smile widened as she recognized the car that was parked next to the garage.

"Will there be anything thing else this evening Mistress." The limo driver asked.

"Please take Mark and bring Michele's car here so that when she is ready to return home she may without having to rely on a ride."

"Yes, Mistress it will be done at once." The limo, driver opened the passenger side door so that Becca and Michele could climb out.

As Becca climbed out of the limo, he bowed to her and the gentle closed the door behind her, as the women walked toward the front door Michele noticed that it was being held open by a lovely woman dressed as a maid.

"You, have many servants don't you Becca?"

"Yes, and no my friend, remember the estate isn't only mine, but it belong to four of us who at times require a place to live while we are in the city.

As we entered the main hall, Michele heard voices coming form a room to her right. One of the voices was so soft that Michele could barely make out that it was a woman's and the male voice she heard was very dominating which made her skin quiver with a strange electric current.


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