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Novel By: Kandie

Piper Young is a twenty two year old artist trying to go to school and make a life in a small town in Montana. With girls going missing all the time and ending up dead after being beaten and raped the entire town is in fear, but Piper really never thought that it would be her next who would simply vanish into thin air. View table of contents...


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"Breakfast time girly!" I opened my eyes to see Richard standing in front of me he handed me a black robe and I grabbed it from him and wrapped it around my stiff body quickly. "Time to eat" I glanced up the stairs and swallowed hard "don't worry Loren is not in a bad mood she made pancakes and she wants you to come up to eat, the boys are already dishing up" he took my hand and I tried grounding my feet but he just dragged me and so I followed him up the steps.

The kitchen was bright with the morning sun and they were all in pajamas, Richard pulled out the chair beside Jason and I sat. Jason placed bacon and pancakes on my plate then dumped syrup on them and handed me a fork, I held onto it looking at it as a valuable weapon but they were all watching me I couldn't hide it, so I cut my pancake and ate.

"I am very sorry Piper for what I did to you yesterday, it isn't deep and should heal quickly" Loren said taking a sip of her orange juice

"uh..." I didn't know what to say

"However Piper you have to know that the boys knew no one with dark hair was suppose to be taken, I have dark hair and I do not want my sons taking out their fantasies on a girl with dark hair, it makes me uncomfortable." She stood and dumped her plate in the sink running hot water over it and turning back towards the table. "but now that you are here there isn't much to be done, taking you was a mistake" she said harshly and then started clearing the empty plates.

"Thank you mother" Jason said and then placed a hand on my thigh and I tried scooting away from him but he gripped my thigh harder and I didn't move.

"Thank you mother" Jebson said and cast a look towards me that I tried to ignore

"Thank you honey" Richard said and Loren gave him a smile and kissed him on the cheek.

"So boys what are your plans today? I'm planning on going into town I was wondering if you needed anything?" Loren asked and the three guys thought about it for a minute but all of them shook their heads no. "Okay well you two behave and darling can you please take the trash out?" Loren asked Richard and he nodded with a smile, this was fucking insane.

Loren left and I sat there as two sets of eyes turned to me and as Richard stood

"Boys try to behave I don't have to take care of another one so soon, it is a trying time for me and I do not like watching the life drain out of them." He left the kitchen and Jason got to his feet and made me stand slowly, he turned me to look at him and I looked to his chest, I wasn't looking him in those ice blue eyes of his they made my heart seize.

"I think we need to go down stairs and play" he whispered and touched my lips which made goose bumps run over my skin as fear prickled my flesh.

"I think Jay you need to get over the fucking fact that a human woman will never want you for you and to stop trying to force them into loving you with pleasure" Jeb said and grabbed me roughly tugging me so I hit his chest hard and he captured my mouth in a hot kiss that made me want to push him away but he bit down on my lip before I could and pulled away and smiled. "lets go play cupcake see if Jay can take away the pain" he started pushing me towards the basement door and I shook my head, they ignored it.

I pulled away from Jebson as hard as I could and amazingly enough got free as I bolted towards the right side of the house where I saw the light from the morning sun. I didn't get far before arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me away from the light and into the darkness of the basement.

Jeb slammed me down onto the table and the two of them quickly bound my wrists and ankles like they had before.

"First pain" Jeb said and smacked me across the face so hard my head fell to the side and I tasted blood, my cheek stung.

"Don't bruise her face to badly mother will not like that" Jason said in a hushed tone

"Shut up!" Jeb yelled and smacked me again this time blood filled my mouth and I chocked it out. "You know what I want this bitch on all fours" Jeb announced after standing there his chest heaving and looking at me with a death glare.

My hands and ankles were untied and I was positioned so I was on all fours, a big leather pillow was pushed under my chest and my hands tied over it and my feet restrained again, my ass up in the air.

"has anyone been here?" Jeb asked as his thumb brushed over my ass hole and I struggled pulling at the restraints.

"Please!" I begged and he laughed

"I will take that as a no" he pushed his thumb forwards and I pulled at my hands and tried as hard as I could to get away. He pulled it out then climbed up onto the table. Something cold and wet dripped onto my ass and tears started falling as I heard his zipped and before I could stop him he was forcing himself into me, he pushed forwards hard and fast and I couldn't drag air to my lungs as my body stopped in pain.

He gripped my hips hard and went fast and hard pushing me into the pillow and making the restraints dig into my ankles as he pumped harder, the sound of it all rang in the silence and so did the sound of my sobs.

"That's enough!" Jason snapped and Jeb was pushed off of me and I heard him fall to the floor. I looked over my shoulder as Jeb got up and stormed towards Jason with a fury un matched, his fist connected with Jason's jaw and he stumbled backwards but recovered quickly and launched himself at his brother, they both fell to the floor in a tangle and I watched as the fought it out but then Jeb started laughing as Jason hit him square in the face with his fist.

"Get off of me" Jeb said and they both chuckled a bit and got to their feet "Take good care of her brother I need a smoke" Jebson said as he gave my ass a slap then wandered up the stairs.

"Now I'm going to get you into a more comfortable position okay? Do not fight me as I really do not want to hurt you" Jason said and he un buckled the clasps to the restraints and I pulled my hands closer to me and rubbed my wrists.

He got me to stand up then off the table, he motioned with his hands to lay back on the table and I did slowly, trying to draw out the time that I wasn't tied down.

"Hurry up now" he warned

He gently did up my hands and ankles again and I resisted the urge to start crying as I watched him go over to the shelf.

"Please let me go" I whispered and he let out a soft laugh

"Sweet heart there will be no escaping, I would suggest you enjoy the time you have with us" he said calmly then turned around and came over to me he squirted some stuff onto his finger from a red tube and he massaged each of my nipples with it. "this stuff is amazing, I picked it up when I was in Greece, it has a wonderful sensation when you let it sit. On your perky little nipples it will tingle and keep them hard, but when" he squirted more onto his fingers and reached between my legs and rubbed it over my clit "I put it here that's where the magic happens, it is powerful stuff and it will make that little clit of yours so ready that you will be begging me" As he spoke I could feel the tingle on my nipples and the indescribable sensations between my legs.

"now this is also one of my favorites, it really gets a girl on edge but once it feels you about to cum it stops, very handy to get one screaming and begging" he held up a thick but short hard plastic cock shaped thing, and it had a a small vibrator on an extended part that I assumed would push up against my now very sensitive clit. He went between my legs and dipped a finger into me and I I couldn't hold back the moan as it passed my lips. "Good girl"

He pushed it slowly into me and I was right the little part settled right against my clit snugly as he flipped the witch and it came to life, it vibrated against my clit hard and the thing inside my pussy pulsed and jerked just enough against my special spot that I was going to cum quick and hard.

"The magic with this thing Piper is that it will not let you cum, it stops. Technology amazes me"

Just as he spoke my pussy started to clamp down on the thing and it stopped and I sucked in a breath, as I relaxed it started up again and I was left wanting.

"please" I whispered and he chuckled again

"What are we asking for this time?" he asked and moved some hair out of my face and ran his thumb over my parted lips. Truth be told I really didn't know what I was asking for as my body tightened again and the strange annoying sex toy stopped and made me pant slightly.

"tell you what sweetheart I will give you a choice, one you keep that in you until you cannot stand it any longer and I take it out and give you nothing, or I take it out and I slide my cock in you and we have a bit of fun?" he asked and I couldn't talk as I was brought to the edge one more time. "Sounds good, I like that plan as well" he pulled it from me quickly and un buckled my hands and ankles but I was breathing to hard my body was shaking slightly with need. He laid a blanket down on the floor and helped me off the table he pushed the robe completely off of me then I was under him on the floor.

With a slow agonizing thrust he was deep inside of me and he was looking directly into my eyes, daring me to try to get away but I didn't have the strength he had me exactly where he wanted me.

He started moving and he dragged his hand up my waist and pinched my one nipple gently, he took both my hands and pinned them to the floor above me holding my in place as he started moving faster. He left my hands there and moved his own between my legs and rubbed my begging clit in tune with his thrusts.

"Cum for me sweetheart, look at me when you do it" he said and I looked at his face the same time my legs gripped his hips and my pussy clamped down over and over his cock and he groaned he thrust a few more times then collapsed on top of me. "You are so beautiful" he whispered and kissed my collar bone and then looked at my face "I do not think I will ever tire of you" he kissed my frozen mouth and then got off of me and I just laid there in a shocked silence.

"I will bring you down some clothes and food in a bit, I will call mother to get you some clothes as I do not want you walking around the house naked it is much too distracting" he walked up the stairs and I just rolled over and pulled the blanket over me.

I had a plan, a plan to play with their heads and get them more fucked up then they already were. The issue that came into play was I didn't know if I had the strength to do it.


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