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Novel By: Kandie

Piper Young is a twenty two year old artist trying to go to school and make a life in a small town in Montana. With girls going missing all the time and ending up dead after being beaten and raped the entire town is in fear, but Piper really never thought that it would be her next who would simply vanish into thin air. View table of contents...


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All three of us stood there, they looked deep in thought and I was trying to look for ways to get out, but there really wasn't any sign there was a way out, the only one was the stairs.

"You found her you get her first brother" Jebson said as I looked to them and both of them were staring at me intently .

"Oh I know" Jason studied me then a smirk played around his lips "Miss Piper if you would please lay down on the table" Jason asked and I shook my head and he frowned "You are going to listen wither way, either you do it or I make you" he said and I shook my head again and he wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me easily.

He slammed me hard onto the metal table and both him and Jebson quickly fastened my legs and arms to the table I could hardly move.

"Please don't" I stuttered out as Jason went to a small cabinet and pulled out a pair of scissors and came back over to me standing beside me and he tapped them on my stomach a couple of times and I pulled at the thick leather cuffs.

He pulled my shirt up off my skin and started cutting it straight up the middle and I struggled hard, pulling the cuffs as the material cut away quickly., the cold metal of the blades made me shiver and goose bumps rose on my skin.

"She might be the best yet brother" Jeb said coming over and running his cool hands up my arms making the goose bumps worse.

"I don't know what to do first and that definitely is a first" Jason said continuing his cutting, the blade cut down my pants and then I laid there in my underwear and tears started to cry.

"I think we should see her cumming face" Jebson suggested and Jason grinned

"I think that's a good idea" I watched as he walked over to the cupboard and opened it he pulled out a back massager and he came and stood beside me again showing me "now Piper, see this" he moved the small arms on it adjusting it in different ways, each arm had a big round ball on it "I like this better than most of the other toys as back massagers are very strong" he set it on my bare stomach and flipped it on and it vibrated to life and I swallowed in fear.

He turned it off then took the scissors and cut away my panties and I was bare for both of them to see, nothing hiding me now and I tried holding back the tears, I didn't want to give them the satisfaction.

"Jeb would you hold her please" Jason said and Jebson hopped up onto the table and straddled me, his back to me and he pushed my legs apart and pulled them slightly up, his hands were cold on my skin. Without notice warm fingers slid into me and I struggled on the table, bouncing my hips and trying to push Jeb off of me, to get away from Jason.

"Oh honey calm down" Jason cooed and then I heard the massager come on and I pulled harder at my wrists but they didn't budge, they didn't slide a fraction I wasn't able to get away. He placed one of the vibrating balls on my clit and I couldn't help but to cry out at the sensation.

"Oh I think she liked that" Jeb said and I shook my head back and forth. Jason moved over to my head and moved something on the floor, he moved it above me and it was a camera, that he positioned right at my face and the red light screamed that it was on

It was pulled away and it turned off, the room was silent for a moment before Jason moved slightly adjusting himself more between my legs, I felt his hand cover me and then he spread me open, one of the balls was pushing into me and another was moved so it rested on my clit, he then slid two fingers into me pushing the ball further in and then pushed it firmly upwards. The massager was turned on and I tried clamping my thighs together but Jeb had them firmly in place. Jason moved his fingers and it pressed the ball up and down on that spot inside and I couldn't get away from them, I started crying thinking of the other girls and how much they must have suffered before they died. Everything was yanked away and I sucked in a breath into my lungs before blowing it out still crying, I tried not looking at the camera, but it was nearly impossible with it right in my face. I felt hot breath on my thigh then three fingers were pushed inside of me and a hot mouth covered my clit in a manner that I nearly came, Jason arched his fingers and moved them in and out quickly as he sucked on my tender clit, flicking it with his tongue and I couldn't hold it any longer as I started cumming, he continued and I pulled at the wrist restraints trying to pull myself away from him but his mouth was hot and his fingers were too much as he pushed me over the edge faster this time. Only then did he stop and Jeb got off of me.

"I think we are acquainted enough for one day" Jason came over and kissed my lips gently and i turned my head but he grabbed my hair roughly and kissed me again this time dipping his tongue into my mouth so I tasted myself. His blue eyes were bright and burning as he walked away and up the stairs. I sighed as relief washed over me but that was short lived as Jeb came into view and looked at me his eyes also bright and his made me want to flee.

"Now its our turn sweet heart, you see Jason likes forcing so much pleasure that it is painful, I however' he ran a small metal tube down my chest "like pain then giving pleasure to take the edge, but that's only so you don't pass out" he kissed my forehead and he took the tube and attached it to small prongs and laid it on my stomach, he attached wires to that then took two metal wires and brought them up to my chest and he wrapped some of the thin wire around each of my nipples and I tried jerking away from him but he didn't seem to notice as he then grabbed more wire and taped it down on my thighs, he attached the one bare wire to metal plats along side of this very large glass dildo and I tried getting away from him as he didn't hesitate to push it roughly into me and I cried out as he moved it about slowly.

He placed something between my legs to keep it in me, he grabbed a small device and hook the remaining wires to it then he flipped a switch and painful electricity jolted through me, it made my nipples scream on fire, my pussy clamped hard around the glass which only made it more intense.

"Feel the electricity?" he asked and I whimpered as he turned it up and I cried out loudly.

He taped down a very powerful little vibrator to my clit and then he stood there looking at me

"you are beautiful" he murmured, my legs shook as my body fought the pain and the pleasure surging through me. He leaned down and kissed me biting my lip hard and I jerked my face away from him , he flipped another switch on the device and the power increased, he wiggled the small vibrator and my legs shook more "I can hold you like this for hours, right on the edge Piper, you will never fall over the edge, just always wanting, but it is your first time and I don't want to tire you out to too much, this is just to get to know each other" he turned the electricity down and wiggled the vibrator harder and pushed harder on it and he slapped my thigh hard the same time I came. He removed everything and placed it all back where it came from, he let me off the table then walked up stairs with the video camera, and the lights were flicked off.

I was alone in the dark and I knew I wasn't able to handle this for very long, I wasn't going to be able to tough it out long enough to get out.


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