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Novel By: Kandie

Piper Young is a twenty two year old artist trying to go to school and make a life in a small town in Montana. With girls going missing all the time and ending up dead after being beaten and raped the entire town is in fear, but Piper really never thought that it would be her next who would simply vanish into thin air. View table of contents...


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I threw the paper down onto my bed with a sigh, yet another girl had been taken and wound up dead a few days later, her body beaten and raped.

Slipping my shoes in I pull my coat on then grabbing my bag I headed for the door, I was later for class yet again, this was the fourth time this week.

I followed the sidewalk and pulled the strap on my bag a bit higher adjusting it as I passed the streets one after another, not feeling safe, the paranoia of the girls who had been snatched off the streets and taken hidden somewhere where no one could ever find them, was itchy against my skin and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

I shuddered at the thought of what they had to go through, the paper had said they had been alive for the entire time they were missing as their bodies were found mere hours after being dumped.

The school was just a small off campus college building, it had a few teachers but I was only taking one subject, English as I had failed it during high school.

"Miss Young so nice that you could join us" Mr Phillips said as I entered the room and all eyes turned towards me, my cheeks started to burn as moved to the back of the room, Mr Phillips continuing the notes on the white board.

"Sorry I lost track of time" I sputtered out

"Yet again Miss Young" he replied dryly.

I sat down quickly and started jotting down the notes quickly, I couldn't afford not to study I was barely passing the course already and if I failed another test it would put me under the passing grade.

Sitting there I couldn't help but look around the room at all the young girls anyone of them could be next, just sitting and doing school then bam in the hands of a creep.

Time started ticking by very slowly, to the point of every time I closed my eyes I'm sure the world stopped altogether.

"Okay class see you Monday, I want to see you all here on time" Mr Phillips said looking directly at me in which I rolled my eyes too.

I stood and put my books into my bag and zipped it up pulling it up and over my shoulder.

"Hey Piper want to come out for a drink?" I looked up to see one of the girls in my class but for the life of me I really couldn't remember her name.... Lydsay?

"Um sure" why not it wasn't against the law anymore and I wasn't doing anything anyways, I suppose being in a group would be safer anyways.

"Hurry up if you need a ride!" She said hollering as she walked out the door

"Miss Young I suggest you focus on schooling more than the parties" Mr Phillips pointed out and I frowned

"Mr Phillips, I don't normally go out, I'm at home painting and I lose track of time" I explained but he didn't seem to believe me but I didn't expect him too.

I gave a small shrug then walked across the class room and over to the door and left, by the time I got to the parking lot everyone was gone. Damn.

So was it possible that the walk home seemed even longer than normal, that the sidewalk seemed covered in shadows and the passerbyers looked suspicious, all of them looking a fraction to longer however they probably were looking for the same reason I was, everyone was unsure of everyone.

I quickly took the steps to my house and fumbled with my keys trying to find the right one, they slip from my fingers and clatter loudly to the cement step and I bend down to pick them up when I hear footsteps behind me, I rise slowly and swallow hard my breathing changes as fear starts to sink in.

"Piper what are you doing out alone!" I turned instantly to see my best friend Rylie, he was a few years older than I was but we had been best of friends since I moved in next door to him.

"I had to go to class" I explained as I slid my key into the lock.

"I told you that I could give you a ride to and from" he said crossing his arms over his chest

"Stop being a drama queen I can walk in like ten minutes driving makes no sense, it is just a waste of gas" I pushed my door open and went inside and he followed me then shut the door behind him.

"drama queen? Girls are going missing all over town I don't need my best friend being kidnapped and murdered"

"Rylie" I said sighing and turned and placed my hand on his chest "you need to calm down" he placed his hand over mine and the slight tension prickled between us so I tugged my hand away from his chest and his warm fingers.

Things had always been clear that we were friends but I couldn't help but notice that sometimes he wanted more and sometimes I almost did too. Rylie was a great guy he worked hard and was very sweet and that's why I had let him into my heart, we had become friends and now I would never change anything about our relationship, but the tension sometimes was strong and I had to pull away.

"I'm sorry I just worry about you" he sighed too all the frustration gone

"I know you do" I gave a small smile and then went to the kitchen and ran the tap

"I would hate to come over here and find you gone, or read about you missing in the paper as I would be the one who had to report you missing" he shook his head trying to shake whatever vision he was having.

"Don't worry Rylie all the girls who have gone missing are blondes" I said trying to reassure him but he wasn't buying it.

"it only takes one brunette to change that" he muttered and I rolled my eyes

"I suppose" I grabbed a glass and filled it with the cold water.

"Well I should go I need to get to work, we on for tomorrow still?" he asked and I nodded

"yup pick me up at nine" he leaned down and gave me a quick hug which I returned and gave him an extra squeeze.

"See you"

"Bye" I hollered as the door opened and shut again.

I quickly cooked some ramen noodles and sat down on the couch flipping the television on, the news blaster out

Blonde girl found dead yesterday morning, police have no leads, this is the ninth girl between the age of twenty and twenty five that has been found dead. Their bodies badly beaten, all victims were raped and police say they had died only hours before being found, it is apparent these girls suffered immensely before coming to their deaths.

I turned the TV off and got up putting my bowl into the sink and I padded over to the spare room, I slipped on my slippers and went and sat at the stool, picking up my paintbrush I started to paint, watching as the color smeared onto the canvas and started to look like Rylie, I laughed to myself as I brushed dark brown around for his features and, smearing it making him look dark and handsome. I finished the painting and glanced outside it was very late the street lights flickered slightly as I set my brush into the cup of water and left the room.

I flopped down onto the couch and pulled the blanket off the back as I closed my eyes, I rarely slept in my bed it was too big and empty.

I started to drift into sleep when I heard the floor creak.


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