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Girls Night

Novel By: Kandie

Rebecca recently dumped her boyfriend after he cheated on her. Her best friends Hillary and Amy decided to bring her out for a night of fun! When she lands on stage to sing a duet with a handsome stranger who she ends up taking home with her.

Jack had been out of the dating game ver since his good for nothing slut of a girlfriend was found with her legs wrapped aorund her boss. His buddies decided to bring him out and he ends up singing with a cute bombshell on stage. He ends up going home with her.

Jack and Rebecca enter a fast paced romance which could end up deadly if the right cards aren't played! Everyone has secrets and when some are found out the participants are in for a wild ride of sex and danger! View table of contents...


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I was tied to the bed and Jack had left the room my panic was short lived as he came back and I instantly knew what he had went and got.

He kneeled on the bed between my legs and tied a small cord around my thigh and I heard the snaps as it was secured there, then the other side was attached. I was confused but stayed still as he did whatever he was doing.

"Bare with me sweetheart, by what the box says, this will be very intense" he mumbled

I looked down, but I couldn't really see anything he was doing, then something pushed up inside of me and it was cool. There was a few clicking sounds then something pressed against my clit, which made me jump slightly.

"I cant believe I'm doing this I muttered as I laid there starring at the ceiling.

"It should be interesting" more clicks then the device came to life and I gripped the scarves with my hands tightly as I soon realised this was going to make me cum so hard I might pass out. the head of it was applying very hard rhythmic pressure to my g-spot, over and over.

It was hard and hit the spot every time, I was already panting before he turned the vibrator on and that's when I started cumming.

"Ohmyohmyohmy god!" I pulled at the scarves but they were a lot stronger then they looked.

"Well isn't this nice!" I jumped at the sound of another voice in the room and looked to the door way to see Robbie. Oh god. He didn't give Jack time to do anything as he hurled himself at him with a knife and they tumbled to the floor. I tried ignoring the fact that I was going to cum again, I tried but it over swept me and I moaned out loudly as it over took me completely.

"You fucker!" Jack said angrily and I shook my head, this wasn't good, oh god!

"you should of left town!" Robbie said but I couldn't see them.

"let me fucking turn it off before she passes out" Jack said and I was shaking my head as it was rising again, immense pleasure spilled over my body again and my legs were shaking hard.

There was a loud thud and I watched as Robbie dragged Jack up and picked him up slamming him onto the chair I had in the corner, he placed wire ties around his wrist and ankles attaching him to the chair then slapped his cheek a couple of times

"Come on mate wake up I didn't hit you that hard" He said and Jack came to in a startle.

"Robbie" jack said in a warning tone but he just laughed and came over to me, he turned the thing off but left the vibe going.

"You know, you two are way too into each other, I got in because the door wasn't even locked" he explained and unsnapped the things on my thighs and pulled it all away which I was thankful for but wasn't at the same time, this was wrong so very very wrong.

"Let her go" Jack said razors in his voice

"Mate, you know I cant do that, not when you have her so beautifully displayed right here for me" Robbie ran a hand over my stomach making me flinch.

"Don't fucking touch her!" Jack roared and pulled at the restraints but he wasn't moving.

"I have a question for you, Rebecca is it still rape if you are wet?" he asked turning to him

"Fuck you" I said and he grinned.

"don't tempt me, I'm trying to draw this out darling"

He moved up on the bed so he was laying beside me and started trailing his fingers up and down my stomach then up between my breasts.

This shouldn't be happening!

"You touch her and ill kill you"

"Please mate you don't have the balls to kill me, both of us know that"

"You were a good man, what the hell happened to you?" jack said and pulled at his restraints again.

"What happened? I was kicked out and sent away, had a price put on my head that's what fucking happened. Then I realised something that time. I could take what I wanted because I was the bad guy" he pinched my nipple hard and I cried out.

"ill fucking kill you" Jack repeated.

"I'm here delivering a message mate, nothing personal" he smashed his mouth on mine and I yanked my head away.

"You do this and it will ruin you forever" Jack said but Robbie was no longer listening as he looked at my face and ran a finger down my cheek

"Just close your eyes" Robbie whispered for only me to hear then he was on top of me and I struggled to get away from him. I slammed my eyes shut, but he didn't do anything at first, I opened my eyes and he seemed to be debating "if you are asked, I raped you understand?" he said and I frowned not understanding, he was talking only loud enough for me to hear him and he put his lips by my ear "Jack's boss doesn't want this thing going on any longer. Either you shut it down or I have to come back" he pushed off of me and I thought he was leaving but instead he went between my legs and pushed two fingers inside of me, I didn't mean to moan out but I did and then his mouth was over my pussy his tongue dancing over my clit and his fingers moved fast, not gentle not slow but hard and fast. He sucked my clit into his mouth and sucked hard flicking his tongue over it and I came once again.

He pulled away and turned to jack

"Remember a cunt is just a cunt my friend they are all the same" he said and slid a knife under one of the wire ties and jacks had came free. Robbie shot me a look and then left.

Jack was over to my and untied me quickly.

"you okay?" he asked and I nodded slowly

"I'm fine" I said pulling away from him.

"I'm sorry" he said pulling me back t him and kissing my cheek

"don't worry about it. Jack you need to go I want to have a bath...alone" I said I was confused and wasn't sure why I wasn't as upset as I should be.

"I'm not leaving you along after what just happened"

"I will call Hillary and Amy if I need someone here" I said and got off the bed and grabbed my robe pulling it on and tying it tightly around my waist and wrapped my arms around myself.

"Rebecca, don't push me away" he said and I shook my head

"I'm sorry Jack but you need to leave, give me some time"

He stood slowly and nodded stiffly.

He didn't say another word as he left the apartment and I heard the door slam shut.

I pulled my phone from my pocket and texted Steve

We have a big fucking problem

His message back was fast

What now?

Robbie just assaulted Rebecca and she kicked me out

That's rough man....

I want him dead

The company just hired him back...


Some shady shit has been going down

Why the fuck did they hire him back!!!

He made a deal....

Stop with this crypitic shit, what's going on?

He took your place and he has been given the go to take you out


Not sure bud but something to do with that girl


Get out of town and keep low, if I can figure an out for you I will let you know

What about Rebecca?

Her name is next on my list, if she happens to go missing I cant do much about that

Then you better report me as MIA

I shut my phone and went to my car, I needed stuff before I kidnapped Rebecca to keep her safe.


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