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Girls Night

Novel By: Kandie

Rebecca recently dumped her boyfriend after he cheated on her. Her best friends Hillary and Amy decided to bring her out for a night of fun! When she lands on stage to sing a duet with a handsome stranger who she ends up taking home with her.

Jack had been out of the dating game ver since his good for nothing slut of a girlfriend was found with her legs wrapped aorund her boss. His buddies decided to bring him out and he ends up singing with a cute bombshell on stage. He ends up going home with her.

Jack and Rebecca enter a fast paced romance which could end up deadly if the right cards aren't played! Everyone has secrets and when some are found out the participants are in for a wild ride of sex and danger! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 15, 2013    Reads: 595    Comments: 1    Likes: 3   

Not being one for complaining I have to say that this time it is a good reason to complain!

I was stuck in the middle of down town my cell had died and it was pouring rain! I held my hand up high to hail a taxi but it drove by splashing water up soaking me even more.

"I hate my life" I grumbled as I stomped down the sidewalk to a coffee shop

"Out, you are soaking wet!" the woman screamed

"can I use the phone?" I asked ignoring her screaming

"No phone, out!" she yelled again

"Fine you sell shit coffee!" I yelled back and went to the next shop. It was some export shop. I went inside and spotted a man that I thought I recognized but brushed it off

"Is there a phone I can use?" I asked and he nodded coming over to me handing me his cell

"its really pouring out there" he added, yup he was a genius. "names Steve" he said taking my hand and shaking it.

"Thanks for the phone Steve" I said giving him a small smile and walking to the far end of the shop and opened the phone. Something caught my eye... Jacks number was in the phone and the last text was from him as well. I didn't mean to read it but I did.

Going to Rebecca's to surprise her, with a movie will be there in 30 so talk to you later

I nearly dropped the phone but quickly dialed a cab and asked for one to pick me up.

"Thanks again" I said and left the shop before Steve could speak. The cab pulled up and I got in, I gave my address and told them to make it fast.

I paid the cab driver and hoped out, I ran up to my apartment and stripped as I went to the shower, I turned it on and rinsed off quickly.

Slipping into a pair of yoga pants and a tank top I looked fresh enough to say I had been ... drinking all day? Ugh

On my kitchen counter was a black and pink bag I went over to it and peered inside and pulled the card out

For you....Maybe Jack can help you with it! Love Hillary xoxoxo

I placed the card back in the bag and reached in and pulled out a sex toy, great just perfect. I nearly groaned this wasn't what I needed right now, as fun as it would be to see what Jack could do with it I was way too stressed. I placed the box back in the bag and moved it over so no one actually saw what was in it.

There was a knock at the door and I counted to three before going to answer it.

I pulled the door open to see.... My mother!

"Oh honey you look like you have been drinking the week away! Are you feeling okay you look horrid!" She said and came into my living room.

"oh geez mom thanks!" I said back to her and shut the door.

"So how have you been?" was it me or did she sound extra fake this time?

"I have been good actually, how was paris?" I threw her a bottle water and sat across from her

"Oh it was marvellous of course" she looked a the bottle with disgust and set it on the couch next to her.

Another knock at the door, I nearly died as I knew who it was this time and this was defiantly not a good time.

"who is it dear, one of those girls you are friends with?" the way she said it sounded like they were world class sluts who never went to school.

I gave her a faint smile then snuck to the door

I opened it slowly to see Jack there with beer and a bag from the movie store. Who rented movies these days? I had to smile then my mothers voice rang out behind me and I wanted to groan

"Oh dear who is this?" she asked and I opened the door and Jack laughed slightly as he came in

"You must be Rebecca's mother, I'm so glad to finally meet you, Rebecca goes on about how lovely you are" he said not missing a beat

"Call me Marge, you are?" she asked and I wanted to hide my head in the sand.

My mother was the type of woman who went after men who were more then half her age, since she had me when she was in her thirties my mother was not young and she traveled the world for what reason I had no idea.

"Jack!" he said shaking her hand and I didn't miss how she held on a bit too long, jealousy hit me hard.

"Well Marge, Rebecca and I were going to watch a movie"

"I would love to join you!" She said and I sent her a death glare

"Rebecca honey go to the kitchen and I will meet you there" he said way to fake that I nearly burst out laughing.

I heard him talking to my mother for a moment but then he came to the kitchen and walked over to me.

"how was your day?" he asked hugging me my back pressed to his chest

"fine, besides my car breaking down then me getting stuck in the pouring rain then showing up here and having her show up!" I said and he laughed

"She is a bit... what's the word"

"shes a lot of words I don't like using!" he laughed kissing my neck

"what's in that bag?" he whispered by my ear and I nearly jumped in my skin.

"Hillary dropped it off when I was out, somehow she thinks she is funny"

He let me go and went over to it and I wanted to snatch it away from him but I held my ground he opened the bag and looked inside and a very naughty smile flashed on his face as he wiggled his eyebrows which made me chuckle as I took it away from him and placed the bag by the microwave.

He took me back in his embrace.

"I suggest you go and talk to her before she comes in here and starts running you down in your choice of woman" I said and turned in his arms, he leaned in and pressed a not so high school dance kiss to my lips, which quickly turned into a deeper kiss and my mind going blank.

"Sorry to interrupt but I was wondering dear if you had water in a vase?" she asked and I did groan this time

I went to the cupboard and grabbed a glass and went to the tap filling it

"here" I handed it to her and she stuck her nose up to it.

"Thanks babe" Jack said taking it from me and downing it quickly and set the glass in the sink.

"Mom if you don't like the water why don't you go to the five star hotel and get it there, I was planning on a nice night with Jack and drink some very cheap beer" I said pushing past her

"Rebecca, you clearly have gotten over your head with that man, how long have you been seeing him?" she asked crossing her arms over her chest

"just over a month" I said crossing my arms over my chest.

"and he is calling you babe? Don't you think that you are acting a little immature?" she said in that tone that made me want to rip my hair out

"says the woman who cant go after men her own age!" I nearly shouted

"please Rebecca I have no troubles with men" she said snooty and I had enough

"you need to leave, send me an email when you feel like it but I'm done talking about how imperfect I am, I think I grew up pretty damn good considering who I had to grow up with!" I yelled at her and she didn't look hurt as she walked to the door taking her purse

"Nice meeting you Jack, if you want to be with a woman who is taller than a child hit me up, I'm at the five star Hilton" she said and walked out the door, not even slamming it.

"Ugh that woman!" I screeched and walked past Jack who was coming towards me. I was angry I didn't need to be hugged I needed to beat something!

"Calm down Rebecca, you don't have to worry about me going over to her" he said which made me more angry and then the tears started to fall, I got angry and then I cried. "hey, shh don't cry lets go and sit and watch a movie" he said trying to pull me back to the living room

"I need to go and calm down, sorry for ruining the evening" I said and pulled away from him

"Rebecca, what helps you calm down?" he asked and I turned to him tears in my eyes

"dancing" I sputtered out

He went to the stereo and flipped it on and pushed play. Mika blasted out and he came over to me

"then lets dance" he held out his hand and I took it he pulled me to him and we started to dance slowly.

"Where did you learn to dance, assassin school?" I chocked out as I laid my head on his chest as we swayed

"Actually my great grandmother before she passed"

I didn't say anything, as I let myself calm down and the tears stopped I was able to breathe right again.

"How do you calm down when you are mad?" I asked and he swayed me to the music.

"I hit something" I couldn't help but let the bubble of laughter out

"teach me?" i looked up at him and he nodded slowly like he was debating it.

"Okay" he pulled away from me and I went and turned the music down and stood in front of him. "attack me" he said and held his arms open

"Attack you? What if ... I hurt you?" I asked but it sounded silly and he laughed

"you wont I promise" he gestured for me to come at him with his hands and so I went closer then jumped at him, he wrestled me to the floor and trapped me under his body, his legs holding mine and my hands secured above my head. "that was pretty good" he said and kissed me passionately but then pulled away "again" he said getting up and pulling me to my feet as well.

I went at him again this time I ended up again on my back but this time his knees were on my arms and the more I kicked did nothing, he pinned me to the floor with his knees and I couldn't move.

"you cant really do anything from there" he stated and I grinned as I looked pointingly at his now rising hard on in his jeans and he shook his head "touché" he pulled me up again.

I didn't give him a chance to tell me to get him I pounced and I lasted longer this time but I ended back on the floor but this time stomach to the floor and he was laying on my back. He pushed my arms above my head again and locked my legs in place with his.

"I could do anything to you from this position" he said in my ear and I struggled slightly under him, but I wasn't going to budge.

"oh yea like what?" I asked my breathing hard

"All kinds of things" he whispered and ground his pelvis into my back side, making me feel the full extent of his raging hard on my tush.

"that doesn't prove anything" I pointed out and he laughed breathlessly and adjusted so he could still hold me in the spot but he was able to grab the waist band of my yoga pants and yank them down rather rough. He rubbed his hand over the bare skin and spanked me which made me jump. "please spanking? I'm not five" I said but the truth was the spank was hard and stung but his hand running over my skin soothed it and it made me feel kinky.

"how far are you wanting this to go babe?" he asked sliding his hand down and around my ass, dipping a finger between my legs and feeling the extent of how wet I was. But I didn't stop him and my silence didn't stop him either, as he started pumping his finger in and out of me slowly. The feeling of not being able to move was over whelming and I couldn't help but raise my hips slightly to give him better access. "if there is anything you don't like tell me" he said and I nodded but my words were lost as he added another finger still keeping his slow pace. "Turn over I want to see your face" he said and I turned over and he dropped his head kissing me.

"and here I thought you were going to tie me down and teach me a lesson I joked when he pulled away slightly, both of his hands now supporting his weight so not to crush me.

"I could do that if you wanted. Taking all power from you" he brushed his nose against mine as he gave me a brief kiss "making you beg" he placed another soft kiss to my lips.

"you are too kinky for your own good" i reached up and touched his cheek when he grinned

"trust me honey, that wouldn't be that kinky"

"then what are we waiting for?" I asked and forced him to sit up as I did.

He pulled me to my feet and I adjusted my pants I wasn't falling with them half way down my thighs.

We walked to the room. And I was nervous, very nervous but I had agreed to it and I wasn't afraid, just a bit jittery as he dug through my closet and found four of the dance scarves that were in there.

"These will do, kay strip"

"Is this where I'm suppose to say, yes sir!" I taunted him and he gave a low chuckle

"as hot as that would be, that can be later, how bout you just call me Jack, now get your sweet naked bare ass on that bed"

A short giggle popped out of my lips and he shook his head smiling as I pulled my shirt off and pushed my pants off, I went up onto the bed and laid down.

Jack came over and took one of my wrists extremely gently and tied it to the bed post then did the same to the other one and then my ankles, his warm fingers left spots that tingled where he had touched me.

She was tied down and I was nearly losing it, I didn't normally tie woman down but the sight of her naked and at my mercy had me sweating.

I grabbed that fancy little vibe she had hidden and smiled as she spotted me with it again, she was nervous but I wouldn't push her... to too far anyways.

I couldn't wait any longer to get inside of her, she was wet I knew that already.

I pushed my jeans down far enough that I could get my cock out, I was throbbing with need and the sight of her made it all that much more real as I went over to the bed and went between her legs, I settled on my knees and lifted her up with one arm and grabbed hold of the steel rod that was ready, way beyond ready.

I pushed into her slow and her answering moan was enough for me as I withdrew again and slammed back into her, I tested her as to how hard she was okay with but each time she lifted her hips to meet me thrust for thrust and I was near to exploding already.

"oh god jack" she moaned loudly and her arms pulled at their restraints as she started nearing her climax.

A few more hard thrusts and I felt her clench hard around me, her walls milking me for all that I was worth and I came hard, he body went lax and her breathing hard.

"I withdrew from her and pulled my jeans up not bothering to button them, I went over to her face and kissed her hard, slipping my tongue between her lips to hers and tasting her, her mouth was like a pot of honey and I would never tire of that taste.

I wanted to watch her cum, the realization hit me hard and I knew what I was going to do to be able to watch her shudder and scream.

I walked to the kitchen and grabbed that lovely little pink and black bag and before getting into the room I pulled the contraption out of the box, I gave a quick read of the back and went back into the room.


I know i know! But i had to stop it here.


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