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Girls Night

Novel By: Kandie

Rebecca recently dumped her boyfriend after he cheated on her. Her best friends Hillary and Amy decided to bring her out for a night of fun! When she lands on stage to sing a duet with a handsome stranger who she ends up taking home with her.

Jack had been out of the dating game ver since his good for nothing slut of a girlfriend was found with her legs wrapped aorund her boss. His buddies decided to bring him out and he ends up singing with a cute bombshell on stage. He ends up going home with her.

Jack and Rebecca enter a fast paced romance which could end up deadly if the right cards aren't played! Everyone has secrets and when some are found out the participants are in for a wild ride of sex and danger! View table of contents...


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Robbie was making life for Jack a little difficult to say the least, which in turn means I'm stuck in the middle.

It was the fifth time this week that the red and blues flashed behind us, and this time we were walking!

"Back up slowly hands on your heads!" the police officer announced loudly

"you have to be fucking kidding me!" Jack said shaking his head as he reached up behind himself placing his hands on his head and taking three steps back

"You too lady!" the officer yelled, great!

"You know I am getting sick and tired of being arrested, at least getting arrested when you actually do something it is warranted but this, is just annoying!" I said as we both backed up towards the cops

"Robbie likes games"

"I'm going to kill him" I muttered as the police grabbed both of us and patted us down

After our rights were read and we went to the station it was a matter of ten minutes before we were let out and all charges dropped, as they 'got the wrong people'.

We walked out of the station

"Can you bring me home, I'm ready for a bath and to just forget all this" I said my mood foul from the nights events.

"Sure" we got into a taxi he stopped and he gave my address

It still amazed me how amazingly sexy he really is, I glanced to him as he thanked the taxi driver, studied the muscles in his bare arms and the side profile of his face. He looked like a god and I couldn't believe I had actually had sex with him.

"What are you thinking?" he asked making me jump

"Just that, I'm looking forward to that bath"

We arrived at my apartment, the door had been fixed and I had a few more locks installed.

We both walked in and I slipped my shoes off, and went straight to the cupboard with the towels pulling one out and grabbed the rose bubble bath.

Walking to the bathroom I was faintly aware the sound of the door shutting and being locked and then Jack following me down the hall to the bathroom.

"I'm fine you don't have to stay" I muttered

He didn't answer back right away.

"Well since you have been so understanding about all this, I think I owe you a back massage"

"Oh do you?" I asked then turning towards him as I leaned against the bathroom sink

"Yes I really think that will help"

He reached over to the only reason why I rented this apartment, the big Jacuzzi bathtub and turned on the tap, steam started to rise, he poured in the rose bubble bath and the air started to smell of fresh roses.

"I think you are trying to seduce me into forgetting tonight" he smiled but didn't say anything to that. The tub filled and the water was turned off.

I swallowed hard as he came over to me and stood there only a few inches from me.

"Rebecca" he tucked some of my hair behind my ear "turn around" I turned slowly so I faced the mirror as his hands went to the bottom of my shirt and he lifted it slowly, his fingers brushing my skin as it ventured farther up.

He pulled it off and it dropped to the floor, then his hands were on my hips pulling me towards him, his mouth on my shoulder trailing kisses over my skin, but all I could focus on was the reflection in the mirror.

the clasp on my bra was snapped open and he pulled it off slowly, the humid air attacking my flesh making goose bumps rise. His fingers skated up my sides before his thumbs brushed the sensitive under side of my breasts, which made me suck in a small breath.

"that's not my back" I whispered and he laughed

"You are right, I was getting carried away" he brushed his thumbs again then placed his hands onto my shoulders, I pulled my hair to the front of me as his hands started to move.

"Oh god that feel great" I moaned

He worked the muscles in my shoulders then moved down a bit more, he continued to work his way down applying the exact amount of pressure, it felt almost orgasmic the way he could work his hands.

His hands now at the base of my hips, he slowly started pushing my jeans down until they were almost to my knees.

"Jack" I breathed his name

"I know I lied, the back massage was the beginning but I'm more leaning towards the full body massage" he said as he leaned down onto his knees and started massaging my hip then thigh, moving back and forth between the two.

As his hands slid up and down my thigh his fingers of thumb would graze the lace of my panties making me jump slightly every time, each time driving me crazier.

He pulled my jeans off his hands coming to the tops of my panties and he dipped his finger into the waist band teasing.

"Jack" I couldn't get anything else out besides his name as he got me out of my panties and I stood their naked.

He turned me slowly back around and I looked down at him on his knees in front of me.

"Rebecca, don't move" he whispered as he leaned in and ran his tongue over my sensitive flesh, I nearly fell over, I gripped the sink edge.

He pushed my leg open and pulled it up and over his shoulder as he dipped his tongue in deeper.

"Oh god" I breathed ashe started his merciless assault and I couldn't stop him even if I wanted to.

I climbed higher each swirl and flick of his tongue, higher until I was having difficulties breathing, right before I was about to crumble over he stopped and stood up I nearly cried.

He pulled off his shirt and pushed off his jeans, so he was naked as well. He lifted my up with one arm and I wrapped my legs around his waist loosely as I slid down onto him, I moaned as he filled me slowly, he groaned as if he was resisting going faster, taking me faster.

"I'm okay" I muttered as I let myself take him deeper and my head fell back. Oh my god.

We started to move and my arms wrapped around his neck as he thrust into me hard.

"tell me to stop if I'm hurting you" I kissed him, claiming his mouth with my tongue letting them dance together, but I had to pull away from the hard thrusts I didn't want to knock teeth.

He adjusted his hold on me and with his free hand he reached between our joined bodies and started moving his thumb over my sensitive clit, in time with his thrusts and I nearly came apart right there.

"I'm not going to last long sweetheart" he grunted out and I was too far gone to say anything to that.

I came with a shuddering scream and he came right after setting me on the sink so not to fall over, his head resting on my shoulder.

A few moments passed and he lifted me off the sink and the cool bathroom floor felt freezing on my bare feet.

"You should be illegal" I laughed as I walked over to the bath and he chuckled

He stepped into the water before I could and sat, he took my hand and guided me into the bathtub with him and I sat slowly between his legs.

"This wasn't exactly what I was thinking when I said I wanted a bath" I said sighing and leaning back resting my head on his chest as I took his hands and entwining our fingers together.

"What did you mean, you said bath you are in a bath are you not?" he asked quietly, both of us relaxed.

"bath is in alone with a luffa" I said laughing slightly

"Oh yea, and what would you be doing alone in this bath?" he asked, moving his fingers up and down my thighs, our fingers still joined.

"sitting here relaxing" I murmured as my attention was on his feather light touches.

"That bath sounds rather boring"

"Indeed it does" he stopped moving his hands, I nearly pouted.

"Rebecca, I want you to reach back and hold onto me, don't let go until I tell you. Okay?" Jack said softly as he placed a couple of kisses on the top of my head.

"Alright" I moved my hands so I was holding onto his sides, I wasn't sure where this was going but he adjusted us slightly so I was more comfortable then he started letting his hands slide up my bare skin, over my stomach and down onto my thighs, he made this lap a few times before stopping

"Close your eyes too" he added and my eyes fluttered shut. "now like I said you are not to let go of me until I tell you too, don't open your eyes, you are to feel this and that's it, no talking" he said his voice taking on a husky note as his hands started to move again, but then they left my body and with my eyes closed I sat there waiting to see what he would do next.

A warm hand covered my breast and he gently pinched my nipple rolling it between his finger and thumb, making my thighs want to clench together, but they were unable to, he had managed to get his legs around mine so they couldn't budge, I was spread wide open.

He played with my breasts, taking turns with each one teasing and satisfying each of them fully, before his hands started to travel down, his touch lighter than a feather, as he teased his way along my thighs.

"Jack" his name came out as a whispered

"no talking missy" he chuckled

"sorry" I bit my bottom lip to keep myself quiet

He worked his way closer to my now throbbing pussy, he traced his finger down and I jumped slightly at the slight touch, he became bolder his finger dipping between my folds and exploring, I was nearly coming already, he seemed to sense it as he flicked over my sensitive clit a few times making me want to close my thighs from how intense it was.

"Shh calm down" he said barley over a whisper

His thumb took the place of his finger as he made slow circles, making the fire spread over my body slowly, it wasn't fast enough to make me cum, it was to slow but it made the burn hot and my skin itched for release.

A finger pushed inside of me and I shuddered from the pleasure that was soon becoming too much. I felt his finger come to rest on the sweet spot inside, his thumb worked my clit faster as his finger thrust over and over on the same spot, it was too much. My breathing become hard my hands struggled to stay where they were, but I soon found out that his arms blocked mine from moving anyways.

I was going to cum, it was there I was right on the edge when he slowed, nearly stopping and a whimper came from my mouth.

"Not yet sweetheart, I want you to think of me every time you touch yourself, I want you to remember this moment" he kissed the top of my head.

Continuing the slow movements I felt his other hand make its way down as well, he opened me further exposing my overly sensitive clit to more sweet punishment as it was no longer hidden behind its hood, his thumb made quick of it as he applied more pressure and sped up once again, my thighs spasmed and I was finding it difficult to bring air to my lungs.

Then he stopped again and I cried out with disappointment.

"Come on, I don't want your shoulders getting sore from sitting like that" he said as he stood with me, he grabbed two towels and wrapped one around me and one around his waist. My legs were shaky, he lifted me off the floor into his arms as he carried me to my bedroom.

"You didn't have to stop, my shoulders weren't sore" I muttered as he set me on my bed

"True but I had a better idea" he shot me a wicked grin. "now where would a woman like you hide her toys?" he asked and my cheeks burned

"I don't have any"... that was a lie, my eyes wandered to the bottom of my dresser in my sock drawer

"I find that hard to believe, he went over to the dresser and opened each drawer looking inside until he came to the bottom one and pulled it open, he pulled out a super high intensity small button vibrator and tisked his tongue a couple of times coming over to me.

"if you are planning on using that I think I'm a little... too sensitive" I stated and he seemed pleased by that

"Don't worry" he pushed me gently backwards onto the bed and slowly pushed the towel off, I was nervous. "Take a couple of deep breaths you are freaking out and I don't want you nervous, you don't have to be scared I promise" he kissed his way down my body slowly leaving the last one on my hip.

"I'm just a little nervous I'm okay" I said but in truth I trusted him.

"good, same rules, no talking, your hands stay above your head, and eyes closed" I followed the direction and took a deep breath letting it out slowly.

His warm breath fanned over my private flesh, he positioned my legs wide, I heard the very loud buzz of the vibrator start and I tried calming my breathing.

But what touched me made me jump, his tongue swirled around my clit a few times then his finger went back to being inside of me, pushing against my g-spot over and over. it was already making my insides clench his finger hard. He spread me further again exposing my clit fully, that's when I felt the vibration but it was coming from his tongue, he wasn't using the vibrator by its self he had it on his tongue which in turn made it that much more potent and I was trying not to pull away, I couldn't breathe.

His finger was joined by another and he quickened the temp, it was long before my body stiffened and I was coming, the difference was he didn't stop and before I knew it I was coming again even harder.

He slowed and crawled up my body, my legs shook from what had just happened.

"You are beautiful Rebecca" he said before kissing me

We made love for hours after, until both of us passed out.


Hey, so i think this is the longest sex scene i have ever written! So i hope it is good! I had some help from the hubby with an idea as well he has done both things to me, let me tell you MIND BLOWING! haha

Thanks guys for the reads and if you want an update leave a comment!


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