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Girls Night

Novel By: Kandie

Rebecca recently dumped her boyfriend after he cheated on her. Her best friends Hillary and Amy decided to bring her out for a night of fun! When she lands on stage to sing a duet with a handsome stranger who she ends up taking home with her.

Jack had been out of the dating game ver since his good for nothing slut of a girlfriend was found with her legs wrapped aorund her boss. His buddies decided to bring him out and he ends up singing with a cute bombshell on stage. He ends up going home with her.

Jack and Rebecca enter a fast paced romance which could end up deadly if the right cards aren't played! Everyone has secrets and when some are found out the participants are in for a wild ride of sex and danger! View table of contents...


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I opened my eyes to find myself alone in bed. I figured as much anyways, it had been a one night stand and a hell of a good time.

My phone rang and I groaned climbing out of bed.

"Hello?" I asked

"good your home" the line went dead then my front door opened and Hillary and Amy walked in and sat on the couch.

"So do tell us how last night went, you ditched us so it better be good!" Hillary said not all that impressed

"I had coffee with that guy I sang with" I stated, I didn't feel like getting into details but when Amy squealed and pulled me down onto the couch with them I knew it was going to be a long day.

"So you fucked her and left?" Steve said as I swung my fist catching him in the shoulder, we had been practicing for nearly two hours now.

"No I slept with her and then I left"

"Same difference bud" he said and brought his knee up catching my hand hard which I backed off shaking it off

"I couldn't stay, I shouldn't have even been there!" i flipped him over my shoulder and he landed on the ground hard

"Well did you at least leave her a note, flowers, an empty condom wrapper?" he got off his back and lifted his fists up and took a few quick jabs at my face which I dodged

"No I told her to get what she wanted out of life then I left"

"So she was awake"

"Half" I punched him hard in the ribs which made him go down on one knee but he was back up quickly.

"so let me get this straight" he went to the side and grabbed his water downing half of it before talking again " you sang a ridiculous song with her then she invited you back to her place and after sizing up the child sized woman you slept with her then came to work?"

"Yea" I grabbed my water and drank then ran my arm over my forehead wiping away the sweat.

"and now you are trying desperately to get her out of your head?" Steve said pulling his shirt over his head and putting a dry one on

"She had a way about her that made me crazy!" I said following suit and changing my shirt

"well did you check her out at least?"

"I'm pretty sure she isn't a target"

"You sure about that bud, remember Tibet?"

"I remember"

"Check her and if she isn't on any list then pop in on her with a big ass bouquet of flower and maybe you can get between her legs again"

"That's not all I want to do with her, that's why I'm having such an issue with this! After Shay I haven't wanted to do anything then the fuck and run but with Rebecca a few hours with her made more sense than the entire two years with Shay"

"Sounds like trouble to me"

Steve walked away and I stood there, trouble indeed.

I sat down at the computer and typed in Rebecca and her address, it wasn't much to go on but it was enough as her picture popped up.

Rebecca Smith , twenty five years old and nothing overly exciting about her life. Good.

"Reach to the sky way way up right up on your tippy toes, then down to your toes" I said to the girls who were stretching for class "Now I want you guys to bring both hands up above your head and slowly extend your leg in the arch shape to get the perfect line, it looks tricky but after you get this down you will be able to move forward without exerting yourself to too much" I explained and the girls nodded and started to practice.

We practised all afternoon then the girls left. I sat down to fill out a few receipts from parents but my mind kept wandering to Jack. His hands, his smile, the way he smelled. I rested my head in my hands and sighed.

"He is gone" I said out loud and shut the books.

I grabbed my stuff and left flicking off the lights.

Stepping into my apartment I was exhausted and ready for bed. I changed quickly into something comfy and sat on the couch covering myself with the blanket. I flipped the TV on and scanned through channels landing on a movie I didn't even know, my attention drifted to the floor poking out from under the couch was a little white business card, I reached down and pulled it up to my face for inspection. Nothing was written on it not a single word or even a dent in it. That was weird.

Falling asleep I dreamed of Jack.

"I cant be doing this shit anymore, I want to have a normal life" I said to Steve as we walked through a dark hallway.

"Could we talk about your personal issues after we get this guy" he muttered peering around the corner, our guns were drawn and we were ready for a fight.

"I want a white picket fence and kids playing in the backyard" I went on

"What about a woman who knows her way around your dick!" Steve said clearly annoyed by this conversation, I paused

"What room is he suppose to be in?" I asked

"Fifteen, but the damn door number have been pulled off, but if I'm correct if should be on our right"

We stopped at the door and Steve silently counted to three than he kicked the door in. A man was on the bed a hooker giving him a lap dance.

"What the fuck!" he yelled pushing the girl away from him and pulling a gun off the floor by his feet, I pulled the trigger.

"I would suggest with this little problem that you go and talk with the girl" Steve said kneeling down and checking for a pulse. The girl was screaming but we ignored her as we left.

So Rebecca when are you seeing that Jack fellow again?" Amy asked as she scooped ice cream into a bowl for a young boy and shut the freezer again.


"So it really was a one nighter?" She asked and I nodded slowly "I know you, you don't do one night stands, don't you even want to see him again?" She prodded

"How's Kevin?" I said switching the subject

"Oh you know madly in love and wanting to marry me... but I just... I'm just not ready to marry him!" She slammed the register closed and came to sit beside me. "He just... don't get me wrong I love him... I don't know if I'm in love with him anymore..."

"He is a good guy, but I know what you mean chicky. Well I have to go and pick up a parcel, want to come with?"

"No my shift won't be done for another couple of hours and I need this pay if I'm planning on re modeling the kitchen"

"Okay" I stood and gave her a quick hug

I went to the post office box and signed my name and they handed over the small box, my name and address was on it but nothing else.

I left and sat in my car ripping the brown paper off the box I shook the box but heard nothing.

I popped the top up and pulled a piece of paper out, a single slip of paper which was very odd. I flipped open the paper and stared at the words.

Next time you see Jack make sure to tell him Robbie is in town

I frowned and looked back at the box, but it was empty I placed the box on the seat and started the car and drove to my apartment.

"Look Steve, I cant just show up at her door with flowers and say sorry for running out last night!" I said as I replaced the clip to my gun after finishing cleaning it.

"Well then stop complaining and stop talking about it, like I'm tired of listening to how great she is, You knew the last time I was laid was like three months ago and it was fucking lousy lay"

I shut my mouth, I was annoying myself never mind my partner who was clearly annoyed but for some reason I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I focused on the memory of her legs, the way they wrapped around my waist strong, dancing must really help with the legs. Her eyes you could drown in, if you starred to long her hair too soft, her skin like velvet. I'm losing my fucking mind!

"Gentlemen, I have been told about recent sightings of Robbie, I want him hunted down and brought in!" Our boss said as he walked past us.

"Great that is what we need"

"Dude if I were you I would make sure Robbie just got into town or he already knows about your little friend" Steve said which made my pulse quicken

Robbie was an agent, but he was kicked out on his ass for killing a woman to get to the target he didn't even care so he was kicked out... Being a top assassin had its perks but the biggest thing about being invisible was to actually stay un seen and not draw attention, Robbie didn't care.

I Rushed out the company doors and went to the nearest flower stand and picked up the biggest bouquet of colored daisy's and went to Rebecca's. I prayed she was home.


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