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Girls Night

Novel By: Kandie

Rebecca recently dumped her boyfriend after he cheated on her. Her best friends Hillary and Amy decided to bring her out for a night of fun! When she lands on stage to sing a duet with a handsome stranger who she ends up taking home with her.

Jack had been out of the dating game ver since his good for nothing slut of a girlfriend was found with her legs wrapped aorund her boss. His buddies decided to bring him out and he ends up singing with a cute bombshell on stage. He ends up going home with her.

Jack and Rebecca enter a fast paced romance which could end up deadly if the right cards aren't played! Everyone has secrets and when some are found out the participants are in for a wild ride of sex and danger! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 31, 2013    Reads: 954    Comments: 3    Likes: 4   

We sat there starring at each other.

"I should go" he said and stood quickly I followed him as he reached the door.

"Wait, you don't have to go sorry I'm being boring" I muttered reaching and grabbing his hand, why didn't I want him to go? He was just a stranger.

"Rebecca if you don't let me go I'm going to have you under me and on the floor in ten seconds" I blinked at his words then slowly released him, my hand grazing his side as I did so.

"I'm sorry" I mumbled and he sighed

"Don't look at me like that, I'm trying to be civil but every time you move I'm thinking about what is under that dress I don't want to freak you out" he said and I had to laugh

"I had a boy friend who cheated on me several times in my apartment! Nothing freaks me out anymore, and if you must know, if it helps I'm wearing a baby blue set" his eyes closed for a fraction longer than a blink then he reached out and grabbed me. I should be scared, but I wasn't.

He pushed me up against the door of the apartment and his hands pulled my dress up and over my head quickly. My hands finding his chest and making quick of the buttons of his dress shirt and pushing it off his shoulders, I was right his body was magnificent and should be highly illegal!

"room?" he asked as his mouth was pressed to my neck sending waves of pleasure through my body.

"that way" I pointed to our left and he picked me up and walked us towards the bedroom. I caught the doorframe of the room before he walked past it and we stumbled inside, I dropped me onto the bed and covered my body with his in a matter of seconds. His lips found mine kissing me hard yet full of passion, it made my head spin as I reached down and un buttoned his jeans and pushed them down then pushed them down further with my feet until they fell to the floor.

"We ... need ... to slow down" he breathed as he laid his head on my chest breathing hard

"I like this speed" I said pulling his head back so I could kiss him

"I want to appreciate you" he said his lips still on mine

"later" I kissed him harder as I rolled him onto his back and planted open mouthed kissed along his neck and onto his shoulder

He reached up behind me my bra clasp coming free he pulled the bra off my arms and threw it to the floor, his hands covered my bare breasts and I sighed as he claimed one pebbled nipple between his lips and flicked his tongue over it.

"we are slowing down just a fraction" he said as he rolled my other nipple between his thumb and finger.

"Okay" I sighed

He pushed me over so I was on my back once again, he pulled my panties down slowly.

"To slow" I muttered and he laughed. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and he sank to his knees on the floor.

"we can go back to the hot sweaty sex here in a minute I want to make sure you're ready for my babe"

His mouth kissed its way up my thigh inching closer and closer to my pussy. Oh god, I swallowed hard as I felt his finger dip inside slowly then his tongue took its place and I sucked in a breath, his fingers spreading me and his tongue dancing over my now overly sensitive bud.

"jack!" moaned as he started to suckle and I nearly exploded right then and there.

"a lil more" he said pushing a finger into me curving it upwards and pumping his finger hard but slow into me

"I'm ready oh god I'm ready" I moaned as he continued

"I don't want to hurt you darling"

"I'm not as small as you think" I breathed hard

"I beg to differ" he added another finger and continued. His mouth returning to my clit as he added a third finger

"oh my god" I moaned. This was the best sex I had ever had and we weren't even finished!

"a bit more" he murmured as he sucked a bit harder flicking his tongue a few times making me jump

I was at the edge I could feel it any longer and I was going to come so hard I might pass out.

He pulled away and I wanted to cry but I just looked at him.

He pushed his briefs down and I suddenly understood why he was making sure I was ready he was much larger than I had ever had, and thicker.

"oh my"

"do I pass inspection?" he asked and I met his eyes and I grinned in which he laughed

He climbed back on top of me and I wrapped an arm around his neck as he reached in between us and I felt the head push forwards, I sucked in a breath as he pushed forwards again sinking further into me stretching more and I closed my eyes taking him.

He pulled me up so he was on his knees and I was straddling him, he was deep oh god so deep and still had a ways to go.

"we can stop" he said brushing my hair out of my face I shook my head and kissed him

"don't dare stop" I said after we pulled apart, he thrust up hard and he filled me to the hilt.

"still want to go hot and sweaty ?" he asked


He leaned me back again and pulled out and thrust forwards.

"Oh god, Jack!"

I tried meeting him thrust for thrust but I was losing control, my legs clenched his hips and my arm was holding him tight as buried deep one last time before we both came apart.

We collapsed afterwards and he pulled me onto him I wrapped my arm over his chest, both our breathing hard.

"Your never leaving" I joked and he laughed again

"I have work in a few hours" he muttered

"in a couple of hours it will be four in the morning?" I said sitting up looking at him questioningly

"come back" he said pulling me to him, I traced my fingers over his chest and stomach and he groaned "keep that up and you are never leaving this bed again"

"I don't think I can anyways"

"did I hurt you?" he asked suddenly worried

" no I'm fine, more than fine" I cuddled closer to him and he held my hand on his chest.

After a long pause he spoke


"Hmm" I answered half asleep

"I am sorry but I have to leave, find what you want in life babe you deserve it" he slid away from me but my eyes closed and I drifted off into a dream.


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